Doe Deere And Lime Crime Riding The E-Commerce Wave: Her Business Tips

Let’s be frank; selling anything on e-commerce might look simple, but it isn’t child’s play to maintain a hot brand year after year. Selling makeup online is almost impossible because you can’t see or touch the cosmetics in person. Learn more:

Somehow, entrepreneur Doe Deere has made it work, and her Lime Crime makeup brand is now more popular than ever around the world. The Russian-born beauty had a specific plan in mind, according to the French Tribune.

Her dream began in her native country with the aspiring businesswoman selling temporary tattoos to her classmates in middle school. Doe Deere had the gift of gab and was able to convince students that the tattoos were the latest cool trend.

She loved fantastical creatures like the unicorn and colorful hair, fashion and makeup. By the time she was a teen, she was living in New York City and experimenting with all kinds of ventures, from selling clothing on Ebay to joining a rock band. Learn more:

By trial and error, Doe Deere became sharper with the business of building a brand. She learned to master the internet and studied the benefits of e-commerce and how this way of new selling would take over the world. She also became savvy on social media and how exchanging ideas with future customers offered a number of advantages.

Then one day back in 2008, Doe Deere developed an incredible concept and strategy. She would create her own makeup line but not just any brand.

Doe Deere did something successful entrepreneurs understand well; she found her business niche. Doe Deere would build a cosmetics brand, Lime Crime, on bold, modern makeup. This type of beauty was not around even large cities like New York, and because Doe Deere enjoyed pairing strong makeup with her wild hair and fashion, she would make her own. Her makeup color palettes feature unusual shades with super pigments.

She dove in and took a huge gamble with e-commerce. These days, Lime Crime is the little darling of social media and very popular among young women and men on a global basis. Doe Deere also features the makeup at some well-known brick-and-mortar stores like Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill.

Another piece of advice she offers falls under communication. Doe Deere is hands-on with Lime Crime. She’s involved with the lab chemist and introduction of new lipsticks, eye shadows, hair dyes, etc. She’s totally immersed.

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