3 Hair Care Tips That Will Work on Any Hair

While it’s true that different hair types have special needs, there are some pieces of advice that are universal. One is that healthy hair starts with good nutrition. That’s true regardless of genetics or ethnicity. Here are three other bits of advice that will help everyday women maintain their crowning glory.

Stop Bad Habits That Cause Breakage

According to wikipedia.org, two of the biggest causes of breakage are also two of the most common habits: using elastic hair bands and wrapping wet hair in a towel after shampooing. Both habits put undue stress on hair. Cotton tees are less damaging if you must wrap damp hair. Those who love the ease of a pony tail can opt for looser styles or elastic-free ties.

Rinse Right

Not rinsing thoroughly leaves residue that builds up, stifles the scalp, and dulls the hair. Take the time to do a good job, and use lukewarm water rather than hot to reduce damage.

Use the Right Products

The products you use on your hair can also make a big difference in its appearance and health. For example, the wen.com product line by Chaz Dean offers a unique formulation that cleanses and strengthens hair without removing the natural oils that protect your scalp. The Wen creator says that the key is to use ingredients that gets the hair and scalp clean without using harsh detergents or chemicals. All we need for health and beauty is already provided by nature, and WEN products that use botanicals as the main ingredient give us everything we need and nothing we don’t. Conditioning is essential but only the ends need it most of the time.

Keeping hair care simple is good advice. Many of our issues can be traced back to bad habits and overkill, whether from too much styling or using too many of the wrong hair products. These easy tips from Wiktionary are the basis for healthy hair at any age.


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