Is Securus Technologies a Company That Is Worth Using? Read More To Find Out.

Securus Technologies is offering both inmates and their visitors an opportunity in which they can communicate with one another through a video conferencing method of chatting. There is a vast array of reasons why someone may want to utilize the form of communications that Securus Technologies offers. Amongst one of those reasons is the amount of convenience that it offers. Whether you’re aware of it or not, conducting a visitation session by physically visiting an inmate can be time consuming. By utilizing the program that’s offered by Securus Technologies, a visitor can have assurance of knowing that they can begin chatting with the inmate who is currently in confinement during a time that is convenient for them.


There is a list of correctional facilities that are on the website which lets visitors know which correctional facilities have already had the system implemented into their options of communications. If the correctional facility the inmate you’re wanting to get in th with isn’t on the list, you may have an opportunity of making a request so that that particular facility can have it installed. In such a case, it may be possible for you to begin speaking with the confined inmate very quickly.


Securus Technologies has received plenty of positive reviews which makes them a company that is highly recommended for anyone to rely on for their needs of efficient and effective communications. Be sure to contact a customer service assistant if you’re in need of guidance regarding the program. Today is a great day for you to reach out to someone who may be needing a close friend, co-worker, or relative to speak with.


Julia Jackson a Successful Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of the Jackson family, born in 1988 in San Francisco, California and cannot remember a time when she wasn’t interested in wine making.

Julia Jackson is currently the spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines. She attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has a Certificate, General Management. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from Scripps College.

Jackson stated that the Jackson Family Wines are set apart from the rest due to her mother’s intuitive understanding of the land. Her mother, who runs the company, is her role model and she considers her a genius.

Julia, in 2014, become the founder of Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. A non-profit organization that celebrates women who have overcome adversities and life’s hardships. These same women are becoming the inspiration for other women in their communities to do the same. They award, each year, $100,000 in cash grants to other non-profits who uphold Cambria’s programs pillars of equality as well as spirit and the community.

The Jackson Family Wines have vineyards in France, Italy, N. America, S. America, Chile, and Australia.

Their winery in France is in a historic 4th-century chateau in Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux. The flagship wine for this winery is Lasségue, a sophisticated elegant wine. However, the vineyards are planted to 60% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. The second label from this vineyard is Les Cadrans de Lasségue which got its name from iconic sundials that are part of the chateau’s charm.

As a child, Julia’s father instilled in his children what it takes to become successful and she has never forgotten these lessons. This business is still to this day male dominated even in California. In 2010 A Pinot Moir from Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard was named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as the Wine of the Year.

Check this website for more info at Cambria Wines.

Beneful’s Benefits for Buddy (The Dog)

It can be a challenge to keep your dog in good shape. Harder still is finding a dog food brand that is both healthy and nutritious enough to help buddy (the dog), reach his goal weight.

Beneful dog food has just the thing. The Healthy Weight line of kibble is designed to give your k-9 just what they need. It is made with 10% fewer calories than the Originals line, and all of the finest ingredients to help Buddy lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Plus, it being made of real chicken and accentuated with delicious flavors such as, apples carrots and green beans, Buddy is sure to love the taste as well. There are 310 Calories in 1 cup of Beneful Healthy weight, to give your dog the energy they need to keep, well to keep being a dog. To aid in the health of your dog, the Beneful website has given us a tool designed to help measure how much food your dog should eat in a day.

Further aiding in keeping your dog at a healthy weight. Beneful healthy weight is a dry dog food, and at the moment is available only in chicken flavor. Beneful is safe and even recommended by some for senior dogs, it helps them maintain a healthy weight. Beneful also provides Healthy Puppy line. for the new additions to the family. Beneful Healthy Weight is available at most stores, such as Walmart, Target, PETSMART, or Beneful’s website itself. The four star ratings from these same websites attest to the many people that agree with the quality and results of Beneful’s dog food.

Kim Dao Answers Questions About Learning Japanese, Modeling, and More

Kim Dao was joined in this video by her friend Vienna, who is a model. Kim Dao and her friend answered questions that were posted on Dao’s  Instagram account. One person wanted to know what Vienna thought was the hardest thing about modeling. Vienna said she had to act as though she were of the traditional Japanese culture. What advice Vienna can give to a girl seeking a job modeling in Japan. Vienna said the main thing is to speak Japanese fluently. Kim Dao and Vienna met each other at Tokyo Extra, an online friendship service in January 2016.


A fan wanted to know what Kim Dao’s age was. At the time she did this video, she was only 25. Kim Dao’s 26th birthday was about a week away. The fan also wanted to know how Kim Dao could afford to live in Japan. Kim Dao said that when she lived in Australia she held down three part-time jobs. Kim Dao’s worst experience in Japan was trying to fit in with the culture. She is outspoken and needs to be quiet. Kim Dao’s best experience in Japan was meeting many new friends and having many new opportunities. Kim Dao said that she found her first apartment in Australia, online while she as looking for a place to live in Japan. Japan is cheaper to live in than Australia, which is very expensive. Kim Dao would like to visit Okinawa. Vienna was there in January 2016 and loved it.


Lori Senecal Takes Up the CEO Mantle at CP+B

Early in 2015, Lori Senecal took up the newly created position of global CEO at MDC Partners’ CP&B. Before that, she was president and chief executive officer of MDC Partner Network and also the global executive chairman at KBS which is also a subsidiary of MDC. Lori is regarded highly because of her strong personality and her expertise in advertising and marketing. Lori is seen as a pioneer because of her ability to establish ingenious technology solutions and approaches to advertising. It is because of her integrity and reliability that she got chosen as the CEO of CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky).

Lori Senecal’s Background

Lori is a graduate of McGill University and has held top leadership positions in numerous companies. She gets the credit for helping major brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, American Express, Victoria Secret Pink, Xbox, Vanguard and many others in the development of very successful advertising campaigns. He style is unique and creative, and she has a rare capacity to remain focused on any challenge in her line of duty. It is because of her leadership that KBS has evolved into a leading agency that now has under employment more than 800 people. Lori’s work has also seen her become branded as the advertising queen. Lori describes herself as a shy introvert who picked up her leadership traits as a gymnastics coach. In her new role, she will manage the expansion and coordination of the eight global offices of CP+B.

The Importance of Parents and Mentors

Lori is grateful to her parents and credits them with helping her become a success in the advertising industry. She also gives credit to mentors for the influential role that they played. According to Adage, the CP+B CEO say that the internet is powerful and has the ability to open new doors in the advertising and marketing industry. She has picked up a reputation because she comes into agencies that are facing critical transitions. These firms require a global strategy for transformation that can make them more efficient. They also need a blueprint for the future and a workable plan that will set them apart. Lori has had success in bringing all that with her through her steady and meticulous approach to advertising and marketing.

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