Dr. Clay Siegall & His Revolutionary Stance in Cancer Research

Revolution means to change something whether it’s good or bad. When it comes to eradicating cancer, few individuals have ever made this affluent list. Dr. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics just so happens to be one of the top game-changers in cancer research, and he has used his intellectual-brilliance to make a difference. Seattle Genetics has been around for two decades, and it has grown at a dramatic rate. In the early days, this company was just another startup company that had big aspirations. The first few years were a bit hard, but the company would eventually get on a fast track to success. In other words, Seattle Genetics was spending more than it was earning, which is a recipe for disaster.

Dr. Siegall put forth a progressive game-plan to get better results. By introducing a sales staff, the company found itself covering-up the hole that was victimizing its success. This sales staff was well-educated in the business and in due-time, Seattle Genetics was capitalizing from its newly found eight-figure deals. That’s right! Seattle Genetics had finally made it, and it now it was time to make a difference by saving lives. Dr. Siegall’s full-understanding of what the company needed has certainly benefited everyone in the end. This man has over three decades of experience, and he has worked with numerous bigtime institutions. This includes:

-The National Cancer Society

-Bristol Myers Squibb

-The National Institute of Health

By securing deals with GlaxoSmithKline, with Bayer, with Pfizer and with Genetech, the company’s top cancer-fighting drugs can be distributed and used in many foreign markets. What more can you ask for from a leader? Dr. Clay Siegall is certainly doing his part to better mankind even though he isn’t a household name and that speaks volumes.

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