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     According to the article on by Sawyer Howitt, the RFID technology creation is something done primarily for helping many enterprises dealing with the clothes sale to boost their sales and their inventory keeping methods. Although the RFID technology use is something most companies should adopt, recent studies show most of these attire businesses still lag behind in its adoption. Therefore, it’s proof enough that majority of retailers either lack awareness of that technology existence or fear using it.

The RFID systems use that incorporates sales software, barcode readers, and tags only account for approximately 8 percent of the total attire business in Europe and the U.S. that have added it to their daily operations. These surprisingly little numbers have happened because many retailers are just interested in testing the technology, but not using it. To this end, these technology developers think their product is beginning to break ground while the demographics show differently.

Another factor that could contribute to the RFID technology adoption low turnover is because lots of people in the industry of apparel are traditional. To this end, these people rarely try new waters till they become convinced of how a specific factor is going to able to change their lives. Also, the low integration percentage of the RFID technology first-generation into the industry of apparel has come about because of the exorbitant cost accompanying these systems installations.

Retailers have especially been discouraged installing these systems as it’s straining the small profits they make. However, the companies producing these systems have emerged with better, new technology, and cheaper to get. Things might get better soon.

Howitt is the Meriwether Group Project Manager. He takes pride to help entrepreneurs and businesses to grow. He has an extraordinary work plan spinning from finance, business, as well as customer service. In spite of his age, he has the strong capability of understanding the financial and operational requirements of a business plus has already directed various philanthropic organizations.

Howitt is planning on attending the UC (University of California), situated in Berkeley, in 2017 fall. At this institution, he’s planning on graduating from their degree program in Entrepreneurial Finance.

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