How Serge Belamant Brought Net1 Technologies to the World

After being employed for many years, Serge Belamant decided to go it alone and start his own company. It is in this period that he founded Net1 Technologies. The company was built around a single aspect of Funds Transfer System (FTS). In fact, Serge had made his name in the funds transfer, which is an apparent reason as to why he chose to continue with innovating systems that would be used in transferring money with ease.

Serge Belamant struggled to make his company relevant in the industry and used much of his resources, energy and time trying to convince banks to use his Universal Electronic Payment System, otherwise known as UEPS. Like other startup companies, Net1 Technologies struggled to get a grip of the industry and, in most cases, was operating at lower ends. This means that the company was finding it hard to sustain itself in an industry that was not responsive to technological changes. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

However, the fortunes of Net1 Technologies would drastically change when Visa, which is an international money transfer company, hired Serge Belamant, through his company, to create a new fund transfer system, which would be based on his Universal Electronic Payment System. Serge worked for this project when in the United States where he was able to access all the technology he needed. The system he developed is currently being used by Visa to prevent fraud and misuse of credit card.

The success of Visa project gives the limelight to Net1 Technologies where it becomes a global company that can be consulted fr financial and payment systems. Net1 Technologies was also listed in Johannesburg Securities Exchange, which is a clear indication that the company had grown to be accepted at the highest financial echelons.

Within the next few years, Net1 Technologies had established itself as one of the leading technology company in South Africa. The company bought Cash Payment Services, which was a system that was used to pay grants and owned by the First National Bank of South Africa. The acquisition of another payment option gave Serge Belamant the push he needed to be recognized as an expert in the financial industry where he was nicknamed the Henry Ford of IT sector. Learn more:


Mark Holyoake Promotes Health and Wellness Through Fishing Company

Mark Holyoake is a successful business leader who lives in London. Throughout his career, he has done an excellent job helping clients manage their money. When he attended college in London, he had no idea what he wanted to do for his career. After graduating, he became an insurance salesperson. Although Mark Holyoake enjoyed the work, he aspired to make a positive impact on his community. Mark started a financial planning company that became successful. In a short period, he had hundreds of clients who listened to his advice on various subjects.

Investment Advice

Mark enjoys offering investment advice to his clients. He primarily works with people who are just getting started investing. As a result, these clients do not have a ton of money to invest with. Instead of selling these customers expensive investment options, Mark tells them to invest in an index fund. Index funds mimic the performance of the stock market. These investment options are easy to understand and have almost no fees.

Icelandic Fishing Company

As his investment firm continued to grow, Mark started looking at other companies to purchase. Several years ago, he bought a significant equity position in a fishing company from Iceland. The fishing company was about to go bankrupt, and many people thought Mark was crazy for giving the company money. However, Mark was able to offer valuable advice to the company’s leaders. The fishing company is now thriving.

Mark wanted to invest in the company for several reasons. Purchasing healthy food in Great Britain has become extremely expensive. The average person living in London cannot afford fresh fish. Mark convinced the company to offer inexpensive and healthy options for people living in Great Britain. Although he still has a lot of work to do, Mark is proud that the company followed his advice. Anyone who wants to learn how to become successful in business should follow Mark’s advice.

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Nitin Khanna a Portland Based Serial Entrepreneur

The Silicon Forest is used to big exits however in the lasted decade it has recorded very few exits, and one of them is the acquisition of Saber Corps. Saber Corps was founded by Merger Tech Owner and CEO Nitin Khanna way back in 2009. The Portland-based company had been contracted by the US government to provide some of the government services to the members of the public. The state government services include vehicle registration, issuance of driver licenses and registration of those that are unemployed among others as detailed here.

Saber Corps first acquisition took place in the year 2007 when EDS purchased the firm at a tune of 420 million dollars. Nitin Khanna after the firm’s acquisition continued serving as the firm CEO. Saber Corp a year later was naturally absorbed by HP Company after it acquired EDS. After the purchase of EDS by HP, Nitin Khanna opted to leave the firm and pursue other entrepreneur interests.

