Where HGGC Currently Stands In Their Domain

Boasting a high degree of proficiency and acumen, HGGC, a private equity firm, is an organization of notable prestige and honorable repute. This PE company graced the industry in 2007, at which point Steve Young, Rich Lawson, and Steve Taylor combined entrepreneurial forces in hopes of propelling HGGC to new heights. Given the company’s status as a leading middle-market equity firm, Young, Taylor, and Lawson materialized their goal. Since its inception, HGGC’s helped various portfolio companies find their niche in the market. What’s more, they’ve executed countless transactions totaling $19 billion.

As strong proponents of modern methods, HGGC seeks to inject newfangled ideas into their operations. Advantaged investing is a promising trend that’s slowly making its mark on the present-day corporate world. With that said, Young, Lawson, and Taylor made the savvy decision to incorporate this practice into procedures. As a result, the company’s acquired keen insight into investor-operator relations. No doubt a prudent business move, HGGC is continually rewarded for their willingness to embrace ultramodern strategies. What’s more, this private equity firm puts a premium on diversity. It’s for this reason why they’ve honed their skills in various domains including acquisitions, platform investing, recapitalizations, and industrial services.

While the company is most prominently known for its vast portfolio of successes, HGGC is no stranger to controversy. Just three short years ago, Young was met with a fiasco of grand proportions. Following accusations from A. Schulman, a global plastic supplier, Young was tasked with cleaning up the mess. According to A. Schulman, Young and his partners were falsifying test results in the name of saving face. When Young denied these claims, A. Schulman filed a lawsuit for $275 million. Though the civil trial is still in the works, Young, Lawson, and Taylor are desperately trying to get through this scandal unscathed.


Wes Edens Investments

Wes Edens Investments

Wes Edens is a known businessman based in America. He was born on October 30, 1961 and grew up in New York City. He is a private investor who graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Finance and Business administration. He is married to Lynn Edens with four children.

Business life

Throughout his life, he managed to pursue several fields and business. He has founded several businesses majorly private investment, sports club and Fortress Investment group. His interest was mainly on sports hence he supported and funded many football clubs and even owned some of them.

Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens together with other five partners founded the group in 1998. The company made a large breakthrough to the public in 2007 and sold shares worth $600 million in 2009. The group ventured in several assets ranging from private equity funds, healthcare, transportation, media and real estate. Later he became the company vice chairman he managed to uplift the company when it underwent the subprime mortgage crisis. The Fortress Investment Group is the one that is behind the transformation of the rail transport system in united states. He has shown his vision and innovation in the transportation industry that no American Enterprise has never seen. This is all about Virgin train at Miami and surrounding areas. Fortress Investment Group also focusses in gas-to-power industry where it has several terminals of liquefied gas based in the following states Jamaica, Ireland and Mexico. That are to be completed in the near future. The Group also has supported and made donations to Jamaican children and youth funds organization.

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Wes Edens being a sports fan, he has channelled some of his business to sports. From basketball clubs to English football clubs (Aston Villa).


Wes Edens foundations and companies in the United States has contributed to the growth of the economy. Through his foundations, he created job opportunities for the youth thus raising the living standards of the of the residents. His passion for funding and owning sports club nurtured talents among the youths and promoted unity among the fans.

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Rebel Wilson’s New Rom-Com Isn’t it Romantic

Rebel Wilson is a Australian actress, writer, and producer who will be staring in an upcoming film titled Isn’t It Romantic. Set to release later in 2019, Isn’t It Romantic is a comedy film with fantasy elements which focuses around Wilson’s character, Natalie.

Natalie is an architect living in New York City who, after being knocked unconscious during a mugging, is suddenly aware of her existence in a world filled with romantic-comedy cliches. She must find a way to navigate around his bizarre world while also trying to find a way back to her old life.

While Isn’t it Romantic might be one of Wilson’s first projects to be released in 2019, she has a long list of acting and writing achievements so far in her life. Born on March 2nd, 1980 in Sydney, Australia, Wilson.

Wilson gained experience with The Second City and the Sydney Theatre Company, but it wasn’t until 2002 that she was noticed while staring in a musical that she produced, The Westie Monologues. She began studying at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and in 2003 she won the ATYP International Scholarship. Wilson moved to New York shortly after.

While in New York she continued to do work for Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) an Australian broadcasting network. Some of the shows she acted on were Pizza, The Wedge, Telstra, Bogan Pride, Monster House. Wilson was also a part of the feature films Ghost Rider and Fat Pizza. As time went on the actress began taking up more roles in the United States, including performing improve at the Upright Citizens Brigade located in Los Angeles.

