Lori Senecal Inspires Women With Her Career

The story of Lori Senecal is perhaps best told to the young women who are looking up to a woman role model career wise. Her presence at CP+B has been an intense success to the agency. In an interview, Lori recalls growing up between boys, in a family of four children. She was the last born. She was inspired to do so much at a young age. Her focus in life cannot be described in one article. Her achievement is tremendous. Given the male dominated industry she has been working in. Lori is a force to reckon with.


Lori Senecal majored in sales and marketing. When SHE graduated college, she joined the working class and everything she touched from then was a success story. Her passion and skills for sales contributed to her roles in the companies she landed. Her dedication to mentoring people played a key role in creating strong business relationships. Through these relationships, Lori has been able to land many business deals as a project manager. Her success is attributed to her focus when dealing with key issues. Most employers would choose her for a leader because she maintains focus in pursuing goals. Check out Adweek to see more.

Background of Achievement

According to Campaignlive, in 2003, Lori filtered the world of entrepreneurship with her achievement of launching TAG Ideation. This is a youth and marketing unit for business. As the name suggests, it is a launch pad for business. Her knowledge contributed to the invention of this gadget. Coupled with a skillet in data analysis, Lori landed roles in executive companies like Nestle, Xbox, Sprint and Applebee’s. These are Fortune 500 companies that cannot be handled ordinarily. At Coca Cola, she served as the global accountant director. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Perhaps the most memorable bit of Lori Senecal’s career is her presence at CP+B. Even as she leaves in end 2017, Lori has a legacy that will be remembered by many. She managed to win many projects while at the company. Her leadership styles helped the management to land international deals that have set the company apart from other marketing agencies. During her appointment in 2015, she was trusted with the management of most projects the firm handled. She transformed these projects into revenue in multiple ways.

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