Glen Wakeman’s Goals As CEO Of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

Glen Wakeman has been a financial analyst and investor with several big corporations including Doral Financial Corporation, and now he’s the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This is the parent company to a service known as LaunchPad Toolkit, an online software-as-a-service (SAAS) company that helps beginning business owners find out how to get started with their business ideas. Glen Wakeman’s company is geared towards just about anyone who has a business idea, and it’s made the basics of starting a business easy to understand. LaunchPad is a way that business visionaries can learn about the difference between a vision and a mission, and can learn how to acquire funding to turn their dream into a reality.


Glen Wakeman has a business leadership and investing career that transcends over 20 years in the corporate world. He attended the University of Scranton where he graduated in 1982 and then enrolled in the famous business school at the University of Chicago and received his MBA. He first began working at GE Capital where he held several financial management and business development positions and even became a founding member of their Nova Four subsidiary. He then became an executive at Doral Financial and Doral Bank where he eventually became CEO and Chairman of the Board. He stayed with this bank until 2015 and then decided to take his expertise in start-ups to his current company, LaunchPad Holdings.


Glen Wakeman possesses some of the top startup financing acumens in the business world and has guided many companies with over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets to great success ( Glen Wakeman has traveled around the world and understands the different climates for starting a business and how global markets affect capital and investment as well as M&A strategies. The reason businesses have benefited from Wakeman’s guidance is that he’s proficient in five major areas that are required for a business to be sustainable. Those areas are business execution, having stable leadership, managing risk, the human capital factor and governing. Besides founding LaunchPad, Glen Wakeman also works closely with two start-ups known as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.


Adam Goldenberg: A Pioneer in the World of Fashion

The fashion gurus have dominated the industry. Their creativity and imagination have led to the creation of fabulous clothing on However, just like the world needs creative minds it also needs people who have an eye for fashion trends. People, who can take a simple idea and create a successful company; individuals like Adam Goldenberg.

Adam Goldenberg and his partner have created an online based fashion industry that has revolutionized the e-Commerce business. JustFab Inc., established in 2010, has received great success because of the selling mechanism that they use. It is a subscription-based retail company. That means for you to purchase their amazing products, you will have to become a member.

The Company was later renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group to represents all the brands associated with the company at The other companies include Fabletics, FabKids and the ShoeDazzle.

Adam did not wake up one day and decided he will launch JustFab. He had to build his entrepreneurial skills by engaging in different projects; some were successful and other disastrous. The first Company that Goldenberg founded was the Gamer’s Alliance, Inc. in 1997. He served as the Chief Executive Officer until 1999 when Intermix Media Acquired the Company. He ended up joining Intermix as its Chief Operating Officer thus becoming the youngest COO of a publicly traded Company.

Adam Goldenberg later left the Company in 2005 and in 2006 he launched the Intelligent Beauty in partnership with Don Ressler. The Company was involved in producing beauty related products. Adam operated as the Co-C.E.O of the Company. While working for Intelligent Beauty, the duo released an untapped market. At that time, there weren’t many e-Commerce Fashion Companies. That is what inspired the idea for JustFab. They wanted to combine both social interaction and the fashion. One year after the launch of JustFab, Kimora Lee Simons joined the Company as the President and the Creative Director. Kimora is a force to reckon with in the fashion world and, her involvement with the Company has generated high revenues. They have also partnered with Kate Hudson to launch the Fabletics activewear fashion Brand. Read more on

Since 2009, Adam has been serving as the Director of the The Company is an e-retailer of beauty products.

Adam didn’t complete High School. He dropped out soon after launching the Gamer’s Alliance to pursue his business dreams. He may not have completed his studies, but his skills, passion, and creativity helped him establish TechStyle.

Tony Petrello Takes Nabors In The Right Direction:

Tony Petrello provides leadership to Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is undoubtedly one of the biggest oil well digging companies in the industry. It not only manufactures and provides onshore and off-shore services; it has an extensive inventory. Its oil and gas services and equipment remain second-to-none.

Overseeing such an impressive operation and assuring that the requirements of the customers are met: would be a challenge for many leaders. However, as humble as he remains, Petrello “easily steps up to the plate,” meeting, successfully, any challenge that comes along in life. It his true acumen as to being a leader: that, frankly, has a good many individuals “eating humble pie.” He simply just knows how to take care of matters–and he gets things accomplished: great things.

Petrello, too, comes with a terrific past history. He is blessed with a capacity to easily solve math problems. He attained two degrees. One is a B.S. degree and the other an M.S degree from the highly eminent college of Yale University. Tony easily matriculated to Harvard Law School, wherein, he earned his J.D.