Nitin Khanna, an entrepreneur at heart, established another firm together with his brother known as MergerTech. MergerTech is an investment bank that is headquartered in California. The firm focuses on providing capital and offering buyout deals to early-stage firms including small businesses that are worth less than 100 million dollars. Nitin Khanna will serve as the firm’s CEO and will run the business while in Portland. Nitin Khanna’s brother will serve as Merger Tech COO and will be the one carrying out the business operations in California.

Nitin Khanna is optimistic that the new investment will have a substantial market for its services. The niche that Merger Tech chose is free from completion from big investment banks that targets big businesses. According to Nitin Khanna, Merger Tech considers three factors when selecting potential clients. One of the things that they look out for is businesses that are in distress and are seeking for a fast buyout deals to salvage investors equity. The second category of business that Merger Tech deals with is those companies that are growing and are look for investors. Lastly, Merger Tech looks for mature startups that want to exit.

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Email Him And They Will Come

To understand emails all you have to do is send and receive, but to get more technical with marketing efforts your going to need CEO Krishen Iyer to do the job right. Krishen Iyer’s company specializes in marketing services for health and insurance companies that wants to expand their lead generation services and consulting opportunities. It may seem out of the ordinary, but taking advantage of the industry leaves a great opportunity to forward such industries. These companies need a system for newsletters and updates to send out to their subscribers. I’m sure we both have seen a few of our emails filled with news on our next visit to the Doc’s office. However, in order for these emails to get open there are a few rules needed to be followed for us to get attentive to reading about our medical issues we pretend don’t exist. Read more about email marketing here.

Yet, Krishen Iyer has light for all of us with his company “Managed Benefit Services” they use techniques and email analytical tools to determine the best outcomes so we don’t forget to stay healthy and help our fellow insurance companies waste revenue and put it to good use. As a marketing expert Krishen Iyer’ need for multiple marketing streams to emerge from new organic traffic is a death toll to gaining the results they need because only one source will not produce the results industry leaders need for a more proficient business and ethical service to the clients they provide services for.

Kristen Iyer plans for his companies ability to identify “ cost per acquisition needs “ and special factors customers require. In the end result his plan is for his system to make it easy for customers to filter these essential components that demonstrate his companies competitive cost. As a determined entrepreneur any insurance company or medical firm wanting a taste of increase in their firms value should contact him not by call but by email. As we have already investigated in this article he knows his emails and I’m sure he will know what to say and do upon the first message when you hit send.

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Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Launches R.A.W Products

Beauty is something that every woman wants to accomplish. Everyone looks forward to having smooth skin, great hair and great curves. Fortunately, technology has made it very easy to achieve any of this looks. However, they are still women who value natural products. They may be avoiding the side effects that come with chemicals in cosmetics or simply love the idea of going natural. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, President of Matrix / Biolage, a US prominent hair care has been working on R.A.W. Products to see that he satisfies clients who want to go natural.

Daniel says that they came up with R.A.W because they are customers who want products that do not destroy the environment. They have managed to come up with products that are 70% natural, and 98% degradable. All the products they have used have traceable supplies. For packaging, they are using recycled plastic.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that they faced several challenges in making these products. One of their key objectives was to see that they did not deviate from the naturalness regardless of the pressure they faced. They had to involve the Research & Innovation and Operations to do several tests for them. Unfortunately, their involved increased the input cost which had to be compensated in the selling price. One of the challenges they faced was sourcing clay soil; it got contaminated very fast during transportation. Instead of finding chemical ways to replace the clay soil, they pushed back the launch date to transport the clay.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada also says that they had to convince the consumers to buy their product. He explains that customers do not want to be dictated on what is natural or not. They, therefore, had to come up with a smart way to advertise their product. They taught over 700 US Salons how to effectively serve their clients with low consumption of water and electricity.

Fortunately, Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that 90% of the reviews they have received are positive. Besides the great reviews, he is grateful for customers who are acknowledging the high quality of R.A.W products. A majority of the customers after using the shampoo said that they felt so good, the kind of good they had not felt for a long time.