Malcolm CasSelle: Driving New Enterprises

The key to entrepreneurship is knowledge of the market. An intimate knowledge of the field in which you intend to build your business is central to any entrepreneur’s success. This knowledge lets you become aware of what is needed and how you can easily fill the needs of consumers while also charging forward down the path of progress. The most successful companies fill a need that many people didn’t realize they even had. No one knows this better than businessman Malcolm CasSelle. Throughout his time in the business world, Malcolm has displayed not only knowledge of the technology sector by intuition for what direction is heading. One substantive way that we can display his knowledge of the market is pointing to his timely investments in companies like Zynga and Facebook. Further proof can be displayed by his investment in Bitcoin. All of the previous mention companies are examples of unexpected success stories in the digital age.

Malcolm has taken his knowledge of this field and decided to apply it to the companies he serves. He currently works as CIO of OPSkins. While filling this role he was essential to the realization of the need for a platform in which digital goods could be sold. He along with other members of the company sought out the issues that are most prominent in creating barriers of the development of such a platform. They found that the key issues affecting this marketplace were fragmentation as well as fraud. Further research motivated them to establish worldwide acid exchange known more compactly as WAX. Needing someone in charge that was familiar with the issues and also known for understanding the needs of the digital age they placed Malcolm as president.

Ultimately, WAX knew that if they created a strong enough platform the marketplace would calm and the fragmentation could be addressed. This lack of fragmentation would be a selling point for their users. From there they set their sights on developing a security method. Their solution was to create a new blockchain which ensures the security of digital transactions. They also have developed their system to be incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t even require users to leave their game.


Jeff Yastine And The Kennedy Accounts

From Nigerian online scammers, binary-options trading platforms, to Ponzi schemes and get-rich-quick schemes, there isn’t any shortage of scams out there. This situation means, when a realistic investment option comes to light people are scared to believe it’s real. Many are quick to dismiss it. Thus since the Kennedy Accounts came into the limelight, people have questioned its authenticity. This content is a review of this option. It will help us answer the question; What are the Kennedy Accounts? Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.


Banyan Hill Publishing, a top investment advisory company, has received endless questions concerning the so-called Kennedy Accounts. In the video a company representative, Jeff Yastine is seen talking about the viability of the accounts. According to Jeff Yastine, every investor can take advantage of these accounts to buy stocks and make inflated gains. It may seem exaggerated, right? Let us describe the Kennedy Accounts and Yastine’s career.

What Are The Kennedy Accounts?

Kennedy Accounts is an investment opportunity known as Direct Stock Purchase Plan. With this plan, you will be able to buy shares in a firm directly from the company, instead of buying them from middlemen (like brokers). Once you have acquired the shares, your dividends are reinvested automatically to purchase more shares with the DRIP.

Yastine uploaded the video describing the Kennedy Accounts, and it caught the attention of over 1,000 people. The Kennedy Accounts came into existence when John F. Kennedy the founder of the accounts was running for the office of the president, and the American economy wasn’t healthy enough to care for your its citizens. As a selfless leader, Kennedy wanted to make America a booming country with a healthy economy again, hence the launch of the accounts.

What is Jeff Yastine’s role at Banyan Hill Publishing?

Currently, Jeff Yastine works for Banyan Hill Publishing as a top editorial director. Before that, he operated as a successful financial journalist in multiple capacities. During his roles and vast experience in those capacities, Yastine was opportune to interview top guns like Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, Michael Dell and Herb Kelleher.

Out of enthusiasm and curiosity, Jeff Yastine garnered extensive knowledge about finance and investment from high-profile investors. Having established his entire career in this discipline, he gained stability which ultimately paved way for him to get entry into stock markets and multiple investment accounts.


Dividend Reinvestment Plans and Direct Stock Purchase Plans are 100% real. These options are offered by firms that trade in the American stock exchanges of note including the NY Stock Exchange.

