Glen Wakeman’s Goals As CEO Of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

Glen Wakeman has been a financial analyst and investor with several big corporations including Doral Financial Corporation, and now he’s the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This is the parent company to a service known as LaunchPad Toolkit, an online software-as-a-service (SAAS) company that helps beginning business owners find out how to get started with their business ideas. Glen Wakeman’s company is geared towards just about anyone who has a business idea, and it’s made the basics of starting a business easy to understand. LaunchPad is a way that business visionaries can learn about the difference between a vision and a mission, and can learn how to acquire funding to turn their dream into a reality.


Glen Wakeman has a business leadership and investing career that transcends over 20 years in the corporate world. He attended the University of Scranton where he graduated in 1982 and then enrolled in the famous business school at the University of Chicago and received his MBA. He first began working at GE Capital where he held several financial management and business development positions and even became a founding member of their Nova Four subsidiary. He then became an executive at Doral Financial and Doral Bank where he eventually became CEO and Chairman of the Board. He stayed with this bank until 2015 and then decided to take his expertise in start-ups to his current company, LaunchPad Holdings.


Glen Wakeman possesses some of the top startup financing acumens in the business world and has guided many companies with over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets to great success ( Glen Wakeman has traveled around the world and understands the different climates for starting a business and how global markets affect capital and investment as well as M&A strategies. The reason businesses have benefited from Wakeman’s guidance is that he’s proficient in five major areas that are required for a business to be sustainable. Those areas are business execution, having stable leadership, managing risk, the human capital factor and governing. Besides founding LaunchPad, Glen Wakeman also works closely with two start-ups known as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.


Julia Jackson a Successful Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of the Jackson family, born in 1988 in San Francisco, California and cannot remember a time when she wasn’t interested in wine making.

Julia Jackson is currently the spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines. She attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has a Certificate, General Management. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from Scripps College.

Jackson stated that the Jackson Family Wines are set apart from the rest due to her mother’s intuitive understanding of the land. Her mother, who runs the company, is her role model and she considers her a genius.

Julia, in 2014, become the founder of Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. A non-profit organization that celebrates women who have overcome adversities and life’s hardships. These same women are becoming the inspiration for other women in their communities to do the same. They award, each year, $100,000 in cash grants to other non-profits who uphold Cambria’s programs pillars of equality as well as spirit and the community.

The Jackson Family Wines have vineyards in France, Italy, N. America, S. America, Chile, and Australia.

Their winery in France is in a historic 4th-century chateau in Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux. The flagship wine for this winery is Lasségue, a sophisticated elegant wine. However, the vineyards are planted to 60% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. The second label from this vineyard is Les Cadrans de Lasségue which got its name from iconic sundials that are part of the chateau’s charm.

As a child, Julia’s father instilled in his children what it takes to become successful and she has never forgotten these lessons. This business is still to this day male dominated even in California. In 2010 A Pinot Moir from Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard was named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as the Wine of the Year.

Check this website for more info at Cambria Wines.

The Facts About Nationwide Title Clearing

Calls for action have been answered by Nationwide Title Clearing. Property reports were available online when placing an order and this caused title defects. Wrongful foreclosures have been a concern in the market for real estate as well as stagnation occurring in the secondary market.


The executives at Nationwide in the department for property records have the ability to be certain a title is clear and reduce the chances of a buyback or the inability to initiate a foreclosure. As one of the leaders in document processing, Nationwide assists the industry of finance and brings in the property reports. The problem began when an update to the website was launched and these reports became available online.


Usually a title defect is caused by an individual claiming a property already owned by somebody else. Many factors can invalidate a title, including wording issues, a missing signature and past liens on the property.


The property reports that were placed online were meant to be of help for the mortgage field. Nationwide is trying to find the quickest and easier way to secure these reports. They receive their data from numerous sources and this includes both individual verification and automation. This process is why Nationwide is successful when servicing a lot of the biggest lenders in the United States.


The officials at Nationwide believe their process is accurate and states they understand the needs of their clients. Their reports are individually customized for the needs of their clients.


Nationwide has their base in Florida and the company began in 1991. The company has private owners and is a specialized provider for residential mortgages. They work with eight of the residential services for mortgages that are considered the best anywhere in the country. They have a reputation for being accurate in all of their services as well as ensuring the protection of the homeowners.