Wilson got her big break after her roles in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. Both films were very successful comedies. For her role in Pitch Perfect earned her a handful of award nominations. Proving her ability to sing in Pitch Perfect, and its sequels, led to many more traditional musical roles.

In 2016 she appeared as Ursula in The Little Mermaid, an all-star concert that was held at the Hollywood Bowl. She also played Miss Adelaide in a West End production of Guys and Dolls and LeFou in a Hollywood Bowl production of Beauty and the Beast. All performances received positive reviews.

Rebel Wilson has produced and written quiet a few shows. Super Fun Night, which she wrote for and also stared in was picked up by the ABC network. The show was about a group of friends and their quest to make the most out of their Friday nights.

Wilson has also hosted several award shows including the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and in 2016 she presented the nominations at 69th British Academy Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

In the future Rebel Wilson is cast in several films including a Private Benjamin remake, The Social Life, a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake, The Hustle, Jojo Rabbit, Crowded, a Cats remake, and, of course, Isn’t It Romantic. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer | Glamour and  Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail

Isn’t It Romantic is written by Erin Cardillo, Katie Silberman, and Dana Fox and directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson. Acting alongside Wilson is Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine, and Liam Hemsworth. DeVine and Hemsworth will be playing the two romanic interests of Wilson’s character, while Chopa plays a yoga instructor.

OSI Group Food Plant Purchases In 2016

OSI Food Solutions is a food processing company that has been in the market for a long time. Its headquarters are based in Aurora Illinois. Over the years the company has tried to expand its services by establishing new branches all over the world. It has an operation center in Toledo, Spain among other areas. The company processes various food products including, beef, poultry, and pork products of high services. Most of the products for the OSI Group are packaged and supplied to different supermarkets while others are provided to the global restaurants of the company.

The management team of OSI Group entails a group of experts dedicated to ensure that the company logistics increase. David Mc Donald is the president and Sheldon Lavin the Chief Executing Officer. They are passionate to expand the company, even more, to add to the existing operations in 17 countries. These two top leaders have overseen the purchase of Baho food Company in Europe. The acquisition was conducted in August 2016.

Previous Baho Food Company provided food to 18 European countries; it’s a Dutch company with different branches in both Germany and the Netherlands. Under the new OSI Group management the will be increased production as David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin has set up plans to ramp up production. The same year OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe to enable the company to engage in new development operations. OSI Food Solutions took over Flagship production of Frozen poultry, condiments, and pies. In addition to expanding OSI Food Company in Europe, the company has extended its activities to Spain and Germany. This expansion of the company creates a diverse range of services it also aims at meeting the needs of all their clients at individual levels.

In June 2016, OSI Food Company purchased a food plant in Chicago after being declared bankrupt. The plant was on the South side of Chicago and Tyson Foods company as the operator. Due to costs, the company was nearly being closed which would make almost 500 people unemployed. OSI Food Company offered $7.4 million to fund the Tyson Food plant and retain its previous financial position.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong; How I Became The King Of E-Commerce

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one man who knows how to keep his head up while faced with adversity. Not only did Richard Liu build JD.com, one of the largest retail companies in China, he was also smart enough to shift his strategies to survive a lethargic SARS outbreak. While speaking at the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu recounted the events leading up to his success, much to the delight of a buoyant audience.


According to the founder and CEO of Jingdong, much of his motivation to build JD.com was inspired by his ailing grandmother. With his parents not in a position to afford medication for his grandmother, Richard Liu had to step up and bear the responsibility. It is this kind of strong love for family that drives Richard Liu, and the philosophy is heavily embedded in JD.com‘s culture and operations.


Richard Liu Qiangdong was introduced into entrepreneurship at an early age. His parents ran a struggling transport company which, nevertheless, taught him great lessons about entrepreneurship. The future billionaire would start his first business while he was still a student at the university. Richard Liu did not, however, invest enough time into his business, which was a restaurant, and this forced him to close it down shortly afterward. Liu, at the time, was pursuing a Sociology degree at the prestigious Renmin University of China.


He graduated in 1996 but would soon find out that the profession would never pay him the big bucks. This pushed him to study programming and he took up several coding jobs, which enabled him to pursue his EMBA at the China Europe International Business School. After his graduation, Richard Liu would find employment at Japan Life, a popular health product company. He worked with Japan Life for two years as the head of computers and also the director for computers before he left to start his own venture. See This Article for additional information.


