How Hussain Sajwani has Successfully Transformed the Property Market in UAE

Hussain Sajwani has been described as the father of the real estate industry in UAE. For two decades now, Hussain Sajwani is still one of the most influential people in the Arab world. Apart from being influential and wealthy, he is a mentor to thousands of people around the world. Hussain Sajwani started his life in the world of business from a very young age. The DAMAC owner was introduced to business dynamics through his family business. Sajwani was also fortunate to be among the few UAE students that received a scholarship to study in the UAE.

His study at the University of Washington exposed him to the business dynamics of the USA. Working in the USA market largely influenced his business philosophy, which he still holds dear today. Apart from working and studying in the USA, he is fortunate to be one of the few investors to have the experience of the two worlds of investment. His background in economics and engineering also has an impact on the way he runs his investments.

What made DAMAC owner transform from just an employee to one of the major investors in the world? First, he has a sharp eye for opportunities. Surprisingly, DAMAC Properties is not his first venture. He first made debut in the investment world through a food outlet. However, the Dubai transformation from a typical city to what it is today made Hussain Sajwani make the change from the food industry to real estate. His company was instrumental in developing and selling high-end properties and offices in the new city. Since then, Hussain Sajwani has made some critical decisions on making the company a public traded company primarily to expand the company operations.

Currently, Hussain Sajwani has expanded to other property markets outside his home country. Over the years, he has been able to make partnerships in the world of real estate. In return, DAMAC owner has successfully entered competitive markets such as London properties market. He is also a common factor in the Arabian countries still in real estate development. To-date, his company has completed close to 20,000 homes and close to 50,000 units around the world.

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Dr. Saad Saad Invents Medical Solutions that Would Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Dr. Saad Saad has positively transformed the field of surgery and endoscopy.

The pediatric surgeon is revered for his groundbreaking Catheter with Location Identification Device, and Suction-Irrigation device used in endoscopy. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

But how have these inventions improved healthcare outcomes? We have examined each innovation to help you figure out.

  1. Electromagnetic Location Identification Device

In the past, physicians used X-rays to determine a catheter’s location. The method subjected patients to repeated radiations, and it delayed treatment during an emergency.

Alternatively, doctors used Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine. Just like the X-ray, MRI devices delayed treatment since a patient had to undergo the time-consuming imaging before surgery.

On that account, Dr. Saad decided to invent a solution that could be safe to use, and quick to determine a catheter’s location. His research led to the invention of the Electromagnetic Location Identification Device.

As inferred by its name, Dr. Saad Saad’s location identification device uses electromagnetic energy to define a catheter’s location. The invention is safe to use, and doctors can use it any time any place since it is portable. At present, the safe-to-use medical invention is under development.

  1. Suction-Irrigation apparatus used in endoscopy

In addition to the Electromagnetic Location Identification Device, Dr. Saad Saad invented the suction-irrigation apparatus that improve an endoscope’s diagnostic images. The pediatric surgeon developed the equipment after recognizing that physicians spent a lot of time cleaning flogged lenses in the event of an endoscopy procedure.

Saad invented the suction-irrigation apparatus which eliminate the hassle of removing and cleaning the endoscope and then re-inserting it into the patient’s internal organs.

The suction-irrigation apparatus are fitted onto the endoscope’s anti-fog port.

The apparatus’ suction system draws the fluids that clog the endoscope’s lens. On the other hand, the irrigation system sprays the lens with a cleaning agent to eliminate obstruction. Saad’s invention is practical in bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy.

Dr. Saad Saad claims that he has used the invention to perform numerous endoscopies. For instance, he has used it to eliminate tumors, inhaled or swallowed objects, as well as stuck food.

The pediatric surgeon claims that his procedure makes endoscopy easy and quick.

Dr. Saad Saad Believes in the saying procrastination is the thief of time. He encourages everyone never to postpone whatever they can do today. It’s through great time managed that he managed to earn great success in his career.

He knew of excellent work ethics and exploited any time that he had. Success is a journey whereby strategy and time management matters a lot.

His legacy in the medical career in unbeatable since he managed to bring a new face to this industry. He is a great mentor and a role model.



Anthony Constantinou was born in 1981. His professional qualifications are Ph.D. in Bayesian networks pursued at the Queen Mary, University of London. Anthony Constantinou is also a holder of MSc in artificial intelligence with robotics from the University of Hertfordshire. In the same institution, he studied BSc in computer science.

