Perry Mandera’s Custom Companies: Setting the Standard For the Transportation and Delivery Industry

In the transportation industry, it is important that clients always know where the product that they ordered is at.


Perry Mandera is the President and owner of the Custom Companies, Inc., which is renowned for taking advantage of cutting-edge modern technology, as well as web-based services ( these services are created and developed in order to provide both clients and their staff with real-time tracking of deliveries that are used to known where deliveries are at, as well as less paperwork, reducing the amount of paper required to do the same activities, and streamlined general services that are now setting the standard in the industry.


Perry Mandera believes that what is better for the client is what is better for his company, The Custom Companies, as well. That becomes true when analyzing the biggest strength of the company: The positive feedback, in an overwhelming fashion, that they receive from clients and companies that use their services.


When clients avail the services of any company in order to deliver their items, clients only naturally expect that each item would be delivered fast and safe (GazetteDay). Perry Mandera understands this, and that is why he decided to invest and rely on technology in order to meet his clients’ needs. With the proper use of the technology available at his company, the clients can have the peace of mind knowing that their items are coming their way right on schedule and safe because they can monitor each delivery trucks with real-time tracking provided by The Custom Companies.


After the delivery reaches its destination, The Custom Companies‘ hi-tech software helps in streamlining payments and completion of contracts by relying on barcodes instead of more paperwork. With the use of technology, Perry Mandera believes that it lessens the possibility of human error and promotes not just the streamlining of processes but also accuracy.


But make no mistake, Perry Mandera‘s, The Custom Companies Inc., doesn’t just rely on technology. Of course, the technology that they use is still controlled by humans, and that is why Perry Mandera made sure to hire only high-trained staff to ensure that each client of his company receives the most professional and prompt customer service in the industry.

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