The contributions made by Nationwide have allowed them to expand within the industry. They rank at number twenty-six of the companies located in Tampa Bay with the fastest growth. On the five-thousand listing, they are at number nineteen-hundred. Nationwide has also brought such a large number of Americans back into the workforce, they have won an award for this service.

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Why Brazilian Entrepreneurs Are Confident Of an Upturn in the Market Economy


Brazilian entrepreneurs have suffered constant disappointments despite high confidence in the sector. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, remains upbeat about a turn in form despite the market situation. Despite rising faith in better results, analysts are still uncertain about the spiraling trend in the manufacturing industry.


The increase in business confidence is attributed to a recent report by ICI. The Industrial Confidence Index revealed an increment of 2.1 in the latest figures. Such statistics are a positive indication from the 88.2 points recorded in August. Afterward, the figure rose to 88.8 points which are the highest numbers since July 2014.


The data obtained is based on an analysis of financial activities within the last six months. The Brazilian Institute of Economics conducted the research of the Manufacturing Industry. By September, the Institute had collected 1,120 opinions from business leaders. In addition, results from the survey indicated an improvement in 12 of the 19 sections analyzed. Furthermore, such results were also extrapolated for the next six months.


Entrepreneurs also hailed the increase in stock turnover during the research period. Even though previous figures had dropped from 14.1% to 12%, there is a silver lining in the horizon. Population wise, Maluf reports in Terra that 7.1% of businesspersons thought that stocks were insufficient. Such a percentage is expected to rise in recent months if the situation is not solved.


Analysts are of the opinion that market recovery will pick up speed, despite the sluggish growth experienced. Aloisio Campelo, a public statistics superintendent, advocates for adequate domestic market attention to improving the economy. Furthermore, an increase of 13 points in September is expected to boost the recovery process.


Background of Flavio Maluf & Eucatex Group


Mr. Maluf has served as the CEO of Eucatex Group since April 2005, as per LinkedIn. In addition, he also owns Golden and Premier Pet, which are brands of feed. Before working for Eucatex, Flavio Maluf worked for numerous companies such as Sistema and Citibank.


Eucatex is a leading provider of insulating materials and ceiling from eucalyptus fiber. The company is an advocate of green production techniques to conserve the environment. Based in Salto, the enterprise focuses on the production of MDP Boards and wood panels. The firm holds 41% of the market share, and is the second largest provider of wood fiber panels.

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Isn’t A Trump Fan

One of the questions in a long list of questions about Donald Trump is his position on Wall Street. Trump is part of the elite New York establishment, albeit a very controversial member of that group. Trump knows most of the top hedge fund managers and has a lot to say about them, but most of those investors don’t want Trump to be president. Kyle Bass has delicately said that Trump is not the man for the job. The fact that Bass has been as vocal about Trump as he has does suggest that hedge fund managers are scared Trump will begin to tax them at a higher rate. In fact, Trump has said that over and over again. Most of the hedge fund managers have rallied around Hillary Clinton, and Kyle Bass is one of them.

Anyone that knows anything about Kyle Bass knows he’s not shy and will talk to the media about anything. Bass likes to talk about his bet against the subprime mortgage industry in 2008, and how he was one of few that broke ranks and made a fortune while the rest of the country lost homes, retirement accounts, and life savings. Bass is one of the select few that has enough money to invest in questionable assets and come out on top. But Bass isn’t always right when he bets. His hedge fund investment firm, Hayman Capital, hasn’t been performing as expected the last couple of years. Bass decided to speak publically about an issue that didn’t concern him when he took Argentina’s side when the country defaulted on their debt bonds. His fellow hedge fund managers that invested in those bonds didn’t appreciate his comments.

According to UsefulStooges The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler article, Bass also upset people when he sided with General Motors when the airbag and steering mechanism issues were discovered. Hayman Capital was the largest GM shareholder and Bass was trying to protect his money. Hayman Capital has been accused of unethical practices in the past, but when American Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow told the press about her experience with the firm, more people started to question Kyle Bass and his decision-making process. But Bass is still talking to the press and flaunting his positive accomplishments, but his audience is getting smaller.

