Felipe Montoro Jens Speaks On The Current State Of Brazil’s Economy

With their poor infrastructure and inept workers too boot, Brazil’s economy is rapidly declining. The nation is in such despair that it prompted the National Confederation of Industry to analyze the degree to which the country is failing. According to the report, Brazil deserted 517 infrastructure works just last year. Brazil’s inability to properly execute these projects resulted in a $10.7 billion loss. What’s more, essential establishments including railways, waterways, highways, and airports were ceased. Felipe Montoro Jens, a respected project analyst, states that these shutdowns “consume resources without generating benefits for society,” making it an utter lose-lose situation. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

Even less complex works including preschools and sports facilities were halted due to Brazil’s paltry financial means and incompetent laborers. However, Jens detected other vulnerable areas as well. From technical mishaps and land ownership disputes to poor planning methods and weak business ties, Brazil is suffering in many regards. The National Confederation of Industry expanded on the last issue, stating that “there are difficult interactions between managers and control bodies.” Ilana Ferreira with the National Confederation of Industry concurs, although her greatest concern lies within Brazil’s poor planning.

Ferreira maintains that Brazil all too often relieves themselves of responsibility, in turn handing the project over to ill-equipped third-parties. These hasty operations result in sloppy work, forcing workers and managers to terminate the job. While all of these notions ring true, Jens believes there are solutions to Brazil’s abundant problems. Improving planning procedures, designing balanced contracts, executing modality schemes, strengthening controls, and updating technology are a few resolutions he proposes. While Jens’ propositions are logical, Jose Augusto Fernandes, another member of the National Confederation of Industry, isn’t convinced Brazil will implement these changes. If Fernandes’ beliefs materialize, Brazil will soon suffer the consequences of their negligence.

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