Lori Senecal Inspires Women With Her Career

The story of Lori Senecal is perhaps best told to the young women who are looking up to a woman role model career wise. Her presence at CP+B has been an intense success to the agency. In an interview, Lori recalls growing up between boys, in a family of four children. She was the last born. She was inspired to do so much at a young age. Her focus in life cannot be described in one article. Her achievement is tremendous. Given the male dominated industry she has been working in. Lori is a force to reckon with.


Lori Senecal majored in sales and marketing. When SHE graduated college, she joined the working class and everything she touched from then was a success story. Her passion and skills for sales contributed to her roles in the companies she landed. Her dedication to mentoring people played a key role in creating strong business relationships. Through these relationships, Lori has been able to land many business deals as a project manager. Her success is attributed to her focus when dealing with key issues. Most employers would choose her for a leader because she maintains focus in pursuing goals. Check out Adweek to see more.

Background of Achievement

According to Campaignlive, in 2003, Lori filtered the world of entrepreneurship with her achievement of launching TAG Ideation. This is a youth and marketing unit for business. As the name suggests, it is a launch pad for business. Her knowledge contributed to the invention of this gadget. Coupled with a skillet in data analysis, Lori landed roles in executive companies like Nestle, Xbox, Sprint and Applebee’s. These are Fortune 500 companies that cannot be handled ordinarily. At Coca Cola, she served as the global accountant director. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Perhaps the most memorable bit of Lori Senecal’s career is her presence at CP+B. Even as she leaves in end 2017, Lori has a legacy that will be remembered by many. She managed to win many projects while at the company. Her leadership styles helped the management to land international deals that have set the company apart from other marketing agencies. During her appointment in 2015, she was trusted with the management of most projects the firm handled. She transformed these projects into revenue in multiple ways.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Career Growth

The banking industry is constantly changing in Brazil. Many people in the middle class are interested in investing in real estate or starting companies. As the economy continues to improve, more people are willing to take on a financial risk.https://www.bradescori.com.br/site/conteudo/interna/default3.aspx?secaoId=572

Bradesco is a company that is benefiting from this increased economic activity. As one of the largest banks in Brazil, this is a company that is doing all it can to stimulate economic growth. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the leader of Bradesco, and he has done a good job as the CEO. Although he has made plenty of mistakes as CEO, most of the people who work for him enjoy their job.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry in Brazil is rapidly increasing in price. Many investors from around the world see a major financial opportunity in this country. This is causing them to put a lot of capital to work in Brazil. This is great news for investors and for people who own real estate. However, this is not good news for people who are trying to purchase their first home. There are many young people who are struggling to find a home they can reasonably afford.

Bradesco has multiple loan programs for young borrowers. It is difficult to build a strong credit history early in your life. This is one of the major issues that young people are having to deal with. Many real estate experts believe that price appreciation is only going to continue in the months and years ahead. Luiz Carlos Trabuco believes that his company has a great opportunity to grow its customer base by appealing to young people.


One of the biggest positive attributes that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has is his leadership style. When he first took over Bradesco, he had to make some major changes to keep the company competitive in the banking industry. Although it was hard work, he was able to implement some serious changes in the overall company culture.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to start paying employees more. He saw that some employees were leaving to go to competitors because of pay differences. He believes that quality employees should be compensated fairly based on the market. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is excited about the changes that he has made. Bradesco now has one of the strongest workforces in the banking industry. This is a huge asset for the company.

Continuing Education

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the type of person who is always learning. When he was young, he struggled in school because he had to work in order to support himself financially. Even though he is the CEO of a major company, he recently went back to school to get an additional degree in business. He wants to learn as much as he can about business and the banking industry. He also encourages employees to continue their education as much as possible.

Future Plans

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has many plans for the coming years. Not only does he want to continue leading Bradesco, but he is making investments in the local community as well. He is a strong believer in supporting people who need help.

Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco has made various mistakes throughout his career, many people in the banking industry value his advice on business.

Online Reputation Management Company Offers Advice as Well As Help

Online reputation is surprisingly easy to ruin. At the same time, it is one of the factors that influence the quality of life of an individual. There are plenty of factors that go into the online reputation of an individual. For instance, social media is one of the largest factors in the life of an individual. People can lose their jobs over social media. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to look closely at their social media accounts. Social media can easily turn up on the front page of various search engines. If a not so flattering approach gets out in the open, then the individual can lose his job among many things.


All of this can be prevented with the help of online reputation management companies such as Status Labs. With Status Labs, people will have a better plan in order to maintain or even improve their reputation. With attacks on reputation, it is better to take care of them sooner than later in some cases. For one thing, some remarks or campaigns against an individual could just increase in the damages done if it is not addressed at anytime in the right fashion.


