Ted Bauman Makes It Easier For Investors To Find Financial Freedom

Throughout the majority of Ted Bauman’s career, the focus has been on helping others overcome their circumstances and find a better path to success through financial freedom and a better economy. Ted is an economist at heart, but he spends most of his time today acting as a financial advisor to help others find success in a flooded market. One of the biggest things that new investors are lacking is information and the recourses to make educated decisions. Ted Bauman is using his relatively new position at Banyan Hill Publishing to educate investors with proper technique and investment strategies, usually to eliminate high-risk investing.

Ted Bauman did not start out with a focus on the financial industry, especially not as an investor. Most of his current knowledge in the field is through his personal research over the past five years as well as his time consulting with international governments. Over the course of his career, Ted has worked with a wide range of different organizations across South Africa and other eastern countries, such as Slum Dwellers International. Much of these organizations work to help the poor and break the financial divide that is excessively apparent in third world nations. Ted does, in fact, have an economy degree that he earned from Cape Town University in South Africa.

Before Ted Bauman made in on the Banyan Hill Publishing team, he was working as the Director of International Programs for an Atlanta based corporation, which had him traveling around quite a bit. Nowadays, Ted can live mostly sedentary as an editor for Banyan Hill and doing most of his work from his very own home. Ted Bauman has been an active editor for Banyan Hill since 2013 and he has since become the most popular financial advisor on the platform with tens of thousands of readers gathering to read his weekly newsletters. Ted currently writes three regular newsletters, Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Bauman Letter, all of which provide simple but effective methods for successful and low-risk investing.

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3 Hair Care Tips That Will Work on Any Hair

While it’s true that different hair types have special needs, there are some pieces of advice that are universal. One is that healthy hair starts with good nutrition. That’s true regardless of genetics or ethnicity. Here are three other bits of advice that will help everyday women maintain their crowning glory.

Stop Bad Habits That Cause Breakage

According to wikipedia.org, two of the biggest causes of breakage are also two of the most common habits: using elastic hair bands and wrapping wet hair in a towel after shampooing. Both habits put undue stress on hair. Cotton tees are less damaging if you must wrap damp hair. Those who love the ease of a pony tail can opt for looser styles or elastic-free ties.

Rinse Right

Not rinsing thoroughly leaves residue that builds up, stifles the scalp, and dulls the hair. Take the time to do a good job, and use lukewarm water rather than hot to reduce damage.

Use the Right Products

The products you use on your hair can also make a big difference in its appearance and health. For example, the wen.com product line by Chaz Dean offers a unique formulation that cleanses and strengthens hair without removing the natural oils that protect your scalp. The Wen creator says that the key is to use ingredients that gets the hair and scalp clean without using harsh detergents or chemicals. All we need for health and beauty is already provided by nature, and WEN products that use botanicals as the main ingredient give us everything we need and nothing we don’t. Conditioning is essential but only the ends need it most of the time.

Keeping hair care simple is good advice. Many of our issues can be traced back to bad habits and overkill, whether from too much styling or using too many of the wrong hair products. These easy tips from Wiktionary are the basis for healthy hair at any age.


James River Capital: A Specialist in Personalized Investment Advisory

Since its founding in 1986, James River Capital has developed a reputation as one of America’s leading specialist in personalized investment advisory. The company currently manages over $570 million in a wide variety of assets. Drawing from its decades of experience in asset management and investment advisory, James River Capital offers three fundamental changes to make to master the art and science of leadership. The company bases its advisory and strategies on extensively researched ideas.


One of the important changes the company suggests to a big difference as a leader is a paradigm shift that requires supporting team members rather than leading them. Headquartered in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, James River Capital holds that such small changes in leadership approach can have the most significant influence on team performance. As a leader, shifting how you interact with team members and supporting them instead of insisting on directing them as a leader shifts their mentality towards the whole concept of leadership, team membership, and overall work performance. Leran more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc


Based on a wide range of studies, James River Capital concludes that creating a work environment marked by psychological safety is essential when it comes to encouraging employees to give critical information and feedback to the senior management. Psychologically secure employees communicate transparently and openly to their seniors, are innovative, and collaborate more frequently. Such employees are more likely to engage their bosses in case they face challenges and problems at the workplace while also openly sharing their ideas for workplace performance improvement. Leaders can create this level of safety by allowing all employees to voice their ideas and concerns during team or company meetings and appreciating them whenever they raise and escalate any issue they have.