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Flavio Maluf Advice Gives Brazilian Business Men Improved Optimism

A survey called “International Business Report (IBR)” evaluated the expectation of 2,600 market leaders in 37 different world economies and pointed out an optimism of the Brazilian businessmen for the period of the next twelve months. The study was conducted by auditing and consulting Grant Thornton, an American company.

In the third quarter of 2016, in relation to the previous quarter, the optimism of Brazil’s entrepreneurs increased by 27 percentage points, reaching 45% – that is, 12% ahead of the global average, which was 33%. The country, since the second quarter of 2013, when it reached 43%, did not present such a positive indicator, reports the Brazilian businessman, president of Eucatex companies, Flavio Maluf.

Brazil, which ranked 23rd in the overall ranking of the most optimistic countries, has now risen to 14th. Below Canada and Germany, however, the front of the mighty United States of America, which is in 15th place. The first on the list are Indonesia, India and the Philippines. Japan, Greece, and Singapore are the latest, says Flávio Maluf. Visit to learn more.

Regarding the expectation of revenue growth for the next twelve months, the index is 59%, which, compared to the previous quarter, represents a decrease of 4 percentage points; the expectation of employment fell 17 points and reached 25%; and the expectation of profitability fell 13 – index of 42%, according to reports Flavio Maluf.

Grant Thornton’s leading consulting and audit partner, Daniel Maranhão, says that the main reasons that encourage entrepreneurs to resume GDP growth “are the expectation of political stability and the prospect of fiscal adjustment and its impact on the indicators for the next few years.”

Flávio Maluf points out that increasing sales force, encouraging productivity improvements, investing in marketing, investing in new products or services, and expanding local businesses are the initiatives that entrepreneurs have distinguished to invest in growth in the coming years. months.

As far as wages are concerned, 79% believe in an increase, this means 10 points more than the previous quarter; and 7% rely on a wage increase above inflation – an increase of 7 points.

However, the president of Eucatex companies, Flávio Maluf, points out that optimism in the world was not so positive. The percentage of 33% is only 1 point higher than the second quarter of 2016, however, representing a fall of 11 points compared to the same period last year.

The survey showed reduced optimism in France, which was minus 18 points; in the United Kingdom and Spain, both fell 19 points; and Ireland, which is down 24 points.

The average of the other European Union countries declined by 7 percentage points. In the United States, in relation to the quarter, the reduction was only 1 point, but in the period of the last year is already 11. Mexico has dropped 22 points in the last three months alone. Learn more:


Ian King: Publishing Articles about Cryptocurrency

Ian King is one of the contributors to the Banyan Hill Publishing company, and he writes articles about cryptocurrencies. The Banyan Hill Publishing company has been hiring a line up of the most successful business people and investors, offering them compensations for writing business-related articles. Ian King is one of those people who has chosen to write for the Banyan Hill Publishing company and saw its potential to reach a high number of the audience while at the same time, helping the public with their questions about how investing in cryptocurrencies work. See more of Ian King on Facebook.

 Ian King is a new addition to the growing roster of successful business people and investors who are joining the Banyan Hill Publishing company. He has been a cryptocurrency trader for several years now, and he gained the moniker as the cryptocurrency guru. He invested in Bitcoin and other related ICOs, and he thought of sharing the information he knew about cryptocurrencies to the public, so he joined the Banyan Hill Publishing company in 2017. He contributed a lot to the company even if he is only with them for a few months, and because of his excellence in writing cryptocurrency related articles, he was given a task to work on two newsletters. These newsletters called the “Sovereign Investor Daily” and the “Crypto Profit Trader” enabled him to write helpful articles which helps the public gain more knowledge about the new investment option that is shaping the world of business.