Status Labs does more than just run a campaign that will improve the reputation of an individual. The company also has plenty of advice for people to read about on various articles. This will give people insight on what goes into online reputation management. For one thing, there are quite a few similarities between online reputation management and marketing. One thing that marketing and online reputation management have in common is that they both involve spreading awareness about something. One major difference is in the intention. Where marketing is about presenting a good image and getting customers to do business with a company, online reputation management involves this and preventing any damaging news from causing too much damage.


No one is immune to the harmful effects of bad remarks. Everyone has a day in which they may slip up and offend someone. Even then, people don’t have to do anything wrong.

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Highland Capital Management, an Experienced Global Alternative Credit Manager

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a profound company that offers a range of services including investment advisories. The company was first established in 1993 at Dallas, Texas in the United States of America by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Highland Capital Management is SEC-registered and offers an array of services in finance, Asset Management and Banking categories.

Highland Capital Management now manages assets worth $15.4 billion in collaboration its affiliates. Highland has managed to sustain its global reputation as a highly experienced alternative credit manager. The firm is mainly focused in credit strategies that include long-only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and distressed and special-situation private equity.

Additionally, Highland offers its clients with alternative investments that include; long/short equities, emerging markets and natural resources. The company’s broad base of customers mainly comprises of corporations, financial institutions, governments, foundations endowments and high net-worth persons. Highland Capital Management has offices in Singapore, Sao Paolo, Seoul and New York while its headquarter is found in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital Management values its community and intensely invests in its employee. Apart from the financial markets, Highland is highly concerned about the welfare of its employees. The company offers the community several services such as volunteerism, financial donations and advisory board involvement. Moreover, the company is keen in partnering with other organizations from across the world. A case in point, Highland has committed an excess of $10 million to other collaborative global organizations.

Highland capital recently launched a $147 million healthcare fund with full support from one of its affiliate Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. South Korea’s National Pension Service serves as the anchor investor for the latter fund. Highland partners with other organizations particularly in health and other investment returns. Further, Highland partnerships are resourceful in accessing opportunities.

Apparently, Highland is now set to partner with Stonebridge Capital, a private equity and venture capital firm from Korea. This move is exclusively for increasing the access to healthcare services while creating noble opportunities for healthcare investors. Dondero serves as the presidents at Highland Management. Finally, Dondero is proactive in local philanthropy and other investment strategies.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Advocates of Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are considered to be modern day champions of civil, human and migrant rights. The duo who resides in the state of Arizona has helped thousands of people who are fleeing the poverty stricken and drug war ravaged countries in Central and South America.

The two has a private fund named Frontera Fund, which they use to help individuals who cross the border with the United States for the first time, and those who do not have the appropriate documents for immigration. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin believe that it is their duty as human beings to help people who wanted to immigrate into the United States to have a comfortable life.

Michael and Jim are good friends since their college days. Before graduating from the university that they were attending, the two decided to establish a publications company, alongside some of their classmates. The publication company was named The Phoenix New Times, and it became an instrument to deliver news to the citizens of Phoenix, and it also turned into a public service medium.

Over the years, the Phoenix New Times was regarded as the leading newspaper in the city of Phoenix, and their newspaper has been a tool to showcase expose. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin became the editors in chief of the newspaper as time went by, and they became investigative journalists in their own right.

The two had great working relationship and they managed to lead their business to grow further. The two are living the life of their dreams, until an unfaithful event in 2007 which changed the way they look at things.

In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made an article about the issue with the Maricopa County sheriff who was believed to be taking part in shady transactions with real estate developers, and this issue came into the knowledge of the county attorney who suggested that the Maricopa County sheriff can be arrested for what he has done.

There were a series of hearings for the Maricopa County sheriff’s case, and the jury came into a decision as to how he will be punished. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin posted this news worthy article on their website, and then they were arrested the next day because of the accusation that the decision of the jury was leaked by them, and that the private address of the Maricopa County sheriff was posted on the website without his permission.

After the arrest, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had to attend their court hearings, and the Maricopa County sheriff wanted the duo to erase all of the information they posted online. The mass media companies in the city of Phoenix have shown their solidarity to the two by posting the same information on their websites.

Later that day, the judge holding their case stated that there is no solid proof to the accusations made against Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and they set them free. The two filed their own lawsuit against the Maricopa County sheriff and was given $3.75 million for the damages.