His other certifications include; certificate in the probabilistic graphical model, machine learning, artificial intelligence, game theory, model thinking, electronic engineering and computer science teaching skills, educational and staff development, and CCNA Exploration.

He has professional experience. For instance, from Jan 2017 up to date he has been lecturing at the University of London Queen Mary. Anthony teaches units called Machine Learning and Data Mining. He is the head of Bayesian artificial intelligence research lab. Since July 2015 up to date, Anthony has been a consultant in Bayesian networks and rating systems. He is involved in financial planning and property portfolio management.

Between July 2014 and Jan 2017, Anthony worked on a project that included the use of a Bayesian network to solve the problem on critical decision making. He has also worked as an associate consultant, teaching assistant, decision scientist, Ph.D. researcher, web developer, and sales assistant. Refer to This Article for more information.

Anthony has joined a number of social media platforms. He uses the name Anthony C. Constantinou on Facebook.. On twitter, Anthony has 41 followers and 51 following.

In conclusion, Anthony has obtained honors, awards, and grants. For instance, early this year he was appointed as Turing Fellow at Alan Turing Institute.

Constantinou is the principal investigator on a project that concerns Bayesian artificial intelligence. He was selected to present a research exhibition at the set for Britain. Anthony has also published various documentation. He has achieved a lot over the years


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Beginning Of Business Relationship Between OSI Industries And McDonalds

Established over five years ago by a German immigrant, Otto Kolchowsky, OSI Group McDonalds has come quite a long way from the mere meat market to now, a food processing behemoth. Its success, however, has not been on a silver platter but due to years of smart strategies and hard decisions made by its visionary leaders, OSI Group was born.

OSI Group McDonalds was established in 1909 in Illinois Chicago. The location was ideal as it was the national industrial center and additionally, the entry point of German immigrants who were on their way to the plains for farming purposes. This made OSI thrive easily as a meat market, and soon, it was one of the most prominent local businesses within Illinois. During the end of the First World War, Otto moved his business to Maywood, expanded it into a wholesale business, and invited his two sons on board to change its name to Otto & Sons 1928.

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Relationship with OSI and McDonald

OSI Group McDonalds got its big break when Ray Kroc, an entrepreneur in Illinois opened the first McDonald restaurant in 1955 and appointed Otto & Sons as its sole supplier of fresh beef. Back then, McDonald’s was still a franchise under its original owners, Richard and Maurice McDonald, and it was still a new, yet warmly received concept in America. This caused an influx in demand for its products and services, and this automatically meant that Otto & Sons had to ensure a quality and consistent supply of fresh ground beef to McDonald’s. In a bid to meet this demand, OSI opened a separate plant in West Chicago which was explicitly dedicated to McDonald.

To further carve its place in this competitive market, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI industries, and this marked the start of a business relationship that would last many years to come, and one that is still going strong regardless of good and bad market conditions. Additionally, the two companies had earlier signed an official partnership which meant that they would now be part and parcel of each other’s success because McDonald relied on OSI to serve its client base, while McDonald’s relied on the latter as its sole client.

In respect to that, when McDonald’s broke into the international market, OSI followed suit, and since then, they have been expanding into new markets with each dawn, and it’s a relationship that will continue long into the future especially now that David McDonalds is the current COO of OSI Group McDonalds.


JHSF Participacoes: The Rise of the Company Under Jose Auriemo Netos Leadership

Brazil’s economic performance improved in the past decade, and as a result, a huge percentage of their population rose to the middle class. The increasing number of Brazilian middle class resulted in the rising demand for residential units, especially in the country’s metropolitan areas like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The JHSF Participacoes, a real estate and property development firm addresses the rising demand for residential units by building more construction projects all over the country. The firm is headed by Jose Auriemo Neto, the grandson of the founder. The company was established in 1972, and in more than 40 years of services to the public, the company managed to transform the skylines of the country’s major cities.

Jose Auriemo Neto was promoted as the company’s CEO in 2003 when his grandfather decided to retire. Under his leadership, JHSF Participacoes transformed as a leading real estate and property development firm in the country, being contracted for building projects and other infrastructure works. He has the vision to expand the company and venture into new areas, like the retail business and the hotel and restaurant business. Before he became the company’s CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto demonstrated his skills after he was assigned by his grandfather to work in the department that oversees their construction projects. He thought that the JHSF Participacoes should also be involved in building retail areas because it could bring more profit. The management reviewed his suggestion, and it was given a signal. Under his watch, the Parque Cidade Jardim was constructed, and it signaled the company’s entry to the retail industry.