Ian King’s articles have been read by the public many times, and those who have followed his pointers ended up successful. According to business experts, he is writing his articles as if he is talking to someone he knew, and the tips are not that difficult to follow. Many people have felt this connection with the author, and they followed the instructions given to them with the confidence that they will succeed. Ian King’s write-ups inspired the public, and many people who eventually succeeded because of the cryptocurrency market are expressing their most profound gratitude to his works. The cryptocurrency guru has been with the company for only a year, and he stated that he has more visions in mind on how to inspire the new generation of investors and traders.

The Banyan Hill Publishing company continues to hire people with impressive backgrounds in the field of business and financial management, and they stated that those who are interest in writing are welcome to join. Learn more:



Protecting One’s Own Money and Increasing it With Freedom Checks

A lot of people are looking for new opportunities to increase their money. At the same time, they have to make sure that they are protecting it. This would mean avoiding scams. Some people are very desperate about making money to the point that they will fall for any scam that comes their way. Then there are those who find themselves avoiding even the legitimate opportunities while calling them scams. The Freedom Checks opportunity is one of the legitimate opportunities that are mistaken as scams. However, after looking at the opportunity, people will find that the opportunity is actually quite legitimate. Watch this video at Youtube.

One of the reasons that Freedom Checks is often dismissed as a scam is that it promises people a ton of money. Another thing is that it advises people to act quickly. It is true that it is important for people to act quickly when they see an opportunity. However, scammers would want people to act without thought so that they can gain a lot of money. However, the concept of Freedom Checks is actually a Master Limited Partnership, or MLP for short. One of the best things about MLPs is that they are very fluid. Therefore, people can enjoy some of the biggest opportunities for earning money.

Another thing about Freedom Checks is that when people participate in MLPs, they get to trade them nationally. The benefits that MLPs have in different industries are really big. For one thing, they can increase the cash flow in businesses and even cut the costs of running them.

One of the best ways for people to improve their finances is by learning about different opportunities and how the general market works. This will not only help people protect their own money but also will help them identify opportunities that work best for them. Learn more:


Sure way to gain wealth demonstrated by Stansberry Research

According to the article on Stansberry Research digest, the editor has written an article based on insurance stocks he will teach his kids to buy. The article, about investments which give positive returns, are demonstrated by a strategy used by Shelby Davis, an economist in the ‘30s. he defies the odds of the economic surges that nearly drowns him from the market.

Shelby Davis is portrayed in the article to be frustrated in everything he did until he discovered the Property and Casualty Insurance. He invested for a long period of time with his own money, something not a choice for those working in the public companies. Having studied business, it is no surprise he devised this tactic which is worth emulating for you to create an empire for yourself. Learning is the only tool to open opportunities otherwise unknown and other ventures.

Why is this example featured? You may ask. Stansberry Research is a renowned company which gives pre-market information on stock, currency stocks and related investments. This investing research publication company also gives commentary on issues on market and writes economic publication. As an investor or a prospect, Stansberry have you covered. The guidance will open up to investments worth the effort. You can derive some important investments lessons.

Insurance Stocks.

Shelby Davis decided to invest in insurance stocks. In insurance the great advantage is to have good underwriting than outflows. The regulated insurance companies such as the Auto Insurance pays more to damages. The less regulated companies such as P&C have premiums flooding in and staying. That right there is profitable. This is the discovery stated by Stansberry Research. Insurance companies invest their float to generate enough monetary funds for compensation, which form their stocks.

Profitable opportunities.

Since P&C Insurance companies are in the rim light, only well administered are the profitable investments. Having identified the P&C whose stocks were doing well, he and Benjamin Graham bought portfolios from property and casualty insurance companies. Stansberry Research has developed a database, P&C Insurance Monitor to track the competitive investment stocks. Stansberry Research team is thus able to distinguish P&C with reputation but making loses from those flooding in profits. You can buy portfolio from best investments.

Understanding technique of the P&C Insurance Monitor.

This investing research publication company has used the insurance monitor for six years. Throughout, investments have brought nothing but gains. As stated in the article, only stocks that have proven themselves are recommended by Stansberry Research insurance monitor. Investments made through this technique focuses on less underwriting in a company.


