Philanthropist Sanjay Shah gives Advice to New Entrepreneurs

Sanjay Shah is not just your average philanthropist and entrepreneur he is the the CEO of two major companies that he has brought into existence. Solo Shah is the name of his London based brokerage company. This brokerage firm helps investors who want to buy and sell securities. Autism Rocks is his other company and it was founded to help provide funding for autism research. Both companies are very important to Shah and he is glad that he is able to make a living from both his lines of work.

Sanjay Shah’s company Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011. Once the brokerage firm went public it became very successful. In an interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Shah gave some important advice to new entrepreneurs who wanted to get their enterprises off the ground. Shah stated that an entrepreneur should have more than enough funding to get their business up and running. He also told new entrepreneurs that they should not try and do all of the work on their own.

Running a brokerage firm was never in Shah’s plans when he was in school. Instead, he wanted to become a doctor. During the course of his studies he decided not to pursue that interest. Shah went on to work in a brokerage firm. He liked it so much that it became a passion. He eventually started a brokerage firm of his own. Solo Capital went on to become a very successful firm grossing Shah millions of dollars.

Autism Rock was started in 2014 and this company was created in response to his son’s condition. Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 but he realized that there was very little that he could do to help his son. Now, that Autism Rock is in operation, the company raises millions of dollars that goes toward researching this disease.

Sanjay has literally made more than enough money that he has retired from both of his companies. Even though he is retired he still continues enjoying being a part of Autism Rocks since it is a high profile company that showcases the talent of some very big entertainment stars.

Sanjay Adds New Team To Autism Rocks In Effort To Develop Autism Support Services

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, has expanded his board membership team by adding two colleagues. The two brothers named Pete and Will have joined the team to help in Autism Rocks Foundation especially to support children with autism through the development of autism and autism support services. The support services are meant to help autistic children continue with their normal life and promote early diagnosis of the neurological disorder. From a release in the PR News Wire Sanjay Shah added Will and Pete to change the thinking in the autism rocks board team and also participate in full decision making about the strategies to achieve long term and short term goals of the foundation.

Pete best has 21 years’ experience in the financial industry while Will has been in the press media and is now working with as a television presenter and hosting music artists a trait that Sanjay looks forward to using in the future music concerts for autism rocks fundraisings. Sanjay Shah was the director of Solo Capital Limited since 2009, but he retired from the company in January 2016 to focus more on his foundation. Solo Capital Limited was his first company in 2009 after he decided to pursue brokerage when he was laid off his job as an accountant due to the then European market economic crisis. After Solo Holdings Sanjay founded other companies that are majorly operational in United Kingdom, Dubai, and the Cayman Islands among other areas.

Shah retired from Solo Capital at the age of 43 years, and he is among the youngest entrepreneurs who have been ranked among the Europe millionaire investors. Solo Capital works under Solo Group Holdings that are under the full management of Aesa S.a.r.l. The limited private capital provides financial services and advice through consultancy, advising on foreign exchange market, and also conducts proprietary trading ventures. Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011 as a private limited capital same year that it merged with Old Park Lane Capital a firm specializing in trading with natural resources. Solo Capital Limited helped Old Park Lane Capital from sinking in continued losses; the two firms now perform business together I trading of oil and gas among other natural resources. Find Shah on Facebook for more information.