Jed McCaleb Working to Connect the World’s Banking System with Stellar

Jed McCaleb is well known in the blockchain or cryptocurrency world. He was a large contributor to the Mt. Gox project and the first decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing network called eDonkey. Jed is a firm believer that nothing happens without a solid plan. He came upon his newest project idea by hashing out what the major problems are in the current worldwide banking system and how to best go about solving them. His new project called Stellar does just this.

Jed started the Stellar project in 2014, with co-founder Joyce Kim. Stellar is focused on banking institution connectivity. The project did not result in a currency meant to take over the world. The project focuses on the creation of a worldwide financial network that will enable broad inclusion of banking participants across the globe. The project is meant to bring the costs of banking down enough that institutions can on board whole societies where it is currently too costly to serve much of the population. The project also serves to cut down the costs of currency conversion and other inter-institutional obstacles one may encounter.

The Stellar network makes it much easier and less costly for a merchant in the Philippines to accept live digital micro-payments using Stellar Lumen tokens. The overall plan here is to dedicate capacity to small installment or micro-payments in areas that offer larger payment streams due to the fact that much of the population are not current banking participants. They want to offer easy digital payment systems where traditional banking infrastructure does not exist.

Jed and his team found that giving Stellar its own consensus mechanism gives it the flexibility to be able to process many small transactions quickly, at low cost. The Stellar network has the ability to scale up fast due to the fact that the decision-making process is outside of the core system. The Stellar network and Lumens are already being used all over the world.

AvaTrade Review: CFD, Forex and Crypto, All in One Place

AvaTrade has emerged back in 2006 as a forex and CFD broker. Based in Dublin, Ireland, AvaTrade continued to improve its platform to meet market needs and today, it offers a wide array of trading services supporting commodities, equities, Bitcoin, ETFs, bonds and even market indices. The company has experienced a constant growth reaching today a monthly basis that exceeds 2 million transactions.

Reliability and Customer Relations

Reliability is the first thing that comes to mind and AvaTrade managed to maintain a clean track record. Being present as a broker for more than a decade is a good indicator of its business practices. The company holds licenses to operate in the European Union, British Virgin Islands, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Compliance with standard regulation is not enough for a broker to make a name for itself. AvaTrade went the extra mile at least with their customer support as they hold several awards. FXEmpire recently awarded the company the title of “Best Forex Broker 2016” which is a notable achievement.

Scalability and Trading Platforms

The infrastructure behind that AvaTrade was designed to support the constant growth. Flexibility is also a part of the equation since the company offers a reliable web platform as well as a mobile app that offers the same functionality.

Both the web platform and the mobile app offer access to MetaTrader4 platform and support for automated trading. The automated trading feature will prove to be useful especially for beginners since it can mirror trades from other users.

More advanced users have the option to use the MAM feature which is a Multi-Account Manager. It boasts a wide range of features that simply make life easier.

AvaTrade and the World of Crypto

As the world changes, AvaTrade adapted quite well. In 2013, the company started supported cryptocurrencies. This move opened the door for new users. To push things further, AvaTrade review welcomed alt coins such as Ethereum, Dash, Neo, Litecoin and many others.

Final Words

AvaTrade proved over time that they are flexible and welcome changes to suit the market needs. Cryptocurrency trading support is a clear example that AvaTrade is more than a simple Forex and CFD broker.

Customer support has always been one of their strong points but not the only thing they can brag about. The platform they developed has proven to be quite stable. Combined with their zero fees, it is no wonder why it has been around for more than a decade and continues to grow.

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Siteline Cabinetry Provides Amazing Services to Customers

Owning your own home is a great way to build long-term equity. While owning a property can be a great investment, it also requires you to make sure it stays in good condition and is modernized. When you were looking to make an improvement to your team to make it a more enjoyable place to live and improve its value, modernizing your kitchen can be a great idea. One of the best improvements that you can make in your kitchen would be to have customize cabinets installed.


When you were looking to have customized cabinets installed in your home, there are many different options to choose from. One company that will be able to provide you with amazing service and an excellent product is Siteline Cabinetry. This company is one of the leading providers of customized cabinetry solutions and provides many different benefits to its customers that help you separate it from the competition.


One of the main advantages of the cabinetry provider is that they can provide you with amazing products and solutions. The company uses only the highest quality wood available which ensures that the final product is in great condition and is extremely durable. This will allow your custom cabinets to last and look great for decades to come.


Another great service that the company is design services. When you were looking to modernize and customize your entire kitchen, making all of the necessary choices that comes along with it can be complicated. When you work with Siteline Cabinetry, you can receive a lot of assistance when it comes to developing a final plan for your kitchen. This will result in you receiving a final plan and design that is beautiful and cohesive.


Another advantage of the company is that they have a huge selection for you to choose from. There are many different types and styles of cabinets that are available today. The company will help you better understand all of the pros and disadvantages of each of these options so you can make the right choice for your home when you are looking to renovate.

Glen Wakeman’s Goals As CEO Of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

Glen Wakeman has been a financial analyst and investor with several big corporations and now he’s the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This is the parent company to a service known as LaunchPad Toolkit, an online software-as-a-service (SAAS) company that helps beginning business owners find out how to get started with their business ideas. Glen Wakeman’s company is geared towards just about anyone who has a business idea, and it’s made the basics of starting a business easy to understand. LaunchPad is a way that business visionaries can learn about the difference between a vision and a mission, and can learn how to acquire funding to turn their dream into a reality.