Why Duda Melzer Has Become a Top Business Man

When it comes to growing a successful business, Brazilian businessman known as Duda Melzer has what it takes. He is the president and owner of the RBS Group, which is a firm specific to media translations and outsources. He has grown his company for many years and continues to ensure that it grows to offer its clients exactly what it is that they need. One of the benefits of Duda Melzer being the president of the RBS Group is that he has lots of experience in this field and continues to grow and learn as each year passes.

You will find that Duda Melzer has a lot of experience in this field and has grown it to what you see today. Lots of people have found that the RBS Group is one of the top media corporations in Brazil, making it a prime example of why Duda Melzer is so well known. Duda Melzer is also found on many social media pages, so it is easy to keep in touch with him and see what he is up to nowadays. You can get important information about Duda Melzer and what he is doing by visiting any one of these types of sites.

For a lot of people, finding a great company with a solid president is difficult, but Duda Melzer and his firm are definitely an exception. Duda Melzer has put his time and passion into growing the RBS Group and is proud of what you see today. This is why a lot of people have chosen the company and are continuing to make use of it each and every day of their life. This is a company you can stand behind and it is one that is the top in Brazil being used by people each and every day.

Boost your business with talk fusion’s Video Marketing Solutions

Talk Fusion is a technology based solution for businesses to increase their sales through video emails and newsletters. Bob Reina founded the company, and it consists of a team of highly qualified artists, talented developers, IT experts, and marketing specialists to support and grow a business. Businesses of different sizes, nonprofit or profit oriented, home-based or having an office can use talk fusion to do marketing on their brand.

Every business needs customers and marketing. When you are looking forward to expounding on your sales tremendously, then Talk Fusion is your go-to tool to achieve this move. This company provides a clear picture with all the features required to succeed. The solution is easy to use and inexpensive. Finding new customers and keeping the existing ones is painless with talk fusion. There are four main products in talk fusion; video email, video newsletters, live meetings and video chat.

Companies like Applebee’s use Talk Fusion’s video emails to order, Norwegian cruise line uses videos to show the sensation of sailing in one. Remax Reuters uses talk fusion videos to show spectacular homes to prospective buyers. Metro Toyota uses videos to do their marketing and entice customers to their showrooms.

Charity organizations can benefit primarily by creating awareness, thanking donors and getting donations. Personal sharing like holidays, weddings, happy birthdays helps in showing love and closeness to our beloved people in our lives.

Talk Fusion offers different templates that allow a subscriber to customize the appearance of video emails. Features like logos and colors.

The tracking is done, and comprehensive reports are formulated from collected data. This enables one to see when one watched, who watched, how many times they did it and maybe who went on your website.

Saving time and money is crucial to today’s businesses. Companies with branches in different locations need to have meetings from time to time. Commuting can be expensive and having live meetings with people all around the world will increase productivity tremendously. The live sessions are in high definition and can be recorded for the future review.

Talk Fusion gives a free trial to these services for 30 days. However, if you already know that talk fusion is the right tool to grow your business, you can go straight to subscribing to one of the offers.

You can watch this video on to understand more about Talk Fusion YouTube.

Welcoming Your Golden Years

When your parents begin to age, it’s normal to have concerns about them remaining at home alone. But what do you if your parents are active, healthy seniors citizens who don’t need nursing home placement? When looking for a retirement community, there are many factors that go into making the final decision. Because independent living centers vary, knowing what you and your loved ones want from the beginning can make the choice a lot easier.

When choosing a retirement center, you need to take into account specific healthcare needs. Does the community your considering have a 24-hour nurse or physician? Is emergency care available? As different communities offer diverse levels of care, it’s important you choose a place that provides services tailored to your needs.

And what about the monthly expenses? In general, you will incur a monthly bill similar to paying rent, in addition to an entrance fee. Recurring fees will be based upon the type of housing structure and which amenities you choose.

The Manse on the Marsh is taking assisted-living to another level. With exceptional amenities such as chauffeured transportation services, personal laundry service, detailed housekeeping and personal laundry service, you elderly loved ones will be pampered like royalty.

The Manse on Marsh allows active senior citizens the chance to live a unique lifestyle specifically tailored to meet your family’s budget. SeniorHousingNet writes that they are located in the heart of beautiful San Luis Obispo, and are within walking distance to everything your loved one could want including restaurants, shopping centers, coffee houses and even art dealers.

For those who love staying physically fit, The Manse on Marsh has a fitness and wellness center to help keep residents in healthy. They even have a Lifeline alert system in case any of their residents ever need assistance.  There are tons of great activities too, to pass the time and keep them physically fit.

