Richard Liu: the founder of the

Richard Liu developed interest in computer programming by doing freelance coding in his earlier age. He holds a profession in sociology. He started his work journey with a health product company in Japan. During this time, he performed various duties such as matters concerning computer and business management. He demonstrated high degree of management in various tasks he was assigned.

Richard Liu founded in the year 1998. Over the has grown to be one of the biggest online business company in China. being the president of, he has managed to rapidly expand the company from the year 1998 to become the biggest online retailer company with the largest population in china and other parts of the world.

Richard Liu established his own business two years after school. He set up his shop in Beijing to retail magneto-optical products. Due to good management, his shop developed to other 12 more stores by the year 2003. He advanced to e-commerce business and dropped to establish and shut down his retail shop. He tirelessly spends much of his time in this e-commerce business to see it thrive well.

Within a couple of years, has grown and currently offers various customer selection products such as new electronics, fresh food among others. The company has implemented a strict policy on counterfeits as short time in delivery of goods. This has made its customers in China to develop trust in it. With robust network, he has made people in China to purchase goods they demand in consisted prices. This was never experienced before the founding of the

Richard Liu has partnered with several companies such as Wechat in order to offer innovative experience in online shopping. He is best known for expanding the boundaries of to other countries such as united states as well as developing the company to be among country’s first internet company. Richard Liu dedicates mots of his day time in managing the operations of the company to become internationally recognized as well as bring good results in the community’s: Twitter.

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