Starting an insurance company is a difficult task and dealing with brokers may be a jargon. Well, Shelby Davis and Benjamin Graham did not start one but bought portfolio from the existing well manned P&C and made profits five time greater their investments. Buying portfolio and perseverance is key as proven by Stansberry Research. Insurance stock is a sure win. You only need to hang on.

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Security Breaches Running Rampant, A Look at Blockchain Security from Stansberry Research

Dr. Dov Rand Turns Back Aging’s Clock

Aging causes emotional and physical issues. Depression and anxiety are common in older people. Insomnia, hot flashes and loss of libido are some of the physical consequences of aging.


Albert Einstein School of Medicine graduate and Bioidentical Hormone Specialist Dr. Dov Rand’s practice the Healthy Aging Medical Center is devoted to countering the effects of aging. Dr. Rand’s counter aging therapy addresses both the physical and psychological needs of the patient.


Treatment begins with a blood test. The test will reveal which hormones and vitamins a patient is lacking. The replacement therapy can be conducted intravenously.


Hormones affect the body positively and negatively. The level of positive hormones decreases as we age. The positive hormone chorionic gonadotropin ensures that the fetus is properly nourished during pregnancy. In older people, CG helps with weight management. That is why Dr. Rand utilizes the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet.


Dr. Rand uses bioidentical hormones rather than synthetic hormones in his replacement therapy. The potential side effects of synthetic hormones, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension can be deadly. Bioidentical hormones are derived from plants and their possible side effects are non-life threatening. With hormones in proper balance, the risk of cancer and heart disease decreases and energy levels rise.


Low-calorie diets are often counter-productive because the dieter is constantly hungry. The HCG diet is low calorie, but the chorionic gonadotropin keeps the patient from feeling hungry. The HCG diet yields result faster than other diet programs.


Exercise and education are part of the HCG regimen. The benefits of exercise are self-explanatory. Dr. Dov Rand has discovered once a patient is educated verbally and with printed material that explains how the replacement therapies, low-calorie diet, and exercise work in unison to achieve weight loss they are more likely to stick with the program.


While weight loss and exercise mitigate effects of aging they may not be enough by themselves. Dr. Dov Rand’s West Orange, NJ based practice also offers pain management treatments. Dr. Rand is a certified acupuncturist. He is further certified in the administration of steroids, cortisol injections, and nerve blocks.


Bruno Fagali: How To Choose A Reliable Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a top attorney and he has been representing clients for years. He is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil and he has a proven track record.

Hiring a reliable or reputable lawyer like Bruno Fagali is an important decision for anyone who is facing a legal matter in Brazil. Organizations, professionals and individuals who are encountering a legal problem, should take appropriate steps to ensure a swift resolution of the situation. That’s where a competent lawyer comes in. In fact, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who is well versed in the area of law you’re dealing with.

Whether it’s a business or personal matter, it’s crucial to research before hiring a lawyer. Some lawyers can handle cases for businesses, while other have great expertise in representing individuals or handling cases that don’t involve businesses.

If you are planning to enlist the services of a lawyer in Brazil, you ought to get in touch with Bruno Fagali – a leading Administrative Law and Regulatory Law expert. You should choose a lawyer that has an established history of delivering excellent service to clients. Having a powerful attorney by your side will give you confidence that your legal issue will be handled appropriately.

Legal problems can occur at any time but it is crucial to address these issues promptly. Complex legal matters require the expertise of a competent attorney. A large number of complicated or complex legal issues involves business dispute and breach of contract. Not all attorneys can handle such situations effectively.

You can find lawyers or law firms from many different places. Many people get a referral from someone they trust. You can get a recommendation from a friend or relative or perhaps a professional such as your accountant or physician. You can also consult a reliable online local directory of lawyers.

