Vijay Eswaran, The Malaysian Conglomerate Entrepreneur

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and executive chairman of QIcompany. QI is a group of companies operating internationally in retail, hospitality, financial services, and on the education sectors. QNET, a star subsidiary of QI that was founded about three decades ago in Malaysia, has expanded its reach globally including its offices in the UAE. The companies approach their sales by morphing the traditional direct sales run by his salespeople and the wide reach internet-based e-commerce platforms. Dr. Eswaran attributes this hybrid model as the key to his companies’ success.

Dr. Vijay and his partners ventured into the sale of precious metals such as gold, diamonds and numismatics. Armed with the sells right in Asia and the Pacific for commemorative coins for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, QNET emerged top 3 among the 42 worldwide distributors in sales volume thus demonstrating the effectiveness of its hybrid sales model.

Despite the lack of funding and connections coupled with the economic crisis that Asia was facing in 1998, Vijay was buoyed with the support from his wife and that of his partners to succeed. Dr. Vijay attributes challenges to his business and personal growth.

QI is putting up a university in Malaysia which Dr. Vijay Eswaran reckons will rival Harvard once QI city is established to include the permanent campus. The temporary one sits in Ipoh,2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. The QI city will be a multi-user complex complete with a park, hospital, residential block, and shopping complex.

Dr. Vijay recognizes his father in shaping his leadership style where service comes before self which he regularly imparts to his employees. Vijay is always on the lookout for traits and mindset as opposed to academic approach when hunting for talent to recruit. His motivation is derived from the feedback from people his ventures have had positive influences.

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