The Parque Cidade Jardim became one of the largest malls in the country, and Jose Auriemo Neto worked with several brands to open up a shop inside the JHSF Participacoes’s shopping center. Through the years, the mall grew, and more people visited it. Many shops have also opened, and it became a premier center for retail. The Parque Cidade Jardim is a testament to the competitive nature of Jose Auriemo Neto. The success of his retail project became the basis for his promotion in 2003. Today, he continues to lead the company into new heights, expanding their territory and building new projects.

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The Career And Academic Background Of Assistant Professor Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou has been a passionate academician and technology enthusiast for a very long time. Anthony Constantinou was born in the United Kingdom. He attended a local high school in London and before he could enroll in the university, he had to do a mandatory community service. So he took part in the war as a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard. He served as a soldier for two years before he began his career as an academician by first enrolling in the University.


Anthony Constantinou’s Education Background

In the year 2008, Anthony Constantinou graduated from the University of Hertfordshire where after a four-year program with a degree in Computer Science. While partaking in his studies, Anthony found a passion in the subject of Artificial Intelligence. As soon as he graduated, he had set his mind on the Master’s program so he immediately enrolled in the program from which he graduated with a distinction in the field of Robotics in the year 2009.

His distinction captured the attention of the United Kingdom Council of Engineering, Physical Science and Research which offered him a fully funded scholarship to the Queen Mary University in London where he did his Doctor of Philosophy Program and has been working since then. During his time as a Ph.D. Research fellow, he based his research on the topic of Bayesian Networks.


Anthony Constantinou’s career Background

After receiving his Ph.D. he was hired by the Queen Mary University as a Teaching Assistant. His work was focused on the BSc and MSc modules in Software engineering, Procedural programming, and Software Risk Management programs. He did this job for four years until the year 2013. Visit This Page for related information.

In the month of September in 2012, he got promoted as a post-doctorate research fellow by the university which gave him a chance to work with the London Medical and Dentistry School and the NIHR on projects involving Bayesian Networks. His work led him to a promotion to the head of the Bayesian Networks AI Laboratory in the University as well as to a promotion to the position of Assistant Professor which he still plays up to date.


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Jason Hope Supports SENS And Other Organizations

Biorejuvenating technologies might be the next big thing in medicine and Jason Hope is helping the field advance. With a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, a lot will be done in the field of anti-aging. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization based in California that promotes and develops biorejuvenating technologies and makes sure they are able to spread around the world. Jason Hope recognizes the impact that age-related disease can have on a patient and their loved ones and imagines a world where these illnesses can be completely prevented before they can happen.

Jason Hope states that he has been interested in the SENS Foundation and there work for a good deal of time. He thinks that medicine will be advanced through the technology and it will be a much effective way to attack these illnesses instead of waiting for them to cause damage. Biorejuvenation technology might be the way of the future and with donations like Hope’s, these results may be achieved faster. Learn more about Jason Hope at

Rejuvenation technology will be an entirely new biotech industry and the SENS Foundation may be the catalyst for its creation. Increased public research and outreach through the SENS Foundation will hopefully inspire more projects in the industry. Jason Hope believes that it will change the future of medicine completely including pharmaceuticals, biotech, and healthcare.

The donation that Hope gave to SENS will be used for their work involving hardening of the arteries. They are working on breaking the unwanted molecular bonds that cause the arteries to harden with age. By breaking these bonds, they believe that some of the elasticity of the blood vessels can be restored through pharmacological means.

Jason Hope has a passion for many different philanthropical causes as a successful entrepreneur. Along with his work with anti-aging, he supports many of the local programs that support education and encourages students to keep learning even when they are not in a classroom. He also works with other organization that works towards cures, treatment, and prevention of a variety of different illnesses. SENS was founded in 2009 and works to repair the damage caused to the cells of the body.