At Manse on Marsh, they are dedicated to creating the best quality of life possible for your loved ones. They are a state-of-the-art senior community committed to the overall well-being of their residents.  Check out their Yelp reviews, to see why this facility really has been successful.

A Prominent Attorney Who Ventured Into The World Of Finance

Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and financial strategist based in New York City. He Specializes in Mergers and acquisition, negotiations, and general corporate practice. He started working for Skadden as an Associate for over fourteen years. Sam was also associate for Arps, Slater, and Meagher & Flom LLp. He diversified his career and moved into a different industry where he focused on Business development and capital strategy. He got the enthusiasm of changing career dynamics after Serving as Managing director and President of Business development at SPARX Group Co ./PMA Investment Advisors.

In 2013, Sam Majored in Fund management industry and served as the Principle of Capital Strategy for Merrill lynch which is the Bank of America. He was trusted with the responsibilities of introducing fund managers to institutional investors such as pensions, fund of funds, endowments. His experience enabled him to excel well in his role due to his expertise in legal training that gave him excellent monitoring skills and keen eye in the field of fund management.

Being the head of Asia Pacific Capital introduction, Sam Managed all facets of global market effort. He also served as a consultant on legal operations to build strong front office teams. paints the picture that Sam is a masters graduate from Columbia Law school and holds Bachelors degree of Arts (Honors) from Oxford University.

At Columbia law School, Lawyerist credits Sam with working as an associate editor of the Columbia Business law review being one of the prestigious law firm before joining Skadden. In his role, Sam offered counseling and advised clients especially on fund investment structure, formulated investment management agreements, issued side letters and dealing with employment issues. He also at the same time served in the department of regulatory and compliance issues. His experience as an attorney enabled him to deal wisely with diverse business and corporate needs.

Sam is also a private investor especially at Tribute as well as She Thinx where he invested massively with an agenda to empower women and investors around the globe. In Thinx, Sam is trading as a capital strategist that is directed in aiding women in Africa and the Asian nations.  Sam even went the extra mile to create a GoFundMe campaign, to direct even more charitable funds to Africa.

His extensive experience has placed some in very good position in business representation because of his dynamisms in different languages as a result of working with different nations. Tabar is practically fluent in Japanese and French apart from being an English. Sam enjoys traveling and holding events.  Then in late 2015, he’s heading up FullCycle Energy Fund, where Mr. Tabar was recently named COO.

Live the Kate Hudson Sporty Chic Style in Fabletics Fashion

Kate Hudson is known for her stunning red carpet looks, but she’s also admired for her healthy active lifestyle, and her new Fabletics athleisure pieces reflect this. Comfortable with beautiful colors and fabrics that contour your curves and let you freely move about, perfectly describe the actress’ casual look.

Kate co-founded Fabletics as a unique (The Coupon Lady also confirms that story), subscription online fashion retailer that offers women great-looking work-out gear and accessories at affordable prices. Kate’s keen eye for modern trends in performance wear has made her line popular worldwide. It’s all about sporty chic and taking your active lifestyle wherever you go. Kate’s new athleisure dresses are smart and sassy and not confining to the body. Instead, these dresses work for a variety of places you need to be.

The actress spoke with, explaining to the fashion magazine that her Fabletics line offers accessibility for the modern gal, and that you can wear the dresses in the evening. Whether a woman is out on the town, heading for dinner, or meeting on a date, or hanging with one’s friends— these dresses work in any combination, Kate suggested to MarieClaire.

Zero Spanx are needed when putting on a Kate Hudson Fabletics dress. The high quality fabrics are breathable, form-fitting, but with the same flattering fit you would find in her Fabletics yoga pants, tops, leggings and other work-out gear. If you’re trying to get out of a car in Kate’s athleisure dresses, don’t worry, because it’s a breeze in soft, movable clothing.

The genius of the Fabletics system can be found in its special online shopping membership. When you sign up to become a VIP member, you instantly get a great-looking first outfit for just $25 and free shipping. Fabletics also offers its members personalized outfits chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. It makes the online shopping experience that much easier, and every piece has Kate’s signature style stamped on it, so you know you’re getting a beautiful deal every month.

Athleisure has blossomed into a world of its own; Kate Hudson has made it even prettier.