Leading Network Provider Exceeds Customer Service Expectations

The Gold Stevie award was recently awarded to Securus Technologies for having a high level of customer service satisfaction. They are proud to announce that their 12,000+ IT professionals are trained in immediate customer service response, telecommunications security, and monitoring. They are there to protect the general public from telecommunications crimes along with providing a stable network. Their prices are $4 to $1, in comparison to other popular inmate communications providers. Customers are choosing their network over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. The rising costs of inmate calls has prevented a lot of inmate and their loved ones from staying connected.


Securus Technologies Expands Network


Winning the Gold Stevie Award has caused Securus to expand their network to a international level. A certification 1 is available to their customers as a way to expand their network and hire more professionals. They’re adamant about keeping inmates connected to their love ones around the world. Securus ensures a stable network and every minute that is allotted under your contract service agreement. You can talk more and spend less with features that are technologically designed to improve their service and help their customers stay connected.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Leave your love ones in a correctional facility a message when and where you want to. They can retrieve their messages when they have access to their personalized account. Inmates can order an access account for voicemail messages through their commissary.


Online Inmate Photos


If you’re interested in sending your love ones pictures, you can send them online for a small one time processing fee. Inmates can also print the pictures and have a tangible copy for their records. This helps them follow the growth of their children, love ones, or friends.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer today by visiting their easy to read and navigate website for more details and promotional offers.


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