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How Freedom Debt Relief Resolved Over Seven Billion Dollars For Clients

You may have heard about the Equifax breach in recent days, which may have affected more than one hundred and forty three million Americans. People are now concerned about protecting private information. Here are a few tips for doing so.

First, find out if the breach affected you. You can go to the Equifax website for help with this. You can also sign up for a free year of credit monitoring reporting. If you have been breached, you can put a freeze on your report, which means that the people who have your information will not be able to use it. If necessary, you can also place a freeze with the other credit bureaus. This means that nobody will be able to use your information to open up a new account. Since your credit reports will be frozen, you will not be able to use it either, but you can unfreeze it at any time by using a PIN that you created when you first got it frozen.

Next, review your credit reports. Every American is entitled to at least one free credit report a year. Look for any red signs in your reports, such as credit accounts that you did not set up or misspelled names. Remember to monitor your bank accounts on a frequent basis. This way, you can stay on top of any unauthorized purchases.

Freedom Debt Relief is number one solution provider for debt relief. It is part of the Freedom Financial Network. It was founded by two graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Business. They have worked with over four hundred thousand clients. They help negotiate debts with settlers to provide you with debt relief. By doing so, they have saved billions of dollars for their clients, and they are the first company to have done so.

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The Multi-Investor: Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch, born in March 1953, was raised in Pennsylvania. While still in Ithaca College, in 1976, Burch and his brother Robert spearheaded their dream in the fashion industry and founded the Eagle’s Eye with a meager of $2000. His operation spread over to other campuses, and eventually, the brand ventured into retail stores. Over time, the company’s sales expanded to $160 million in sales which he partially sold it to Swire Group.   More to read on bjtonline.com.

Burch has interests in the entertainment industry where he was a producer for the romantic comedy film “watch it” that was aired in 1993. He secured a spot as one of the earliest investors in the internet IPO for Internet Capital Group. Faena Hotel+Universe located in Buenos Aires was a hatched interest by Burch, architect Phillipe Stark, and hotelier Alan Faena in the year 2004. This was Burch’s first investment into real estate. The building first existed in 1902 and acted as a grain storage facility but was rebuilt and reconstructed to serve a greater purpose. In search of more real estate investments, Burch bought a luxury home in Southampton, NewYork for $14 million and later sold it for $25 million after four months of renovations. Related article on architecturaldigest.com.

In 2006, a visionary Burch founded J.B Christopher which supplies construction materials to real estate developers. In 2011, together with his partner Austin Hearst, they completed the development of a $19 million luxury home developments in Massachusetts. Unstoppable, Burch acquired a townhouse in the west village where he bought it for $11 million. Later on, he took over a renovation project that was unfinished before releasing the property into the market once again. In 2013, Nihiwatu Resort on the Island of Sumba made it to Burch’s bucket list.  Check this to read more about the resort.

Moreover, he went ahead to make several investments in telecommunications including Powermat and Aliph. Partnering with James McBride, Burch acquired Nihiwatu resort in 2013. Christopher also made Voss Water part of his investment list, alongside BaubleBar with a leading investment of around $10 million in 2014.

Chris Burch was indirectly linked to Tory Burch fashion label where he helped his wife launch the brand in the year 2004 and served as co-chairman of the company. He then founded J.Christopher Capital LLC in 2008 and later renamed it Burch Creative Capital. The sole purpose of the company was to incubate new brands and manage any other investments. He launched C. Wonder in 2011 that is known for home décor accessories. Xcel Brands later bought C.Wonder in July 2015. To read more about his diverse investments, click crunchbase.com.

Burch is indeed a decorated investor; he made it into the Forbes magazine in 2012 after being declared a billionaire.  To read more details about him, head over to forbes.com.

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Freedom Financial Asset Management’s guide for back to school

Freedom Financial Asset Management is a loan vendor that has its headquarters in San Mateo, California. Freedom Financial Asset Management offers loans with low costs and low-risk access to consumer loan portfolios for investors. Freedom Financial Asset Management runs an online loan lending platform, FreedomPlus which does not work as a peer to peer lending company but one that is open to all accredited investors.

On a recent article, Freedom Financial Asset Management gave a guide that would be of much help during back to school. The main issues to consider for successful back to school include establishing a budget and getting the supply list long before the dates. Getting the list early enough enhances time effectiveness of the shopping trip and ensures it is cost effective.

Establishing a budget helps avoid purchasing items that may already have been purchased or at home already. Analyzing what is needed and what is available is important since it will help in separating the items that must be bought from those that can wait and in avoiding buying duplicate items. Carrying the list of items in the shopping trip saves time that could have been used walking around the store looking for things that may have been forgotten.

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