Victoria Doramus, Hard Working Recovering Addict

Victoria Doramus was once an addict. She knows what it is like to struggle with addiction, and now that is one of her main goals in life. To help other young people that are struggling with addiction. Victoria has taken many different paths during her career, but has become very successful in every step she has taken. She is an experienced trend specialist with a history of applying unique solutions to market patterns.

She has professional experience in many different aspects including fashion, lifestyle, team building, and many more areas. She has pretty good experience in creative media. During her work she has gained a lot of other skills as well including practical skills, marketing skills, and handling finances. She has worked as an assistant for many different people, during which she was in control of doing many different types of jobs. She also worked as a personal helper using her creative concepts to contribute visual ideas.

Victoria Doramus has worked very hard during her career to become successful, but it just did not feel like that was enough for her. She decided she needed to give back to not only her community, but to the world. She decided she wanted to help young people who were struggling with addiction. She knew what they were going through, she had walked in their shoes. Knowing what they are going through helps her to help them understand how hard it is to get through recovery. Seeking help and going through recovery is very hard.

Victoria Doramus is now self employed, and mainly focuses on helping people. She wants to be remembered as a person who did nothing but help other people. She wants to leave a legacy. Victoria helps out with many different charities and volunteer groups, and continues to find more to help out with. She is very successful and now continues to grow her success by helping people.

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