Meet Krishen Iyer: A Successful Entrepreneur

Krishen Iyer is the founder of the Managed Benefits services. The company is located in Southern California and specializes in dental insurance, health insurance as well as consulting. He has earned good professional reputation in areas of specialization like online marketing, client interfacing, and technical development.


The San Diego State University’s graduate is principally involved in the main focus area of the business, which is creating connections between lead-generating firms and companies interested in the particular type of marketing solution. Krishen Iyer has a strong background in marketing, insurance, adverting, distribution, and insurance products.


Krishen Iyer possesses a remarkable and diverse professional skill set. He has demonstrated a strong ability to apply his talents by the market demands or the circumstances. Krishen started sharpening his skills before starting Quick Link Managed Benefits. He decided to start the businesses because he was well versed with the industry.


How Quick Link Marketing started making money


Krishen Iyer’s company offers an important service that wasn’t available to the lead-generation firms there before. It generates its revenue by promoting connections between firms that generate leads and those likely to benefit most from the marketing solutions offered by the correct lead-generation firm. Also, the firm (Quick Link Marketing) provides high contracts to sales agents to work below them within an insurance capacity while acting as the marketing buyers.


When Quick Link Marketing Company become profitable


According to Krishen, Quick Link Marketing became marketable before the schedule. Although the schedule was not up to standards, they began reaping the fruits before the expected period. Their goal was actually 24 months, but the firm became profitable before that.


More about Krishen Iyer


Krishen Iyer grew up in California. He went to the San Diego University for his undergraduate studies. Here, he specialized in Public Administration. He started his insurance career immediately after graduating from the University. He started a real estate firm known as the Iyer Real Estate Holdings.

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