As a leader, it is not always enough to create a platform for employees to air their views and concerns. Leaders, in their quest to support employees, must also ensure that obstacles that may hinder communication are removed. For a leader to realize the dream of every employee speaking during meetings, a leader should closely monitor communication trends during such meetings and make necessary adjustments. This task can be aided by making a list of active and inactive members. Encourage and engage team members who don’t speak during meetings and take into consideration their input too. However, even as you engage with the quieter team members avoid the temptation of being pushy as this will turn them off. The key to successfully engaging all team members during meetings is creating a comfortable environment.


James River Capital specializes in investment advisory for customers looking to invest in a wide array of investment vehicles including commodities and hedge funds. The company also manages assets for its clients. James River Capital is headed by Paul H. Saunders who serves as the chairman, CEO and portfolio manager for the company. The firm was co-founded by Kevin M. Brandt who is the chairman and principal of the agency.


Conquering E-Commerce Markets With Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur who has made significant milestones in business.

Liu Qiangdong’s prowess and successes have made him get called to speak and attend significant conferences around the world. Richard Liu has expressed on numerous platforms including the annual World Economic Forum. In these kinds of forums, he always spoke of how he got started in business and how he has managed to conquer new markets.

Richard Liu attends the World Economic Forum

During the recent World Economic Forum, Richard Liu spoke about his journey from the time he operated supply stores to his current achievement. In the meeting, he reminisced about how he started out having a few members of staff to the current 167,000 pool of workers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong told other professionals that his business hires people weekly and uses cutting-edge technology to serve its customers promptly. He also spoke about their vast clientele scattered across China and the United States. According to Richard Liu, his company intends to conquer more clients worldwide.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is an experienced businessman and founder of JD.com, Inc. also known as Jingdong. This professional is a seasoned entrepreneur as the CEO of the company. Richard Liu is an alma mater of the Renmin University of China. He has also schooled at the China Europe International Business School. Given his vast experience in the business world, he has acquired immense wealth and has a net worth of $12.7 billion.

Richard Liu has always has had a passion for technology. His first job was in programming. After graduating from college, he took up a position at Japan Life to build up his skills. Two years later, he launched a supply business which grew significantly throughout six years. Under his leadership, the magneto-optical distribution chain managed to establish over 12 stores across China.

When the SARS epidemic hit China, Richard Liu began to think of a more efficient way to deliver goods to his clients. With this idea in mind, he decided to establish JD.com, an internet company. This venture utilizes the latest technology and has since become the biggest conglomerate in China competing against veterans such as Alibaba. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Learn More: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/qiangdong-liu

How JD.com Is Redefining Sustainability Debate

Sustainability is arguably one of the most discussed topics in the commercial world, especially concerning the future of the financial world. Some of the principal talking points of the sustainability debate include responsiveness to alternative inventions and more importantly environmental protection.


JD.com is currently the most visible company as far as the three pillars of sustainability are concerned. Due to this responsiveness and consistency in this sustainability discourse, the company was recently named the global leader in suitability. Through the company’s official communication, the recognition cements the company’s philosophy as far as sustainability is concerned.


It is important to note that the recognition of JD.com reflects the work they have put in the last five years. According to the company’s management, each of their single project, the impact of the people and their environment is always a major consideration.


In every investment JD.com has funded before, there is always a connection to the suitability course, and this consistency affirms why the company is not only a fast-growing entity but has a clear blueprint on their future. Some of the areas that they have made huge investments on sustainability include their packaging, selling procedures, and more recently, their delivery options. Visit This Page to learn more.


According to the SEAL Awards team, the most astonishing aspect of JD.com on the sustainability debate is their new venture in recycling. Matt Harney, the founder SEAL acknowledges JD.com’s impact on all the cities the company operates is visible and operational and more importantly, the process of recycling is already in progress. In just three years, the company has been able to recycle more toys than any other company in this part of the world has. Although the process is profitable, JD.com has successfully incorporated locals of these cities and finally redefined the sustainability in the corporate world.


