Entrepreneur Chris Burch Builds The Best Resort In The World

Chris Bursch is an entrepreneur who has created brands like C. Wonder and Tory Burch that are recognized around the globe. He recently entered the hospitality industry when he, along with hotelier James McBride, bought a hotel on Sumba, one of the islands that make up Indonesia. The business partners then invested another $30 million into the property and reopened it in 2015. The hotel is now named Nihiwatu and, as a five-star resort, it was named by Travel + Leisure magazine as the best hotel in the entire world.

When conducting an interview with Business Jet Traveler, Chris Bursch made the comment that he built the hotel for his children. He also did it for the community living on Sumba, many of whom work for the hotel and others who profit from the wealthy clientele it attracts. Click christopherburch.com to discover more. Burch also owns a private residence on the property he named Raja Mendaka. There are another 26 private villas on the property which feature touches such as a butler in every room and spa that was built under a waterfall. Try reading this.

Chris Bursch is the Founder of Burch Creative Capital and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. It is through Burch Creative Capital that he has launched a number of his brands that have taken the world by storm, see businessinsider.com. He has built more than 50 companies that offer consumer high-end luxury products and services. As an innovator, Bursch has developed a detailed understanding of consumer behavior and how to provide products that are appealing and fashionable. He is also an expert at sourcing the materials used in his products, as well as their development. Some of the brands he has launched include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Pippin, TRADEMARK, and Cocoon9. He is also one of the people behind other brands such as Jawbone, Voss Water, and the luxurious Faena Hotel + Universe which is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More of him here on mashable.com.

It was in 1976 that Burch started his entrepreneurial career, while he was still a student at Ithaca College. Along with his brother, Bob, that founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel with an initial investment of $2,000. This investment grew into a company that was worth a staggering $165 million when the pair sold it to Swire Group. Chris Burch took his proceeds from the sale and put some of it into Internet Capital Group as one of its earliest investors. This also was a success and paid off when the company achieved its IPO.

More stories here, https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/burch-creative-capital#/entity.


Investing In Your Future

Timothy Armour offers a compelling counter-argument to Warren Buffett’s bet that he could gain more money by investing in passive index funds than active ones. Armour argues that while Buffett’s strategy is tried and true for him, that people could, and do, make more money investing in good active funds.

Of course, as is the nature of stocks, there is no way to envision which active funds will be winners in the long run. However, Armour’s advice to investors is to focus on low cost funds and investment managers that invest into those same funds.

Timothy Armour has more than 30 years of experience at Capital Group, and has been chairman for two years. Armour is chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc, which is part of Capital group, as well as chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Armour has worked for Capital Group since graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College. With over three decades of investment experience, he has had great success with Capital Group and attributes Capital Group’s success to every single person working for the company and ensuring that their investors are given the best experience with investing for their future.

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Get to Know about Bruce Levenson’s and His Investment in 3 Minutes

Bruce Levenson was born in October 1949 in Washington DC. He is a businessman, philanthropist and he previously owned an NBA team. Bruce served as a governor for the Hawks from 2004. He is married to Karen Boyarsky with whom he has three children.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks LLC, formerly Atlanta Spirit LLC, was formed in the year 2004 so as to buy them from Turner Broadcasting. The then majority co-owners, Bruce and Peskowitz also included the Atlanta Thrashers but later sold it in 2011.

In late 2014 Bruce declared his intentions to sell his ownership shares and organized the sale with assistance from the investment firm. His ownership came to an end in April 2015 after his shares and rights to operate were bought by Tony Ressler. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

United Communications Group

In 1977 Bruce, alongside Ed Peskowitz, formed the United Communications Group (UCG) their first publication was Oil Express a newsletter that focused on growth in the oil business. In time, they launched databases such as OPS (Oil Price Information), acquired more newsletters.

Presently, the company specializes in analyses, data, and news for sectors such as mortgage banking, technology, energy and many more sectors.

UCG also operates and owns Gasbuddy an application that assists drivers school to locate local gas stations with low prices. Source: brucelevenson.com

Bruce Levenson Philanthropic Works

Bruce has been involved in different philanthropic and charitable organizations. One is the funding of University of Maryland. According to PR Newswire, the purpose of the initiative is to expose undergraduates in the university to volunteer work and non-profit initiatives.

Levenson and his spouse introduced their agenda to the University and funded the $75M initiative. Maryland’s State boosted them with an impressive $20M.

The primary goals of the Institute are:

  • Educate students and motivate them to give back
  • Train non-profit leaders of the next generation

The initiative has seen much success in their goal to create non-profit entrepreneurs such as the co-founder of FRN (Food Recovery Network), Ben Simon.

Mr. Simon has gone ahead and started Imperfect Produce which helps consumers access generate seen unfit for sale at high discounts aimed at reducing waste.

Leading Network Provider Exceeds Customer Service Expectations

The Gold Stevie award was recently awarded to Securus Technologies for having a high level of customer service satisfaction. They are proud to announce that their 12,000+ IT professionals are trained in immediate customer service response, telecommunications security, and monitoring. They are there to protect the general public from telecommunications crimes along with providing a stable network. Their prices are $4 to $1, in comparison to other popular inmate communications providers. Customers are choosing their network over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. The rising costs of inmate calls has prevented a lot of inmate and their loved ones from staying connected.


Securus Technologies Expands Network


Winning the Gold Stevie Award has caused Securus to expand their network to a international level. A certification 1 is available to their customers as a way to expand their network and hire more professionals. They’re adamant about keeping inmates connected to their love ones around the world. Securus ensures a stable network and every minute that is allotted under your contract service agreement. You can talk more and spend less with features that are technologically designed to improve their service and help their customers stay connected.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Leave your love ones in a correctional facility a message when and where you want to. They can retrieve their messages when they have access to their personalized account. Inmates can order an access account for voicemail messages through their commissary.


Online Inmate Photos


If you’re interested in sending your love ones pictures, you can send them online for a small one time processing fee. Inmates can also print the pictures and have a tangible copy for their records. This helps them follow the growth of their children, love ones, or friends.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer today by visiting their easy to read and navigate website for more details and promotional offers.


The Lip Balm Revolution

When you think of lip balms, what are some of the first brands that come to mind? More than likely the tried & true brands of Chapstick and Burt’s Bees will probably come to mind immediately. Did you know that there is a new king of the hill now days? If you aren’t in “the know” then just know that this brand is setting trends and it’s rejuvenating the industry for better growth. Evolution of Smooth or (EOS) is that brand and it’s giving the user healthy more beneficial ingredients than ever before.

Ingredients are the driving force in any healthcare product and Evolution of Smooth is no exception. Some of the finest of ingredients are formulated within it’s dynamic DNA. Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Antioxidants, and Vitamin E are the weapons of choice as these products will hydrate and heal the entire lip region. How about the flavors? Well, (EOS) sets itself apart from the competitors with many interestingly infused flavor blends such as:

Honeysuckle Honeydew is one of it’s best flavors as it gives the user an irresistible rush of some of freshest honey flavor. The lips are instantly moisturized and are left feeling wonderfully soft all day after use. Blueberry Acai is another popular flavor that delivers a refreshing blue berry taste with a hint of acai flavor. The options are nearly endless here and the products can be bought at many popular retailors like Walgreens and Wal-Mart, check also ebay.com. End the end, Evolution of Smooth is the brand to beat in modern day lip balm therapy, visit EOS on facebook.com.

  • Vanilla Mint
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Blueberry Potion
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Sweet Tangerine
  • Lemon Drop
  • And more

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