He went to work for the influential law firm of Baker & McKenzie (now Baker McKenzie). He eventually became the firm’s Managing Partner. A Managing Partner is basically, the same as a CEO, within a corporation: in way responsibilities. The term, is, used, most readily, in accounting firms and in legal firms. However, a law firm, as a model, is a great deal different than that of a oil servicing and manufacturing operation. Providing leadership, inside of a law firm, and then transitioning to an entirely different kind of industry, still in a leadership capacity, is something for the uniquely talented leader. Tony Petrello, not surprising, made the transition, effortlessly.

He provides strategy to Nabors Industries Ltd. He is characteristically a visionary; and his visions are reasonable and practical. Tony sees opportunity where there are “blind spots.” He creates opportunities where there are empty vessels.

After his tenure at Baker McKenzie: Tony moved on to assume a leadership role at Nabors Industries, Ltd. He eventually and easily stepped into his roles of CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

Tony Petrello is in constant movement, whether it is community-based, or working as Nabors Industries CEO and strategist. In example, one area where Nabors Industries is highly focused is the area which follows. (It is necessary to understand that Nabors Industries, Ltd., plays many roles, within the oil and gas market, and the following extensive description, in way of one of its customer-centric operations is a small section of what the corporation provides its clients–and Tony oversees it all:


Nabors currently runs the largest land drilling fleet, on a global basis. There are around five-hundred rigs supplied, in more than twenty-five nations; as well as in nearly each and every important gas and oil basin.

The company has the highest sum of specific rigs. There are more than two-hundred fifteen new AC rigs. The company has added over one-hundred fifty, recently, refurbished SCR rigs to its impressive inventory. The rigs are designed, for the most part, to meet the challenges of specific drilling applications. One example is that of service required in the coldest regions of the world—such as the Arctic. Other rigs are used to address the challenges of a desert environment.

Some of the company’s rigs are considered the most technologically sound and advanced—the world over. One is specific to multi-well drilling: which is the current innovation. In explanation—this application saves money. Pad drilling, when used in practice, allows the operators to drill multiple wellbores from that of a single surface area. Prior to this type of technology, the operator would drill one well, and disassemble the drilling rig. He then moved about to a different location—repeating the same process, over-and-over. When pad drilling is used four, ten, twenty and more wells are drilled from one singular location. The process saves the consumer, as well as the operator, a great deal of money and time. The time spent, previously, packing and moving the rig; and preparing the new drill site is eliminated. The use of the preceding application does not impact the environment—to the same effect of the older application.

As is witnessed, the preceding operational section, is just one small facet of the Nabors Industries Ltd., operation. Suffice it to say, Anthony Petrello, as leader of the eminent corporation, has much on his plate: however, he easily assumes his roles with intelligence and, again, looks at challenges as opportunities to improve upon operations—with the objective to offer superior services and technologies. In the end, Tony Petrello, always makes the best profitable decision, available.


Eric Lefkofsky’s  New Book “Acelerated Disruption” Shakes Up Taditional Views

Eric Lefkofsky, a renowned and respected Chicago, Illinois businessman is the author of the book, “Accelerated Disruption.” The book addressed the concept associated with disruptive business and how they are revolutionizing the way business is being done in the 21st Century.

Understanding how acceleration disruption operates is key to realizing the potential associated with new product and service introductions and as redesigned and refurbished marketing and sales plans.

New businesses open every second around the world. There’s much anticipation with the new venture or organization. Much to the delight of the owner, they are bringing something new to the marketplace. It’s priced competitively, offers more service or functions efficiently. Some see this as essential, others see it as disruptive.

While this may be seen as good, in the sense of entrepreneurial spirit or big business competition, it serves as a wake-up call. It’s a reminder for businesses, of all sizes, that contemporary technology changes virtually every day. If businesses don’t pay attention to changes in technology, or simply do not care, they may find themselves out of business. Paying attention to the speed of change means all the difference when it comes to success and failure. An organization may be a leader in its sector, but lurking in the shadows is their competitor waiting to overtake them without notice.

The ideology behind the pace of contemporary technology is known as “Accelerated Disruption.” It’s the framework for business development in conjunction with a contemporary technological introduction. It is critical for businesses of all sizes, to understand and initiate this ideology. Accelerated Disruption is a key element is determining how firms position themselves in their industry or sector.

