Genucel of Chamonix Tasked to Shield Men and Women from Abuse

Cases of physical, emotional and psychological abuse have been on the rise. New Jersey happens to be one of those states that have recorded a high number of these cases. Men, women, and children are getting abused every seven minutes which is indeed worrying; the sobriety level is diminishing. Nevertheless, the women are the most abuse in all the brackets which necessitates why they should be given care and support alongside their male victims of violence. Genucel has been providing humanitarian aid, solace, and comfort through the provision of beauty bags and Genucel products.

Well, recent studies have shown that people who undergo abuse or torture of whatever magnitude suffer from issues of personal worth. This is the immediate emotion that may long get cemented into their lives; feeling of no self-worth, low self-esteem, violence towards themselves among other harmful physical or virtual impacts they may experience. Genucel by Chamonix advises that violence or abuse survivors should be enrolled into programs of self-care where they can progressively be taken through sessions towards recovery.

Although post-abuse symptoms are intangible, one can observe some behavioral changes in how they relate with other people or even how they take care of themselves. Well, Genucel of Chamonix, a support organization has found it useful to offer victims a shoulder to lean on. Express love and care towards them; continuously reassure the survivors that they are worth, loved and beautiful. However, they caution that this may initially be brushed off, but consistency is what makes a person change the opinion, views, and believes they have for themselves.

Also, victims should be instilled values of body positivity and wellness. Ideally, the better a person’s outlook is, the better they feel about themselves. Survivors can get into the dance, arts among other things where they can channel the positive energy into good projects and in the same vein derail their minds and focus from the physical and emotional trauma. Genucel has been dealing with such cases and helped re-create people a fresh. Beauty bags are one of the tools they use to enhance body positivity among other Genucel products, reports

About Genucel

Genucel is a beauty company that manufactures various beauty products and creams that will help restore the radiance and glow of the skin as well as toning it. It is popularly known for the plant stem cell therapy done to manage eye puffiness and bags as well as discoloration. Its range of products helps in eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, acne, back heads, and pimples. It is working with Women Aware, a non-profit organization that supports victims of abuse. Learn more about Genucel on LinkedIn.


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