Rocketship Education Sets the Pace For Modern Educational Breakthroughs

Rocketship Education is a unique public charter school concept that is usually placed in lower economic neighborhoods where quality public schools are not available. The emphasis is to get the community at large as well as parents involved in the entire educational process because both parties have much at stake in the process.

When the community and parents see how Rocketship Education operates and the results that have occurred from the unique approach that is utilized, they are anxious to participate in the program. The average Rocketship student acquires enough knowledge and credits to graduate a full year ahead of the average public school student, which is a very impressive achievement indeed.

Rocketship Education takes the education and the development of the students very seriously from K through 12th-grade education. They take the traditional model of education where students are run through the regimen of 4 or 5 formal classroom sessions where everyone is taught the same subject matter in the same way. This does produce results, but not in the measure where excellence is the outcome.

Rocketship not only emphasizes the subject matter in unique ways, but the development of the student is a very important activity as well. Rocketship education emphasizes three pillars of their transformative process. Personalized learning, the development of talent, and parent power are the three keys to the success of Rocketship.

There are characteristics that are emphasized to the students as well in their learning process at Rocketship education. Students are exposed to different formats in learning which does include formal group classes, but then they are broken down into smaller groups where students can get questions answered and engage in intimate projects and questions to gain depth in understanding of the subject.

There are distinct digital sessions where repetitive material can be processed through the students’ engagement with laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is an environment where many students are already proficient and subjects such as math, language learning, and similar facts memorizing can be learned in a very natural way.

Rocketship education has proven its worth in many communities where the community, parents, teachers and students band together to create output that speaks for itself. Total success in achievement in practical skills and personal growth.