Jeff Yastine Sees Amazon’s End of Days

A lot of people have made Amazon there commonplace for shopping over the years due to its handiness to the customers. The easiness is however seen in a different perspective by financial experts as they seem to see a problem with the way Amazon does its business. The time for the giant firm of being convenient may seem to be coming to an end soon. Such is the case that Jeff Yastine has put forward. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Jeff.

Jeff Yastine works with the Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. His work is to educate the people on the latest financial news and also on the current trends of investment. Yastine, therefore, has a lot of experience in the finance and journalism fields. After his studies in journalism on the University of Florida, Jeff Yastine went to North Carolina for a television reporting job. Before the end of 1993, his career had gone a notch high, and he got a spot in the “Nightly Business Report” program in PBS till the year 2010. In 2007, Yastine had before the real estate crisis taken his time to warn his viewers of what later came to be. In the same year, he was awarded a business Emmy Award due to his involvement in reporting of America’s public infrastructure crisis. Mr. Yastine has been there to report major crisis way earlier before they occur.

There is the need to, therefore, take Jeff Yastine’s recent argument on Amazon with a lot of seriousness. People may think that talking about possible problems in the giant retail company is exaggerative due to its dominance in the market while it is not the case. President Donald Trump has highly criticized Amazon’s case in a tweet he made. Mr. Yastine has based his argument on his great perceptive of the antitrust laws and the fact that he knows the more on the global financial news. The unshakable state of Amazon according to Jeff Yastine will at some point come to pass. This well explains that his views are not on the basis of exaggerations. Read this article:


The Predictions of Paul Mampilly on the Cryptocurrency Market

Investment is an art that takes time to perfect. Patience is a virtue that most people do not pride themselves in. Consequently, you find most people rushing to invest in a venture even before they have a clear understanding of how it works. Investing in a money market requires one to have a clear understanding of how the market works. This is an area where Paul Mampilly has vast experience in, among other investment areas. He boasts of having experience accumulating to twenty-five years. Having worked at Wall Street, Paul has seen it all from people making money quickly and some losing it all when the market crashes. Connect with Paul Mampilly by visiting his linkedin acount.

Paul Mampilly is a man who has mastered the stock market in all its aspects. According to Paul, if the stocks are going up at an unusual rate, the market cannot sustain it. This means the stocks may start dropping down as fast. The temptation of holding on to the stocks makes one resist the calls to sell. Making money is something all people crave for, and when one predicts that they will be rich, they try as much as they can to cash in.

Sadly, if you do not take advantage and sell the stocks when you should, you may lose all their money when the market comes crumbling down. Paul Mampilly says the same principle applies to the dotcom bubble now that everyone is interested in the cryptocurrency market. The market started back in 1999, and many people got interested in it with the hope to buy Bitcoins and make money. Some of them have realized their dreams. People who got in first when the market was still new in 1999, made their money and became rich.

It’s known that the stock market is bound to some hitches that most people fear facing. However, Paul Mampilly says people interested in the stock market shouldn’t fear such challenges, but they should devise a way to avoid them. He says people should not ignore the little profit they get but rather look for a way to make it grow. Different people have different views on Bitcoins, but this shouldn’t hinder them from making good use of the available investment opportunities. Read more:


Ian King Is Dominating The Crypto Craze

Although cryptocurrency is technically still in its infancy, it has been making a big path for itself in the world of finances. When bitcoins first blew up a few years ago, no one knew just how far cryptocurrency was going to go, especially with various scams going on and the relative safety issues with transactions. Today, cryptocurrency is becoming safer by the day with new blockchain technology. Not only that, but transactions have been getting faster and faster from all across the world, with some crypto companies claiming to be able to complete transactions in under five seconds. Ian King is a leading expert when it comes to cryptocurrency, taking advantage as soon as it became popular. As a writer for Banyan Hill, Ian King regularly shares his views on cryptocurrency and proper ways to invest in the market. According to Ian, digital currency’s will be all over the place in the next ten years, beating out traditional currencies due to practicality. See more of Ian King on facebook.

Banyan Hill publishing is lucky to have a man like Ian King, with decades of experiences and skills under his belt. Today, Banyan Hill has the many experts that have signed on to thank for their impending success. Since 1998, Banyan Hill has grown tremendously, with hundreds of thousands of individuals tuning into the publishing site on a daily basis. Ian King writes whatever he can when it comes to cryptocurrency to get as many people informed as possible. Crypto is still young and therefore there is still a lot of money to be made it one knows how to navigate the markets correctly. Ian shares whatever knowledge he has to help up and coming investors make their way into the growing market. This helps Ian King as well since every new individual that gets into the market and invests is effectively growing cryptocurrency around the world.

While it is still young, there are many people afraid to invest in cryptocurrency, which is why Ian has made it his job to inform others that is is safe and worthwhile if they get started sooner rather than later.  Read more:


Jeff Yastine And The Kennedy Accounts

From Nigerian online scammers, binary-options trading platforms, to Ponzi schemes and get-rich-quick schemes, there isn’t any shortage of scams out there. This situation means, when a realistic investment option comes to light people are scared to believe it’s real. Many are quick to dismiss it. Thus since the Kennedy Accounts came into the limelight, people have questioned its authenticity. This content is a review of this option. It will help us answer the question; What are the Kennedy Accounts? Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.


Banyan Hill Publishing, a top investment advisory company, has received endless questions concerning the so-called Kennedy Accounts. In the video a company representative, Jeff Yastine is seen talking about the viability of the accounts. According to Jeff Yastine, every investor can take advantage of these accounts to buy stocks and make inflated gains. It may seem exaggerated, right? Let us describe the Kennedy Accounts and Yastine’s career.

What Are The Kennedy Accounts?

Kennedy Accounts is an investment opportunity known as Direct Stock Purchase Plan. With this plan, you will be able to buy shares in a firm directly from the company, instead of buying them from middlemen (like brokers). Once you have acquired the shares, your dividends are reinvested automatically to purchase more shares with the DRIP.

Yastine uploaded the video describing the Kennedy Accounts, and it caught the attention of over 1,000 people. The Kennedy Accounts came into existence when John F. Kennedy the founder of the accounts was running for the office of the president, and the American economy wasn’t healthy enough to care for your its citizens. As a selfless leader, Kennedy wanted to make America a booming country with a healthy economy again, hence the launch of the accounts.

What is Jeff Yastine’s role at Banyan Hill Publishing?

Currently, Jeff Yastine works for Banyan Hill Publishing as a top editorial director. Before that, he operated as a successful financial journalist in multiple capacities. During his roles and vast experience in those capacities, Yastine was opportune to interview top guns like Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell and Herb Kelleher.

Out of enthusiasm and curiosity, Jeff Yastine garnered extensive knowledge about finance and investment from high-profile investors. Having established his entire career in this discipline, he gained stability which ultimately paved way for him to get entry into stock markets and multiple investment accounts.


Dividend Reinvestment Plans and Direct Stock Purchase Plans are 100% real. These options are offered by firms that trade in the American stock exchanges of note including the NY Stock Exchange.

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