Accelerated Disruption addresses these critical startup and redesign concepts;

  • Selecting the proper sector to innovate
  • Comprehending what pain and loss is and converting it into gain and profit
  • Using practical wisdom to take a disruptive concept and run with it
  • Maximizing productivity with automation
  • Use client base as a Research and Development team
  • Selling the concept over objection

How to Fix a National Government

Fixing a national government requires identifying a good model to base your new government on. The American government based its original tripartite constitutional federal republic on ancient Rome. Switzerland, partly based their confederate executive council republic on the American government, with some modifications. Both of these countries are known for being extremely wealthy and prosperous, though this has become less true of America of late.

Identify what type of government your country currently has. The political compass is a powerful tool for doing so, with its four quadrants of left, right, authoritarian, and libertarian. Most governments of today are authoritarian left governments. They believe in enforcing religious toleration and secularism on the national population using deadly force. Their school systems are carefully designed to educate students in socially progressive values.

The major issue with most authoritarian left governments is their large debt, and ongoing political conflicts between the different protected groups. Each one wants a piece of the pie, and the authoritarian left government forcibly makes sure that they all do. The sad truth is that if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Most people in authoritarian left governments report frustrations with debt, stress, and conflict with their neighbors. Examples of authoritarian left (some moderate, some extreme) governments include France, China, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Mexico. All of these countries have mild to large political conflicts, and they have to suppress them using the power of force, as authoritarians.

The high debt and slow growth that characterizes authoritarian left governments sometimes prompts a reactionary force from the right. This recently happened in the United States, where authoritarian right politicians are going to be coming into power during the Presidency of Donald Trump. Examples of other authoritarian right governments today are Russia and Singapore. Authoritarian right governments believe that one set of values should be forcibly pushed onto all members of society. They often have international wars, and high military spending. They sometimes have less debt than their authoritarian left cousins.

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized expert in government and constitutional law. Choudhry likes to help government officials fix their legal systems to make them more effective in maximizing well-being and prosperity for the population.

Sujit Choudhry has seen a tendency for governments to get over confident, and then lose their power to their opponents, rather than learning from them. This creates an ongoing conflict inside the nation that wastes resources and often leads to people dying.

Advisory and Dedication

The Davos Financial Group is a conglomerate of different Financial advisory committees dedicated to providing adequate advisory services to the Latino American Community within the United States. It is this financial advice that often means whether or not a newly arriving Latino American immigrant is able to thrive within his new community. The Financial Group successfully assist these customers and making the correct financial decisions necessary for them to make a difference and to become successful with in whatever trade they decide to pursue. In order to better assist them within their financial areas of need Davos Financial Group has recently announced the launching of a new downloadable application for Android and Apple devices. This application is called Davos CAP calculator, which allows clients of the Financial Group to estimate Returns on real estate. Well this is just one small facet of what the Davos financial group advises a pond, the application allows clients of the conglomerate to successfully build up personal finance skills and in doing so can develop a better sense of what their place is within the marketplace. This is great news for the founder and CEO of the company David Osio, who has made it his personal mission to not only provide adequate Financial advice to his clientele but also to generate a better sense of equality within the United States.


David Osio is a native of Venezuela, where he began his professional career serving members of that particular society as a lawyer. It was here that David Osio developed a sense of who he was as a professional, and that he deeply wanted to assist the Latino American community in whatever ways that he could. Osio eventually decided to move to Miami, Florida where he built the Davis Financial Group from the ground up. Since its creation Davos Financial Group has become the premier advisory conglomerate for the Latino American community.


Osio has identified himself not only as a professional within the financial advisory world but also as a humanitarian agents seeking to better the rights of his people. Through his battle and reaching Financial equality Davis has in a way developed his own culture surrounding his financial advisory. The Latin American community living within Florida and Across the Nation can count on Davos Financial Group to represent them as valuable asset to the community.

Follow him @david_j_osio

This App Is A Must For Real Estate Investors

If you are a real estate enthusiast, or if you are currently seeking to purchase a new home, building complex, or apartment in order to invest in them and get back money by leasing them out to other people, then you really need to read this and check out this new application. The application, called Davos CAP Calculator, was put out by the Davos Real Estate Group, headed by David Osio.

This amazing application will show you and calculate for you the probable return of investment that you will get by investing in a certain piece of real estate. It takes into account the expenses of the property and will give you a pretty clear picture of whether investing in a property will be worth it for you or not. You will be able to find out the gain of each property you want.

This application has been in the making for six months. Gerard Gonzalez, who is the executive director at Davos, has been working all these months with the Tecknolution firm on the amazing design of this application.

This application is available on smartphones and tablets, both on Android powered and iOS powered devices. It is only one of a whole series of applications that Davos will be producing. These applications will not only let you estimate the gains of properties, but you will be able to forward reports to your own personal Davos real estate agent to help you out with your business investments.

