Sergey Petrossov and the JetSmarter Lifestyle

Lyft Just went public and over the next few years, more technology startups are expected to join Lyft, and more still are expected to rise and become the next generation of technology unicorns over the course of the next decade. JetSmarter just might be one of these startups. What is JetSmarter? It is an application founded by Sergey Petrossov.


Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter

The story of Sergey Petrossov is an interesting one. He was able to find himself on a private jet for the first time as a 21-year-old, not many people have had the opportunity to find themselves on a private jet, so you know that Sergey Petrossov has been living a different lifestyle.

Sergey Petrossov didn’t realize that almost a decade later he would be a proprietor of a private jet platform. He wouldn’t just get to go on private jets, he would also be the one who helps others access private jets in a straightforward manner. Sergey Petrossov is certainly an individual to know if one wanted more access to the skies in a more private and exclusive manner. Sergey Petrossov didn’t know that he would enter this world of private air travel and provide the service to a variety of people. It just sort of happened over time.

He’s been on quite a run lately and is expected to deploy more offerings over time via his service.

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