Jed McCaleb Working to Connect the World’s Banking System with Stellar

Jed McCaleb is well known in the blockchain or cryptocurrency world. He was a large contributor to the Mt. Gox project and the first decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing network called eDonkey. Jed is a firm believer that nothing happens without a solid plan. He came upon his newest project idea by hashing out what the major problems are in the current worldwide banking system and how to best go about solving them. His new project called Stellar does just this.

Jed started the Stellar project in 2014, with co-founder Joyce Kim. Stellar is focused on banking institution connectivity. The project did not result in a currency meant to take over the world. The project focuses on the creation of a worldwide financial network that will enable broad inclusion of banking participants across the globe. The project is meant to bring the costs of banking down enough that institutions can on board whole societies where it is currently too costly to serve much of the population. The project also serves to cut down the costs of currency conversion and other inter-institutional obstacles one may encounter.

The Stellar network makes it much easier and less costly for a merchant in the Philippines to accept live digital micro-payments using Stellar Lumen tokens. The overall plan here is to dedicate capacity to small installment or micro-payments in areas that offer larger payment streams due to the fact that much of the population are not current banking participants. They want to offer easy digital payment systems where traditional banking infrastructure does not exist.

Jed and his team found that giving Stellar its own consensus mechanism gives it the flexibility to be able to process many small transactions quickly, at low cost. The Stellar network has the ability to scale up fast due to the fact that the decision-making process is outside of the core system. The Stellar network and Lumens are already being used all over the world.

Daniel Mark Harrison: the Cryptocurrency Expert

Daniel Mark Harrison is a great author, entrepreneur and a media expert. He is the current chairman of a family company with family offices in Singapore and Bangkok called Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. He is a famous writer and a great manager. He had several capacities in several companies and his leadership qualities are just awesome. He also happens to be the managing partner of Block Chain a great Multi Million dollars company that have really grown towards becoming the greatest crypto company.

Daniel Mark Harrison has been featured in several aspects of Journalism. He has been on CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg touching on issues related to business. His approach is very professional and of a great analyst. He has also been featured by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Street.Com and other online new lines such as the Daily Dot and also the Portfolio Magazine. He understands business world very well and is always updated.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also a great scholar and has created several concepts of Factory Banking. He has developed several theories including market evaluation models that challenge the validity of the hyped Free Market Economy models of pricing. It is called Bipolar Markets Economy Equilibriums. He also writes for great companies like CoinSpeaker and wrote several stories like End of CoinDesk Index. He also wrote about bitcoins and other cryptos. CoinSpeaker was started in 2014 as the leading news source for pros in the field of Altcoin and Bitcoins. This is usually the second largest Bitcoin website known. His articles are read by over two hundred thousand visitors. He also worked as a publisher at Marx Rand. He also got another role of a Chief editor.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also a get philanthropist and a volunteer. He volunteered as a columnist on Asian Emerging Markets and for more than 2 years. He has also worked at US finance journals. He has also worked as a senior writer in several companies like Credit Flux. This is all an evidence that Daniel Mark Harrison has worked for his success with hard work and dedication. His achievements are impressive.