One of these applications will focus on allowing people to calculate their mortgage through a Mortgage Calculator, similar to the CAP Calculator.

And now, a little background on David Osio himself. David Osio is the founder of Davos Financial Group. The Davos Real Estate Group is only one of several companies that make up the Davos Financial Group. He has established companies all around the world in many major cities, including New York, Miami, and Panama.

David Osio’s glorious career started back in 1981. He then was managing the coffee export program, as the CEO, of OPED Enterprise. He then moved on to manage marketing programs for LETCO, where he was soon promoted to the highest ranks of the company. In 1984, David went into banking with the law firm MGO of Caracas. He was later offered a position in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International in Miami, and he was soon promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial. He founded the Davos Financial Group in 1993.

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David Osio and His Great Innovative and Philanthropic Ideas

David J. Osio, the founder and the CEO of Davos Financial Group in 1993, is also a well-known philanthropist globally. Recently, he launched the Davos cap calculator. Together with his executive team at Davos group, they reiterated their commitment to offering groundbreaking solutions for their clients. The app will help customers calculate the value of real estate in real time.

Apart from investment, David is an ardent philanthropist. He has funded community-based activities in the past and has a keen interest in the music, art, and medical research industries. His has continually expanded his support of the non-profit organizations over the years to an international level.

He served as the member of the Board of the Miami Symphony Orchestra where he is also an annual supporter; this ensures that the foundation is fully operational throughout the year. He is a traditional sponsor of The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation events every year which is an international organization that carries out research for children. Other charitable institutions that Osio offers his support to include: Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, and Fundana Foundation. He has also funded the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami.

He gives financial advice to his clients following his training in Swiss Bank Corporation and the American Banking Association. Davos Financial Group consists of groups of licensed and independent companies that offer financial advisory services as well as offer professional advice on asset management. Their service has earned them the recognition as the first comprehensive consulting firm in Venezuela. They have however expanded their offices to Miami, Geneva, and New York City

David Osio graduated a degree in Law from Catholic University Andres Bello, and later enrolled for specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies. In 2010, while studying Management Investment Portfolios, he earned professional credentials at the New York Institute of Finance. He began his career in 1981 as the President and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He later joined the LETCO Commercial Companies where he held one of the executive positions.

In 1984, he started his experience in banking law at MGO, a law firm in Caracas where he was responsible for the clients in the corporate sector such as Consolidated Bank. He later joined Banko Latino International and earned a promotion into the Vice President of the Banking Commercial in less than two years. It is after this that he started Davos Financial Group.

Following his contribution to the community development and great success in the financial world, David Osio has earned several awards including The Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Movers and Shakers 2009, and the 2014 Miami Award Winner among others. Osio has offered excellent leadership to his companies while showing a high degree of responsibility.

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Sanjay Shay Organizes a Fun Filled Celebration to Promote Autism Awareness

An autism awareness campaign is slated to begin on April 2 2016 in downtown Dubai. The event is created by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usha, in an effort to raise funds to aid autistic children. The couple raises an autistic son and has felt the need to provide similar children with adequate support. The carnival is set to attract high profile musicians and professionals from various walks of field. Visitors can make donations for as little as Dh 50.

The celebration is aimed at demystifying wrong perceptions about the disorder and informs parents on proper ways of handling the condition. The urge to make a difference rose from a personal commitment and is intended to instill the same to audiences. Wide exposure ensures that afflicted patients are not stigmatized and can live normal lives just like most children.

Autism Rocks, which is the name of the event, generated over 600,000 British pounds courtesy of artists such as Drake, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz. Founded in 2014, the carnival has made significant progress on various health challenges. Young performers such as Tyga and Flo Rida will headline the event due to their ability to interact with the youth.

About Autism

Autism is medical disorder that affects development in children. It affects communication and perception with external surroundings. Despite being incurable and with no definitive cause, it is essential to provide unconditional love to affected persons. Failure to adequately cater to their needs can lead to disastrous consequences to both patients and families. Autistic cases rise across the world, and research projects 2.8 million people are affected or care for invalids worldwide.

An In-Depth Look into Shah

Sanjay Shah is the Founder and CEO of Solo Capital Markets. The firm is a subsidiary of Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital specializes in consulting, sports investment and proprietary trading. Shah has been crucial in the growth of the firm over the years. A 19 million pound salary was a token of his efforts in 2011. Such high incomes have elevated his net worth to $280 million.

Shah worked as an accountant for several investment banks during the early stages of his career. He ultimately decided to set up his own brokerage firm. Furthermore, he also created Autism Rocks that has gained widespread recognition for its philanthropic contributions.