JD is also expanding the sustainability debate to be more than just business and cleaning the environment. Empowering the locals in these cities according to JD.com is an expansion of the company’s social responsibility. Millions of Chinese have interacted with the company as an online retailer and in empowerment programs


More about JD.com on https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/JD/

Basic Freedom Checks Questions Answered

If you have seen Matt Badiali’s famous advertisement for freedom checks it probably has left you with some questions. The most fundamental of these questions probably ask what freedom check actually is, if it is an actual investment, who is eligible to get one, and how much they cost. Many investors have asked these questions and they have been quite happy at answers they have found.

What is a Freedom Check?

Freedom Checks are in actuality return of capital payments. They are the payout for an actual investment in a natural resource company called an MLP. These payments arrive in monthly to quarterly installments. In Badiali’s freedom checks ad he holds up a sizable check. Like any investment the size of a payout depends on the amount of stakes purchased, and how well the company the stakes belong to performs.

Are Freedom Checks an Investment?

As aforementioned freedom checks are a legitimate investment. MLPs, or Master Limited Partnership, have been around for awhile. They are privately-owned natural resource companies that operate as publicly-traded companies through the sale of stakes. Stakes are like stocks and each one buys a percentage in the company issuing them. The investors provide the company with working capital in exchange that the company pays back before taxes.

Who is eligible?

A freedom check can be acquired by anyone. There are no restrictions. Old and young can take part the only qualifying element is money. If you have the cash to buy stakes then you can participate in the opportunity. There is also no limit on the amount of stakes you can buy accept your own personal budget. The stakes have no controlling interest so they will not procure you a say in the company. The only thing having more than less will do is provide you a bigger payout.

How Much Do They Cost?

Stakes can be bought for as low as $10 dollars but that depends on the company. Mostly though they an be acquired on the low end. There are over 500+ natural resource companies that file as MLPs, and they all have a wide variety of prices for their stakes.

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Meet Krishen Iyer: A Successful Entrepreneur

Krishen Iyer is the founder of the Managed Benefits services. The company is located in Southern California and specializes in dental insurance, health insurance as well as consulting. He has earned good professional reputation in areas of specialization like online marketing, client interfacing, and technical development.


The San Diego State University’s graduate is principally involved in the main focus area of the business, which is creating connections between lead-generating firms and companies interested in the particular type of marketing solution. Krishen Iyer has a strong background in marketing, insurance, adverting, distribution, and insurance products.


Krishen Iyer possesses a remarkable and diverse professional skill set. He has demonstrated a strong ability to apply his talents by the market demands or the circumstances. Krishen started sharpening his skills before starting Quick Link Managed Benefits. He decided to start the businesses because he was well versed with the industry.


How Quick Link Marketing started making money


Krishen Iyer’s company offers an important service that wasn’t available to the lead-generation firms there before. It generates its revenue by promoting connections between firms that generate leads and those likely to benefit most from the marketing solutions offered by the correct lead-generation firm. Also, the firm (Quick Link Marketing) provides high contracts to sales agents to work below them within an insurance capacity while acting as the marketing buyers.


When Quick Link Marketing Company become profitable


According to Krishen, Quick Link Marketing became marketable before the schedule. Although the schedule was not up to standards, they began reaping the fruits before the expected period. Their goal was actually 24 months, but the firm became profitable before that.


More about Krishen Iyer


Krishen Iyer grew up in California. He went to the San Diego University for his undergraduate studies. Here, he specialized in Public Administration. He started his insurance career immediately after graduating from the University. He started a real estate firm known as the Iyer Real Estate Holdings.

Chris Burch Talks About His Early Business Success And The Idea Of Philanthropy

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. The successful entrepreneur recently gave an interview where he talked about his success in the world of business, as well as his efforts to give back to the community.

Burch fist started doing business at Ithaca College, when he was selling sweaters to classmates in order to help his brother and a $2,000 investment. Eagle Eye got sold to Swire Group for the price of $165 million, which enabled Burch to invest in Internet Capital Group, a historic IPO story that happened during the early days of what is now known as the internet revolution. During the interview, Burch noted that early on in his career as a businessman he went with his instinct and creativity, and did not realize that he had any talent. However, despite that, he was very successful due to the fact that he came up with good ideas. See Medium.com to learn more.


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Some of my first Eagles Eye sweaters. Made in Scotland by hand. My first company.

