Gustavo Martinez

 Gustavo Martinez is a managerial expert in marketing and advertising. He has been in the industry for about 35 years now and is still running marketing and advertising operations. Gustavo has gained experience throughout the time Gustavo has been in the industry.

Gustavo started as a consultant, and currently, he manages several prominent firms. Martinez has worked with various firms at executive positions, his two significant roles where at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide where Gustavo was the CEO and McCann Worldgroup as the President. Apart from the two, he has also worked at many other positions. Gustavo Martinez was recently interviewed; he talked about the future and current marketing and advertising industry.

Gustavo Martinez talked about how creativity has been used to grow and expand the marketing and advertising world. Creativity is achieved in a work environment by creating a diverse workplace. Through diversity and cultural appreciation, individuals can quickly come up with new concepts.

According to Gustavo most individuals with a creative mind pose as individual contractors and provide consultation services; this is because such individuals cannot have regular 9 to 5 jobs; they, therefore, decide to venture into consultation services.

Gustavo, as a leader, supports his team and encourages them to use their skills to come up with business strategies. Gustavo motivates his team through recognition; the team always recognizes employees that have completed a project or accomplished something new. Gustavo also inspires his team by allowing them to work on projects that will maximize the use of their abilities.

Gustavo Martinez is excited by the internet of things. He is fascinated with how the internet is used in marketing and advertising and would like to see its use in the future. Currently, the internet is used as a marketing platform through online shops; it is also used to advertise products with the help of advertising programs and pop-up ads.

With technological advancements, the internet will do a lot more than it currently does. Most business operations will be carried out using technology creating a stable market and running of operations effectively.

Gustavo Martinez sees the future of marketing and advertising in business acceleration. Through business acceleration firms will stay running for a very long time and will also be successful. Martinez and his team carried out research and found out that most businesses fail a few years after the launch due to an unstable advertising environment.

Gustavo is, therefore, partnering up with UV Business Acceleration to provide stable marketing and advertising environment. The two are hoping to increase the success rates of firms by creating effective marketing strategies. They are helping companies develop products and market their products. They are evaluating customers and providing firms with information that will help them come up with suitable products.

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