Extensive Scientific Research Brings Exceptional Jeunesse Global Skin Product to Forefront

As a company that is known worldwide for ground-breaking and cutting-edge products, Jeunesse Global has reached an exceptional level of accomplishment after just nine years within the online retail industry. With reputable distributors and clinically researched products, the company has lived up to its vision of helping people look and feel at their very best.

Luminesce skin care products are a fantastic way to slow the aging process and attain a youthful looking appearance. Men and women both are benefiting from the detail within the ingredients of Luminesce skin care products from all socioeconomically backgrounds, race, and ethnicity.

All of Luminesce skin care products have the formula APT 200, which is exclusive to Jeunesse. APT 200 is formulated with high concentrated elements to provide an even skin tone, while also producing a natural looking glow to the skin. Additionally, with antioxidants and vitamins, Luminesce skin care products revive the skin to bring out its natural tone, which can become diminished through the aging process.

The scientific advisory board for Jeunesse Global gave its sign of approval for Luminesce skin care products after an eight-week clinical study for many skin tones and skin types. The clinical study concluded that 100 percent of the participants had younger-looking skin in just four weeks and 93 percent of the participants gained a significant radiant improvement in just two weeks. Jeunesse Global’s advisory board is made up of internationally prominent physicians and board certified reconstructive surgeons, qualified to make assessments on the quality of skin products and the benefits they produce. When the study was complete, information was also provided through a webinar for details of how Luminesce skin care products should be utilized to receive the full range of benefits.

Jeunesse Global is an innovative company that does not adhere to market trends. Since being founded in 2009 by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, the company has reinvented how quality products should be distributed to reach the consumer. Their vision has been to become a household name with exclusive products that are effective for helping people thrive in life. Jeunesse Global has become a company that is “generation young.”


Kim Dao Answers Questions About Learning Japanese, Modeling, and More

Kim Dao was joined in this video by her friend Vienna, who is a model. Kim Dao and her friend answered questions that were posted on Dao’s  Instagram account. One person wanted to know what Vienna thought was the hardest thing about modeling. Vienna said she had to act as though she were of the traditional Japanese culture. What advice Vienna can give to a girl seeking a job modeling in Japan. Vienna said the main thing is to speak Japanese fluently. Kim Dao and Vienna met each other at Tokyo Extra, an online friendship service in January 2016.


A fan wanted to know what Kim Dao’s age was. At the time she did this video, she was only 25. Kim Dao’s 26th birthday was about a week away. The fan also wanted to know how Kim Dao could afford to live in Japan. Kim Dao said that when she lived in Australia she held down three part-time jobs. Kim Dao’s worst experience in Japan was trying to fit in with the culture. She is outspoken and needs to be quiet. Kim Dao’s best experience in Japan was meeting many new friends and having many new opportunities. Kim Dao said that she found her first apartment in Australia, online while she as looking for a place to live in Japan. Japan is cheaper to live in than Australia, which is very expensive. Kim Dao would like to visit Okinawa. Vienna was there in January 2016 and loved it.


EOS Lip Balms Roll On Perfectly With Premium Ingredients

There’s nothing worse than cracked, dry lips, no matter what season we’re in. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you can avoid the lip balm, either. In fact, if there’s a time when your lips need extra tender loving care, it’s June, July and August when you’re in the hot rays of the sun.

Our lips are very vulnerable, although it might not appear that way. Dermatologists advise never going out in the sun without putting on a layer of good lip balm first, and there’s a smart reason for this.

Our lips have melanin but not enough to shield us from the searing heat. Melanin is the natural skin pigment that filters out the damaging UV rays. Every pair of lips, regardless of how full or large they are, are also thinner in skin structure, sensitive, and lack protective oil glands.

The best lip balms are those that are organically formulated like Evolution of Smooth or EOS, which offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Each amazing balm is made with soothing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Plus, talk about the gorgeous flavors in yummy Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Drop, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, Blackberry Nectar, Coconut Milk and delicious others. Your lips will become obsessed.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are carefully prepared and perfect for even super sensitive lips. In addition, these formulas leave out the nasty stuff like petrolatum & paraben. EOS lip balms are also gluten free and phthalate free.

Loyal fans of Evolution of Smooth lip balms love the unique shape of the balm spheres. The round ball-like balms glide smoothly and completely over any pair of lips. The buttery texture is very appealing, and the taste is beyond comparison. EOS lip balm products are available on Lucky Vitamin, Walmart and Target stores.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are a good beauty thing all year long.

View the brand review here: http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos

Bounce and Shine with Wen by Chaz

A lot of women take pride in their hair. It is often a large part of their beauty. The only thing is that there is a need to make sure their hair is well maintained. There needs to be a bounce and shine to it for them to feel good about themselves. This often results in them putting all kinds of different formulas in their hair in order to achieve the desired results. Often times, they damage their hair in the process. Fortunately, there is a 5 in one product from Wen by Chaz Dean which makes it easier on women.

The product line of Wen has actually been tried out by a woman who has reported the results of her 7 day trial on an article published on Bustle. There are immediate effects that come from the use of this product. One of the immediate effects is that the hair is given extra shine and bounce. This has helped the woman feel more confident about her hair. Other people have complimented her on how well her hair appears. WEN has surely proven that it could carry out what it says it could carry out.

WEN has actually been made with the purpose improving the hair condition while reducing the chemicals put into the persons hair. This is so that any damages done to the hair are minimized. Another thing that makes his hair care products stand out is that they are sourced from natural elements. This makes the products a lot safer to use on the hair. It also leaves the hair looking and feeling a lot healthier than before using the product.