Glen Wakeman has a business leadership and investing career that transcends over 20 years in the corporate world. He attended the University of Scranton where he graduated in 1982 and then enrolled in the famous business school at the University of Chicago and received his MBA. He first began working at GE Capital where he held several financial management and business development positions and even became a founding member of their Nova Four subsidiary. He decided to take his expertise in start-ups to his current company, LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen Wakeman possesses some of the top startup financing acumens in the business world and has guided many companies with over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets to great success ( Glen Wakeman has traveled around the world and understands the different climates for starting a business and how global markets affect capital and investment as well as M&A strategies. The reason businesses have benefited from Wakeman’s guidance is that he’s proficient in five major areas that are required for a business to be sustainable. Those areas are business execution, having stable leadership, managing risk, the human capital factor and governing. Besides founding LaunchPad, Glen Wakeman also works closely with two start-ups known as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.


George Soros is a Leading Philanthropic Investor in The World who Champions Democracy

As the world’s leading philanthropists, today George Soros has donated more than 12 billion dollars to different humanitarian causes. The George Soros Fund has given support to both organizations and private individuals from all corners of the world who champion causes for democratic principles of governing, accountability in government, justice and freedom of expression, and overall transparency. The generous giving does not isolate anyone deprived or someone who is discriminated, but it focuses on helping individuals and people who have been pushed to the outer edges of mainstream involvement in societal activities like LGBTI PEOPLE, sex workers, drug users.

George Soros’ background was full of such mistreatment. He was born in 1930 in Hungary where he spent most of his childhood during the Nazi occupation, but instead of succumbing to the forces of evil, they resisted by fighting back or migrating. He left Budapest for London in 1947 and by doing odd part-time jobs like being a railway porter or a nightclub waiter; he paid for his tuition fee at the London School of Economics. He later moved to the US where he entered the investments and finance industry from where he was able to build a big fortune. Soros became a hedge fund trade, and by 1970 he established his hedge fund known as Soros Management Fund. Visit to know more about George.

The fortune George Soros accumulated made him one of the leading investors in America, and it motivated him to build the Open Society Foundations which is a massive network of humanitarian projects, partners, and foundations operating in over 100 countries. The core belief of the societies is that no society can flourish without respect for individual rights, freedom of expression, and democratic governance. His Philanthropic undertakings started in 1979 when he gave black students from Apartheid South Africa scholarships. Other activities he engaged in included promotion of exchange of ideas openly in the Eastern Bloc communist countries. In the intellectual circles, he elevated critical thinking by establishing the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some of the foundations he supports promote cultural exchanges between the West and Eastern Europe. As of 2012 George Soros, he had given out as much as $7 billion to different charities via the Open Societies Foundations.

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What influenced his way of thinking was the study of Karl Popper’s philosophy through the work known as “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” which is a critical exploration of the impacts of totalitarianism. The main thought espoused in the book is that no political ideology masters the truth, and societies can develop only if they operate openly and freely. From a humble origin, Soros worked for a few years and founded the Soros Fund which was later renamed the Quantum Fund. It became the Quantum Fund Endowment with an asset base of $12 million. At 85 years of age by 2015, George Soros was regarded as one of the richest people in the world at position 21. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Entrepreneur Chris Burch Builds The Best Resort In The World

Chris Bursch is an entrepreneur who has created brands like C. Wonder and Tory Burch that are recognized around the globe. He recently entered the hospitality industry when he, along with hotelier James McBride, bought a hotel on Sumba, one of the islands that make up Indonesia. The business partners then invested another $30 million into the property and reopened it in 2015. The hotel is now named Nihiwatu and, as a five-star resort, it was named by Travel + Leisure magazine as the best hotel in the entire world.

When conducting an interview with Business Jet Traveler, Chris Bursch made the comment that he built the hotel for his children. He also did it for the community living on Sumba, many of whom work for the hotel and others who profit from the wealthy clientele it attracts. Click to discover more. Burch also owns a private residence on the property he named Raja Mendaka. There are another 26 private villas on the property which feature touches such as a butler in every room and spa that was built under a waterfall. Try reading this.

Chris Bursch is the Founder of Burch Creative Capital and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. It is through Burch Creative Capital that he has launched a number of his brands that have taken the world by storm, see He has built more than 50 companies that offer consumer high-end luxury products and services. As an innovator, Bursch has developed a detailed understanding of consumer behavior and how to provide products that are appealing and fashionable. He is also an expert at sourcing the materials used in his products, as well as their development. Some of the brands he has launched include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Pippin, TRADEMARK, and Cocoon9. He is also one of the people behind other brands such as Jawbone, Voss Water, and the luxurious Faena Hotel + Universe which is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More of him here on

It was in 1976 that Burch started his entrepreneurial career, while he was still a student at Ithaca College. Along with his brother, Bob, that founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel with an initial investment of $2,000. This investment grew into a company that was worth a staggering $165 million when the pair sold it to Swire Group. Chris Burch took his proceeds from the sale and put some of it into Internet Capital Group as one of its earliest investors. This also was a success and paid off when the company achieved its IPO.

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