Anthony Petrello Giving Back To The Community And His Excellent Performance In Nabors Industry

Among the so many leading business leaders in the United States, Tony Petrello is one of them and the globe at large. In the Nabors industry, he is the president and the Chief Executive Officer. The company deals with the drilling of oil and natural gas, and it’s leading globally. Under the leadership of Tony Petrello, he has overseen the rise of Nabors industry to became the number one company when it comes to being the best service provider in the mining sector.

The reason why the firm is a global leader is due to the innovative ideas that Tony Petrello has put in place. In 1991 that’s when Tony joined the company as Chief Operating Officer, and since then he has been the most active player in ensuring the company has realized the substantial growth. Though he holds a degree in mathematics from Yale University after receiving a scholarship from the university, through his career, he has not disappointed when it comes to business execution.

Anthony Petrello has not excelled in the business industry because of his extraordinary mind he still holds a heart that’s compassionate. Tony Petrello believes it’s vital to give back to the community. That’s the reason why he has worked hard in making sure that he becomes the most paid chief executive officer. With that, he has been able to help other. The contribution and scholarship that he has made include a donation that he made to the Texas children’s hospital of $7 million, and he gave a scholarship of $150,000 to Yale University.

Tony’s compassionate heart lead to him helping people when the Hurricane Harvey devastated the Huston community. He oversaw that the employees of Nabors took time from the usual work so that to manage the relief efforts. The workers helped wherever they were needed. To show that Nabors Company still appreciated what they were doing they paid them time off to help. Apart from the employees help Tony Petrello matched the relief contribution, and it all totaled to $173, 622. It went ahead to set up a kitchen to use during the recovery period to help cook meals for the local families.

He has a welcoming personality since him, and his wife Cynthia welcomed home the prize winner of Broadway performer Tommy Tune as he was coming back to his hometown in Houston, Texas. He invited advisory board members back to his home and 50 close friends so that they would have a fun get together in welcoming Tommy Tone home.

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