Subsequently, Richard Liu Qiangdong opened a magneto-optical shop in Beijing and named it Jingdong. This was in 1998 and by the year 2003, he had opened 12 shops in Beijing. However, Liu Qiangdong’s success was short-lived because a SARS outbreak would force him to close down all his shops. Richard Liu, in quick response, came up with the idea to take his business online, and that was the birth of JD.com.


In an article on AACSB.edu, Liu was listed as one of the “Most Influential Leaders”. As a testament to Liu’s admirable business practices, he has received numerous national and international awards for his entrepreneurship, business influence, innovation, and leadership.


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Dick DeVos: Businessman & Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is one of the most quintessential businessmen of the 21st century. He has led such businesses as Amway and The Windquest Group, and now he joins the Management Advisory Council created by the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration created the council in September 2017. The council would include 13 members from a variety of different businesses, but mainly, it’s transportation authorities and former airline executives.


The council was created to advise the FAA on policies that it was planning to implement after President Trump’s challenge. The challenge was directed at airport technology and security, stating that America’s airports had fallen behind foreign markets. Dick DeVos has plenty of experience helping airports overcome these challenges, as his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids can attest.


It all started in the 1990s when DeVos was the president and CEO of Amway and had been working with business leaders in Grand Rapids to improve the economy. He started by changing the face of downtown, adding new buildings and entertainment sectors, then he looked towards an even greater opportunity.


In 1999, the airport re-launched. It had been open since the early 1900s, but it still lacked the same destinations and ticket sales that other airports could pull in the same area. One of the problems was that the cities available for flights were only larger cities. There didn’t seem to be any focus to how these cities were selected either. DeVos saw an opportunity to increase ticket sales and add in the destinations that many travelers were looking for in a particular market.


DeVos wanted to target business travelers with his latest efforts, so he worked out an arrangement with the CEO of Air Tran Airways. The airline would add new flights to Orlando, Denver, St. Louis, and Vegas. These were destinations that DeVos was hoping to target with new ticket sales growth as they fit in perfectly with the plans to create a business traveler sector in downtown Grand Rapids. This would include the newly built DeVos Place Convention Center.


DeVos will be working with the FAA throughout the next year. He meets with the council once every quarter.


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“Marc Beer Launches a New Product for Pelvic Disorders “

Marc Beer is a well -known businessman who plays an important role in the healthcare industry. He mainly ventures in the sector as he aims at improving the health of the most vulnerable group in the world, the women. Primarily beer is concerned with the health status of women in Dallas. He owns one of the most reputable pharmaceutical companies known as Renovia Inc. which manufactures pharmaceutical and other diagnostic products which are used in the treatment of pelvic disorders in women.


Pelvic disorders such as urinary incontinence and many others are conditions which affect most women in the world. Marc beer tries his level best in alleviating this menace and help women live happily. His company is based in Houston, and he founded it in the year 2015. It is a highly prolific company which has produced a product already in the market known as Leva. The product helps in treating the conditions and bringing desired results. it is accredited and approved by FDA. Even though Marc Beer is not a health professional, but he has many years of experience working in commercializing and developing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Before founding his pharmaceutical firm, he

was the Chief Executive Officer at Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.


Marc Beer was born In Dallas, Texas and attended the University of Miami in Ohio State where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has been practicing his career for over 25 years, and indeed he performs excellently anywhere he works. He has worked in a number of companies in the US such as Viacell Inc. where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. Between 1996 and 2000, Marc used to be the vice president of Global marketing at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals. He also worked at Genzyme Corporation as the Vice President, and Biostar was the president of sales and marketing.


Marc Beer has worked as a member of the board of directors and consultant at OVAS Company and Private Life Science Companies. He has been the director of the Cytopherx Company and the Good Start Genetics. He is really experienced in managing companies, and this enabled how to be in a position to launch his company and runs it smoothly.


His Boston based company plans to launch a new product to help in treating pelvic disorders for women. The company has raised over $42 billion to assist in undertaking the project which helps in boosting the health status of the women especially women in Dallas. Marc beer is the leader of the product and besides he plans to introduce other four products to treat the conditions. He tries to give back to the community by helping them improve their health status. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Launches R.A.W Products

Beauty is something that every woman wants to accomplish. Everyone looks forward to having smooth skin, great hair and great curves. Fortunately, technology has made it very easy to achieve any of this looks. However, they are still women who value natural products. They may be avoiding the side effects that come with chemicals in cosmetics or simply love the idea of going natural. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada, President of Matrix / Biolage, a US prominent hair care has been working on R.A.W. Products to see that he satisfies clients who want to go natural.

