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Sussex Healthcare, is now hiring new people to join their staff. Sussex Healthcare is a personal care organization that is located in Sussex, UK. The organization provides top quality care to the elderly, those with dementia, those with physical disabilities, those with mental disabilities and more. The service also provides those in their care with extra services to improve their quality of life.

Consequently, Sussex Healthcare requires more and more talented people to provide the required services to people that are in their care. Sussex Healthcare is all about providing top quality care, staff, and organizational leaders. Therefore, they’ve hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new CEO of the organization.

Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is experiencing tremendous growth as the requirement for more skilled and highly trained workers rises. Their specialized healthcare services looks forward to recruiting even more caregivers and filling empty spots in other job openings. The good news is that there are a wide variety of job openings. Some of the jobs are for full time workers, while others are for part time workers or weekend workers. The first step is to visit their job site and sign up with the site and provide an email address to receive first notification about their current job openings.


Often, the top jobs require that you already have several years of experience to get hired. However, Sussex Healthcare provides training. Generally, the training is for entry level workers. However, the organization also provides in house training for those that would like to advance their career with Sussex Healthcare.

Job benefits are those little extras that are provided by the top companies or healthcare services. Generally, lower level healthcare services are very reluctant to provide those little extras to their workers. Those little extras or benefits add great value to the job and are great incentives that attract higher quality workers. Fortunately, Sussex Healthcare provides great benefits. Some of the benefits include pensions, uniforms, transportation, meals, in house training, and more.

Current Job Openings At Sussex Healthcare

Care Assistant/ Healthcare Assistant – Provide Personal Care
Deputy Care Home Manager – Coordinate Activities In Sussex Healthcare Homes
Team Leader – Care For Younger Adults With Special Needs
Driver – Transport Service Users
Senior Care Assistant – Provide Elderly Care
Administrator – Assist Home Manager In Daily Operations Of Homes

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