Business or corporate related legal matters can be addressed by knowledgeable business or corporate attorneys. Sometimes disputes can be resolved without involving the court but it’s up to the parties involved to decide how to reach a resolution. Their attorneys will meet to discuss the situation, and come up with an agreement or settlement.

Bruno Fagali has been addressing legal matters involving Urban Law, Ethics and Regulatory Law. He is also well versed in Administrative Law and Compliance and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Matt Badiali Investment Guru with Years of Experience in the Financial Field

There are many publishing houses out there, but one of the leading publishing houses in the United States is Banyan Hill Publishing. The company was established in the year 1988 and has several investments and finance based newsletter that helps the people know about the different investment option, and on what to invest at what time. There are many factors that the investment experts at Banyan Hill Publishing analyses critically before recommending to the readers. In the last few years, Banyan Hill Publishing has grown substantially, primarily because of the sound and evidence based financial reporting that it has done with the help of his team of financial and investment expert. He loves speaking of different investment topics that would be useful to its readers. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at

For many people who are looking to invest in the natural resources sector, following Matt Badiali is a good idea. He is an expert on natural resources and has done B.S. from Penn State University in Earth Sciences and also holds Masters Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. After completing his education, Matt Badiali has worked for eleven years with the Stansberry Research before finally joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. In a very short period of time, Matt has been able to gain a strong following of readers who have been gaining a lot of knowledge as well as returns from his directed investments in the natural resources sector. The ability to predict the market trends through critical research and analysis has been the strong points of Matt Badiali from the very beginning.

Matt Badiali is known from the Freedom Checks ad that he recently advertised, which many people misunderstood it without knowing the truth. The Freedom Checks is nothing but the promise of generating profits through the advice he gives on his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist. In other words, Freedom Checks is a marketing stunt to promote his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. Thousands of subscribers of Real Wealth Strategists have earned huge money from the investment advice that Matt Badiali has provided, and he wants that more and more people join his following so that they can earn money as well. There are many investment hacks and tips that he provides in his newsletters that are unique, different, and assured to get the results. He has a very hands-on attitude meaning that he does not rely on others for information and carry out his own research.More information can be found at


Flavio Maluf CEO of Eucatex

Brazil is one of the most populous countries in the world. It is estimated to have about 204 million people and continues to grow rapidly especially in Metropolitan cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Brazil is a country that speaks Portuguese predominantly. In fact, it is the only country outside of Portugal that speaks Portuguese in large proportion. Brazil is home to numerous businesses such as Eucatex. View

Eucatex Group is a Southern American business founded in 1951. It deals with the production of paints, plastics, home partitions, prefabricated constriction walls, flooring, among other items used in construction. The name Eucatex comes from the worlds Eucalyptus and textile. Most of the products sold by this company are made from the Eucalyptus tree. The company ships to over 40 countries and has created job opportunities for thousands of people in Brazil. Eucatex is one of the largest groups in the country right now. Eucatex acquired Duratex, a popular company which is building panels. This acquisition enabled Eucatex to increase its productivity by 80%. Eucatex is led by CEO Flavio Maluf who played a critical role in the acquisition of Duratex.

Eucatex is one of the innovative companies in the country. It uses unique materials to make its products. The company which is more than 50 years now still maintain a good reputation in Brazil as a producer of top quality construction products. Most of their product are designed for home applications. Eucatex create environmentally friendly products only. The company from day one was determined to protect the environment. Even at a time when there were no environmental regulations in place, the company still impressed with its innovative environmentally friendly products. Through the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex has managed to keep the company as a top company engaging in environmentally friendly practices while at the same time making impressive profits.

Flavio Maluf comes from the wealthy Maluf Family. His father Paulo Maluf is a politician and a great investor in the country. Flavio is currently 56 years. He started his career as a mechanical engineer. He attended Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. Flavio also holds another position as the President of GrandFood. GrandFood is a company which manufactures Golden and Premier Pet.