The Career And Academic Background Of Assistant Professor Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou has been a passionate academician and technology enthusiast for a very long time. Anthony Constantinou was born in the United Kingdom. He attended a local high school in London and before he could enroll in the university, he had to do a mandatory community service. So he took part in the war as a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard. He served as a soldier for two years before he began his career as an academician by first enrolling in the University.


Anthony Constantinou’s Education Background

In the year 2008, Anthony Constantinou graduated from the University of Hertfordshire where after a four-year program with a degree in Computer Science. While partaking in his studies, Anthony found a passion in the subject of Artificial Intelligence. As soon as he graduated, he had set his mind on the Master’s program so he immediately enrolled in the program from which he graduated with a distinction in the field of Robotics in the year 2009.

His distinction captured the attention of the United Kingdom Council of Engineering, Physical Science and Research which offered him a fully funded scholarship to the Queen Mary University in London where he did his Doctor of Philosophy Program and has been working since then. During his time as a Ph.D. Research fellow, he based his research on the topic of Bayesian Networks.


Anthony Constantinou’s career Background

After receiving his Ph.D. he was hired by the Queen Mary University as a Teaching Assistant. His work was focused on the BSc and MSc modules in Software engineering, Procedural programming, and Software Risk Management programs. He did this job for four years until the year 2013. Visit This Page for related information.

In the month of September in 2012, he got promoted as a post-doctorate research fellow by the university which gave him a chance to work with the London Medical and Dentistry School and the NIHR on projects involving Bayesian Networks. His work led him to a promotion to the head of the Bayesian Networks AI Laboratory in the University as well as to a promotion to the position of Assistant Professor which he still plays up to date.


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