Stream Energy: Aiming for Greater Heights

Stream Energy, a Texas-based energy company, is actively expanding its operations in the Northeastern region of the United States. They are capitalizing on the fact that the population living in these states requires more energy, and the demand surges as the winter approaches. The company was founded in August 2004 by two visionaries, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, and their primary objective is to supply the whole country with energy that is more affordable and more reliable than the energy being sold by larger corporations. They initially served the state of Texas, but when the opportunity came to operate in other states, they never hesitated and began their operations in nearby states. With the inclusion of Delaware, Stream Energy has been providing energy and power to a total of eight states. The company is also operating in the nation’s capital, supply energy and power in Washington D.C. View the company profile on

In the beginning, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki never realized that their business would become successful. After they managed to secure the rights to operate in other states, the revenue of Stream Energy started to balloon, eventually reaching billions of dollars. The current head of the company, Larry Mondry, stated that the reason why the revenue of Stream Energy keeps on increasing is that of the support coming from their customers. The price of the services that they sell the people is comparatively low compared to their competitors, and it resulted in the addition of new customers. Today, more people are inquiring about their services, cutting their contracts with their energy providers because there is more value with the energy coming from Stream Energy.


Larry Mondry also revealed that Stream Energy is planning to expand, and later next year, more states will be added to the areas that they are serving. They are already securing the license to do business in other states, and they are looking forward to serving the people and give them a cheaper alternative. Stream Energy continues to grow, and they are seen by experts to dominate the industry in years to come, and they can become the most abundant energy supplier in the country. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

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