Martin Lustgarten and Investment Banking In The Corporate World

Investment banking is a well known banking area in the banking industry. The focus of investment banking is generally different than most other banking areas. Investment banking is typically utilized more in business and corporate arenas where the focus is on financial transactions that are complex and involve large sums of money. Investment banking is a good source for financial transactions of this nature because the structure of investment banking is designed to handle financial transactions.


Overall investment banking has three areas that makeup the structure of investment banking. These three areas are asset management, sales and training, and investment banking division. Each area has a central focus and provides specific services that are very helpful to clients who need these particular types of services. While any investment bank can utilize all three primary areas, usually only larger investment banks employ more than one area in daily operations.


The reason why larger investment banks tend to be the only banks that utilize multiple areas is because the larger investment banks have the human and financial resources available to support multiple areas. Smaller investment banks typically have less human and financial resources because of the banks smaller size. Therefore, smaller investment banks focus on one primary area. The area that many smaller investment banks focus on is the investment banking division.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has climbed the ladder of success in the investment banking world. He is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin. The company is an investment firm that Martin Lustgarten started several years ago.
Martin Lustgarten manages the daily operations for his investment firm. He provides a variety of services such as recommendations regarding mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions. Also, Martin Lustgarten has been and continues to be successful at building his client list. His client list includes notable small and large corporations. Find him on Facebook for more news and information.


Will Brad Reifler Change Wall Street By Serving A New Kind Of Customer?

The Wall Street consumers hear about on the news is driven by massive corporations, wealthy investors and investment banks. Nearly every investor who makes a difference on Wall Street is a millionaire, and qualified investors are those making upwards of $200,000 a year. The average American would love nothing more than to make that much money every year, but the reality is much different. CrunchBase shows that CEO Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital have a plan to change the way investment is done on Wall Street. There is just one fund today, but the new income trust fund from Forefront Capital will serve people who have incomes lower than those common on Wall Street.

#1: Why A New Fund?

Brad Reifler has industry expertise that allows him to create a fund that will support that money invested by people with modest incomes. This new fund will take more time to capitalize, and the fund will have a different target value. Brad hopes to build the fund into something that any American can invest in, and he is welcoming anyone regardless of their level of income.  His experience with the concept of diversifying your portfolio, and investing intelligently will lead this firm to success.

#2: How Will Brad Offer Customer Service?

Brad understands that customers around America get poor customer service from investment banks every day, and he has changed the way his company functions. All customer service interactions are aimed at the middle class, and his team has been trained to work with people who are investing small amounts of money in the Forefront Capital income trust. This change is the first on Wall Street, but it may not be the last.

Wall Street will not change its ways until someone takes a chance on small investors, and Brad Reifler has taken such a chance. His new income trust will help the middle and lower classes invest properly for the first time.