Igor Cornelsen: The Inspiration Of Many Upcoming Brazilian Investors

Always basing his strategies and mind on facts rather than opinions, Igor Cornelsen has been a role model in the area of investment to many Brazilians. The renowned investor was born after Second World War in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil where studied his elementary education before joining the university. He later joined Federal University which was one of the most competitive engineering Schools in the two States and enrolled for his engineering course. After two years of engineering studies, he decided to drop it and proceeded to economics department.

He graduates later in late 1970 and secured a job with an investment bank which suited his qualification as an engineer especially when it comes to calculating compound interest because there were no calculators or computers. He was later pushed as an investment banker to Rio where he became more determined and in 1974, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Multibanco. Two years later he became the CEO of the bank.

Igor Cornelsen later left for Unibanco after the Multibanco was bought by the Bank of America, and worked here up to 1985 and moved to a London Merchant Bank called Libra Bank PLC. At this bank, he began earning in US dollars and this somehow opened international investment mindset in him. He later moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as one of the members of Directors and a representative of the bank in Brazil. In all his years in the merchant banks, he was serving as an investment manager and this motivated him to start his own firm in 1995 when he left the bank after leading it to heights.

Most of his days he spends in Sao Paulo City where he follows the happenings around the world and various economic actions taken by companies which help him adjust his portfolio to enable him to give accurate information to his clients and readers. Though he doesn’t invest in cryptocurrency, he is excited to see it a current trend that many are utilizing to make money. One of the things that have made him a better investor is the unique and unbiased information he gets from Reuters. Every manager should have quality information for decision making not opinions from others. That’s what Igor Cornelsen says.

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