From a DJ to the Real Artist; Alex Pall Explains his Music Dreams

The Chainsmokers released their long-awaited track titled “Closer”. The track features Halsey as the star of the moment. The track takes a different trajectory from previous releases such as “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses” in terms of performance and style. Other stars featured in the song include Andrew Targgart. Alex Pall is also part of the band and is featured as a singer.

Alex Pall Goes for originality

Something notable in the chainsmokers way of performance is that they have moved into fully-fledged singing as a career. They stand out from the rest because unlike traditional Djs, the duo compose and write their own music. They have the advantage of having already been on the big stage with stars and know quite well how to play stars. “Closer” is expected to hit the radio waves and the charts because it is a song that has focused on the changing music trends and fits in quite easily with the millennial music preferences. Now Alex Pall is no longer a faceless artist behind metallic technologies. He is a true music star on stage. He needs no musician to help him ply his trade. He is a man of his own. Alex Paul and Andrew Taggard have an elaborate plan to reveal their faces and mingle with fans. In the meantime, they are still blending the singer roles with DJaying in what seems as a cautious approach towards the music stage. When asked how they plan to change over time, Alex Paul says that he travelled through a winding career path and, in time, discovered that he was wired for dance music. He says that after working as a radio disc jockey for awhile and as a club DJ, someone introduced him to Drew. It is then that his career took the turn for the better to fulfill his childhood dreams.

The Chainsmokers’ Evolution

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are best known for their D-Jaying antics on radio and in the major clubs of New York. However, the two decided to cross over to the other side of the turn table and do it themselves. They say that its time someone also sat behind a turn table and thrilled the audiences with their songs in sound systems in clubs and other entertainment places.