Jennifer Walden: The Practice of Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Walden was born/ raised in Walden. After clearing her early education, she joined University of Texas’ Galveston Medical Branch where she was her class’ salutatorian. After graduating, Jennifer went to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for an aesthetic surgery fellowship. She then completed and went to New York City, where she built a successful practice. In 2011, she switched her base by moving to her hometown in Austin.

How It Has Been

For the last eight years, Jennifer has been practicing plastic surgery with a focus on cosmetic surgery. She does eyelid lifts, breast argumentation, rhinoplasties, and face-lifts. A nose job at Jennifer’s practice costs $8000-$9000, while an argumentation will set you back $7000. She also performs liposuction on arms, inner thighs, and abdomen.

Jennifer is a rarity because there are very few female doctors practicing cosmetic plastic surgery. Out of 8100 certified US plastic surgeons, only 851 are women. The surgeon blames the deficit on the number of years (seven) one has to study before becoming certified to practice and a rough culture towards female surgeons.

Even so, Jennifer recons that there are many advantages of being a female surgeon. First, almost all (91%) cosmetic surgeries are on women. Many of these women don’t want a Barbie-doll body because they are just looking to correct something they don’t like. Thus, Jennifer finds that female clients prefer to talk to another female. As a woman, the plastic surgeon bags more clients than her male counterparts.

The Move to Austin

Jennifer Walden decided to move to Austin so that her sons would be close to the extended family. Before making this move, Jennifer wondered how long it would take to fill her surgical schedule. Since Austin is a green city with residents who like to keep things natural, Jennifer feared for the survival of her cosmetic business.

Even before she settled down, people had already booked an appointment at her new practice. Ever since then, her schedule has been full, which has made her realize that Austinites have a high desire for cosmetic work. Going into the future, Jennifer wants to continue helping women improve themselves as it is something that gives her joy/ satisfaction.

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