Daniel says that they came up with R.A.W because they are customers who want products that do not destroy the environment. They have managed to come up with products that are 70% natural, and 98% degradable. All the products they have used have traceable supplies. For packaging, they are using recycled plastic.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that they faced several challenges in making these products. One of their key objectives was to see that they did not deviate from the naturalness regardless of the pressure they faced. They had to involve the Research & Innovation and Operations to do several tests for them. Unfortunately, their involved increased the input cost which had to be compensated in the selling price. One of the challenges they faced was sourcing clay soil; it got contaminated very fast during transportation. Instead of finding chemical ways to replace the clay soil, they pushed back the launch date to transport the clay.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada also says that they had to convince the consumers to buy their product. He explains that customers do not want to be dictated on what is natural or not. They, therefore, had to come up with a smart way to advertise their product. They taught over 700 US Salons how to effectively serve their clients with low consumption of water and electricity.

Fortunately, Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that 90% of the reviews they have received are positive. Besides the great reviews, he is grateful for customers who are acknowledging the high quality of R.A.W products. A majority of the customers after using the shampoo said that they felt so good, the kind of good they had not felt for a long time.

Stop Using Antibiotics To Treat Acne!


For many years, dermatologists labored under the assumption that acne was an infectious disease, one that needed to be treated with antibiotics. This is rooted in the association of acne outbreaks to the Acne Vulgaris bacteria, which is always present where acne is. The issue, however, is a lack of stronger correlation; Acne Vulgaris is present on the skin of virtually all adults, but skin can be clear of acne regardless of its’ presence. The quantity of Acne Vulgaris also has little correlation to the severity of outbreaks.

Antibiotics do work when it comes to clearing up acne; however, the excessive and improper use of antibiotics for such a casual, cosmetic problem has dire consequences when one looks at the wider picture. Most immediately, use of antibiotics inevitably creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which slowly brings about the obsolescence of the antibiotic in question.

Antibiotics are occasionally necessary when other treatments fail, but the other part of this equation is a degree of irresponsibility on part of the medical community and of their patients. Antibiotics are too often used as a first result, and while dermatologists are fewer than one in one hundred practicing doctors in America, they prescribe one in twenty prescriptions for oral antibiotics.

Many doctors either fail to consider themselves part of the problem, or don’t even acknowledge the problem; assuming that research and the market will simply provide a new antibiotic when this one ceases to work. This mindset is so severe that benzoyl peroxide, which inhibits the growth of resistant bacteria, often isn’t prescribed to patients for the reason that they don’t like that it bleaches their sheets.

One of the doctors pushing back against this trend is Treasure Coast Dermatologist Tim Ioannides, who insists upon responsible use of antibiotics.

Serving the Treasure Coast for over 15 years, Tim Ioannides, MD is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, a multi-location dermatology practice with a proactive approach to medical care.

In addition to Tim’s commitment to the Treasure Coast as a physician, Dr. Ioannides extends charitable support to many local organizations.

He also plays an important role in educating future dermatologists in dermatologic surgery and reconstructive surgery as a Voluntary Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine. See This Article to learn more.


More about Ioannides on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/tim-ioannides


Renew Youth: Treat Hormonal Imbalance Before it’s Too Late

Hormonal Imbalance has been a problem that women have been dealing with for a very long time, and a lot of people have been struggling in dealing with hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can be caused by a lot of factors like diet, stress, and natural chemical imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can affect daily activities that are supposed to be easy to do – hormonal imbalance can make the easiest of tasks to be full of drag and hassle. Hormonal imbalance can make you irritable and easily annoyed – which is why hormonal imbalance should be quickly treated so that an individual can live life normally.

Renew Youth is an organization that is particularly focused on providing programs, treatments and therapies for people who are suffering from hormonal imbalance – but not only that, Renew Youth has the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of individuals and clients that they encounter. Renew Youth’s goal is also to protect women that are experiencing the permenopausal stage from estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is when the body of an individual is producing too much estrogen and this affects the whole bodily system.

Renew Youth also aims to raise awareness and spread information on hormone therapy – because sometimes when an individual embarks on hormone therapy that is not properly programmed for their unique case, it can cause more harm than good. Renew Youth creates uniquely programmed hormone therapy for their clients because they know that each body is different from another, which is why their hormone therapy programs differ from a case to case basis.

Treating hormonal imbalance should be taken very seriously because it can lead to more serious diseases like various kinds of cancer, endometriosis and developing uterine fibroids – sicknesses that you can avoid when you treat hormonal imbalance properly and properly supervised by an expert.

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