Richard Liu Qiangdong: An Interview With A Savvy Businessman


“An Insight, an Idea with Richard Liu” is a recent interview that was conducted by with businessman Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu is the innovative business professional behind the development of was originally known as Jingdong Mall which was founded in 1998. Jokingly, the interviewer Mr. Rubenstein asks Richard Liu where the name came from. Richard Liu laughs back and explains that it is the result of a combination of his name and a former girlfriend. He smiles to his wife and says that he wishes he didn’t have to say that right in front of her.


Regardless of where the name came from, has been very lucrative for Richard Liu and his associates. Mr. Rubenstein wanted to know how Richard Liu assured that success and what was the catalyst for them getting involved in the online retail market. Richard Liu tells him that the reason they moved to an online setting is that of the SARS outbreak in 2004 that left the Chinese public crippled with fear. He did not want to subject his personnel to these risks. In order to keep his business afloat, he chose to move to an online method of business. Once there, he found that it was a great place to develop He talked to e-commerce like a duck to water.


Mr. Rubenstein also asked some questions about how is different from other retailers. Richard Liu Quiangdong talks about how when he came into the market there were a lot of retailers that were peddling subpar products. Customers could never feel confident that they were receiving the products that they ordered. A lot of items were being counterfeited and represented as the true item. With his business, he decided that he wanted to offer a guarantee and only sell the best quality products. This is been instrumental in Liu’s success. He uses this discussion to segue into his desire to break into the international market. He believes that has a lot to offer the world and expresses a desire to move into that market. Only time will tell how successful they are able to be in the future. See Related Link to learn more.


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Making dollars with freedom Checks idea

When Matt Badiali first brought up the idea of freedom checks, it was one of the ideas that he wanted to ensure that it was in the mouth of everyone in the country. The Viral video he had caused a stir in the financial sector as many people tried to get what the idea was all about. From the advert, he made it look very easy to make money that some people even thought he was a scammer. Since he was not known to many people in the country, it was easy for some to disregard him as someone trying to make quick riches by fleecing others.

The idea he had was legit, only that he used an approach that did not go down well with everyone. Those who tried to dig deeper and identify what Freedom Checks were, are the ones who knew the truth and are now reaping well. Matt Badiali was introducing an idea that not many can relate to because it was in an industry that only a few investors bother to look for opportunities. When an idea is about natural resources, many people are likely to be locked out since they have no idea about the industry. What Matt Badiali was sure about is that the idea he was sponsoring was one of the best. He had done his research as a geologist and was satisfied that Freedom Checks is a reliable concept. He has spent over a decade trying to help investors make money from investments. He has his newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategies, which he uses to deliver information to his followers.

The Freedom Checks comes from companies known as Master Limited Partnerships. MLPs are companies that have the potential to change the financial sector. These companies are meant to make a difference because they do not pay taxes as other. They are allowed by the government to operate without paying taxes like others so that they can explore the natural resources that exist in the United States. Matt Badiali believes that it is time for the investors to know clearly about these companies and invest in them because they have better returns.

The motivation to incoporate laws by Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex which is an environmentally friendly company. He ventured into the business due to his love for nature and believed it should be conserved for a better future and life. His education paved the way for him to work with several companies to explore his skills and knowledge.

He shares the view that starting and growing a business in Brazil is not easy. The reason behind the difficulty is due to the high taxation awarded to the various business ventures. However, the introduction of Fiscal Incentive Laws came as a relief. It purposes to help companies thrive and create a positive image for the society. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Therefore, different companies get to use the same amount they were to apply for tax and redirect it. The redirection is in various projects which touch on numerous aspects of a society such as the social projects, cultural, technological and health projects among many others. These projects assist the growth of both the society and the different business ventures.

Maluf supports the incentive laws as they help to create a right image of a given company. It also ensures the markets broaden as it undertakes the various projects. Moreover, the people get to trust the companies in the region as they get direct assistance from them boosting growth.

Besides, Flavio Maluf shares on the various types of incentives present. One of them is the regional incentive law which is awarded to companies so that they can create projects in the given region. It helps the various areas to grow as many employment opportunities are created, and the company gets to build.

Moreover, Flavio Maluf points out the incentives given by the public administration. These are the incentives that are assigned to specific companies so that they can venture to specific economic activity. They purpose to assist the growth of the companies and the economy. They come in different forms such as reduction and compensation.

Furthermore, Flavio Maluf supports the idea of incentives law as a channel for growth for any business. It helps a person grow and improve their standards which applies to the companies and the country in general.