A post shared by Chris Burch (@jchristopherburch) on

Perhaps Burch is most known for his foray into the world of fashion, having co-founded the brand Tory Burch, alongside his ex-wife. He also played a significant role behind luxury and technology brands such as Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin, and the hospitality group Faena Hotel + Universe. His recent move in the world of business was partnering up with entertainer Ellen DeGeneres in order to launch her brand ED based on (Thenewsversion.com).

Hop over to https://www.elitetraveler.com/events-calendar/nba-basketball-championship-2016-17 for more news.

Burch is also a regular speaker for Harvard Business School. He stands out due to the fact that he credits his success to the idea of empathy. When it comes to philanthropy, Burch notes that he would only do it if it was real, and expresses his negative feelings towards companies that use philanthropy as a way to sell their product. He believes that philanthropy has to come from the heart, and that it is critical to how one builds their business.



How Hussain Sajwani has Successfully Transformed the Property Market in UAE

Hussain Sajwani has been described as the father of the real estate industry in UAE. For two decades now, Hussain Sajwani is still one of the most influential people in the Arab world. Apart from being influential and wealthy, he is a mentor to thousands of people around the world. Hussain Sajwani started his life in the world of business from a very young age. The DAMAC owner was introduced to business dynamics through his family business. Sajwani was also fortunate to be among the few UAE students that received a scholarship to study in the UAE.

His study at the University of Washington exposed him to the business dynamics of the USA. Working in the USA market largely influenced his business philosophy, which he still holds dear today. Apart from working and studying in the USA, he is fortunate to be one of the few investors to have the experience of the two worlds of investment. His background in economics and engineering also has an impact on the way he runs his investments.

What made DAMAC owner transform from just an employee to one of the major investors in the world? First, he has a sharp eye for opportunities. Surprisingly, DAMAC Properties is not his first venture. He first made debut in the investment world through a food outlet. However, the Dubai transformation from a typical city to what it is today made Hussain Sajwani make the change from the food industry to real estate. His company was instrumental in developing and selling high-end properties and offices in the new city. Since then, Hussain Sajwani has made some critical decisions on making the company a public traded company primarily to expand the company operations.

Currently, Hussain Sajwani has expanded to other property markets outside his home country. Over the years, he has been able to make partnerships in the world of real estate. In return, DAMAC owner has successfully entered competitive markets such as London properties market. He is also a common factor in the Arabian countries still in real estate development. To-date, his company has completed close to 20,000 homes and close to 50,000 units around the world.

Discover more: https://arabi21.com/story/

JD.com Sells Record Amount Of Products During This Year’s Singles Day Shoppers Festival


JD.com pulled out all the stops to make this year’s Singles Day Shopping Festival a record-level success. This festival took place between November 1st and November 11th. The range of products that people were buying was very wide and deep with almost every category doing very well.

JD.com’s parent company, Jingdong, stated that this was the first year that they had partnered with offline retailers, over 600,000 of them. That was a large part of the success. Buyers also were more concerned with purchasing high-quality products instead of focusing more on the price of goods. They were especially interested in imported brands such as Apple, Pampers, Dyston, Olay, SK-II, and Dell.

Jingdong was especially happy with how well their “Fast-Moving Consumer Goods” and Food Business Group performed. In total the sold over 29,500 tons of food including meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and seafood. The sold 2 million cups of yogurt, over 2,800 tons of sheep, beef, and pork, and moved 12 tons of live lobsters from Canada.

They doubled the number of coffee makers they sold last year. JD.com quadrupled the number of robotic vacuum cleaners, massage chairs, and smart big screen refrigerators sold to consumers. 90 percent of the products sold were sent with same- or next-day delivery.

On Singles Day, Jingdong opened the biggest 7FRESH store they have established so far. This store opened in Langfang, Hebei Province and within just a single hour over 10,000 customers came into the store. This is Jingdong’s offline fresh good grocery store and it has proven to be very popular with consumers. Other JD.com offline stores like their automated convenience stores also had very strong growth during the Singles Day Shopping Festival as they ran popular promotions. Get Additional Information Here.

JD.com’s partners were also very successful during this year’s Singles Day festivities. Over 200,000 of their offline partners ran promotions that took advantage of JD.com’s technology and infrastructure. JD.com helped them in other ways such as releasing a step-counting game where users got bonus steps by going into their partner’s stores. The points could then be used to acquire products in the stores or on the JD.com website.


Source Link: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1119371.shtml