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After making news with a large network of active drone delivery solutions, is expanding its technological prowess by supporting artificial intelligence (AI) companies throughout China.

The ecommerce conglomerate, which is known for being one of the most technologically advanced corporations in China, is now using its stature to help newer players in the AI sector.

That comes in the form of its AI Accelerator program, through which the company finances and supports AI-based startups and companies.

While the program had only been announced in August 2018, it has made quite some waves due to the level of support that offers to its participants.

What Does the AI Accelerator Program Do?

The AI Accelerator program differs from its counterparts largely due to the number of resources that it provides to its participants.

Aside from financing, the program provides startups and new companies with access to utilize infrastructure. This includes support through APIs and databases as well as divisions including but not limited to marketing, legal, product, and management.

With these solutions, the participating companies have the resources they need to succeed without having to burn a hole in their pocket – or worry about spending funds that they cannot afford. As a result, the people involved with these companies can completely focus on the development of their solutions.

That is the reason why the program saw such as great level of success with its initial round of 16 participants. As announced by, over 80 percent of the participants in that round were able to successfully develop programs. These solutions are currently being used across an array of owned businesses and subsidiaries.

One of such solutions is a chatbot by Chinese startup FaGouGou. It uses an AI-based legal database that allows users to search through a vast variety of legal information through simple questions.

Vendors, suppliers, and entrepreneurs can simply seek answers to their legal queries by asking the bot direct questions, which are then answered in way as though the questioner was seeking an opinion from a human expert. The tool is already deployed and used in operations.

The AI Accelerator program is now entering its second round with 17 participating startups.

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