Sound Investment Solutions To Clients By Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions are always welcomed by clients as these allow them to grow, protect as well as manage their assets in a much better way. A resourceful partner as well as advisor in this respect is Richard Blair. He is highly experienced. He is a qualified professional with several certifications that include CAS, CES, in addition to RICP and CFS.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. This is an Investment advisory firm. It is based in Austin, Texas. It is operating there as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Richard Blair believes that a solid plan is required by all in order to pursue their financial goals. He wants to arm the Austin, Texas, community financially. This can be done by providing them wealth management services along with retirement planning to clients.

Wealth Solutions is following a three pillar approach. This way the firm can discover the financial situation of their clients quickly. It can also assess their retirement needs accordingly. This makes it easier to devise a holistic plan that can be customized as per each client.

First Pillar is specifically designed for helping the client in laying down their financial roadmap. It helps to identify their strengths, goals along with risk tolerance ability besides the growth opportunities. This helps to forge a great financial roadmap for them to follow.

The second Pillar is used for developing a long-term strategy in order to meet the client’s investment needs. This needs to be tailored as per the liquidity needs of a specific client besides their investment goals. Richard Blair believes in reallocating and managing assets in a way that would ensure maximum performance of the portfolio of a client while the market is suitable. This helps to reduce the impact of the investment of the client when the market is not so favorable.

The third Pillar is all about determining the goals of the client. It is about establishing strategies in order to achieve these goals. This would include long-term care along with life insurance and annuities too.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has made the decision of offering financial services as well as advice to individuals and small businesses as well as families. This decision has been largely influenced by the teaching background of his family. His grandmother, as well as mother, was teachers. He witnessed how teaching was able to build confidence and increase knowledge. Thus he started Wealth Solutions in 1994 in order to serve clients based in and around Austin, Texas.

A Look At The Popular Texan Bank

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a company in the financial industry that offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. NexBank was founded in 1922 in Dallas, Texas, and has clients across the United States. The company has grown to have $4.6 billion in assets and counts as its clients small, medium, and large sized companies, real estate investors, as well as financial and institutional organizations.

The head of NexBank is John Holt who serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Since he joined NexBank in 2011 the company has experienced strong growth and performance. Holt also serves a member of the Board of Directors for the Texas Bankers Association. He additionally serves this association as a member of its Investment Committee as well as the Audit and Finance Committee. Another executive at NexBank, Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending Mary Pirrello, is the President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA). She has been involved with TMBA since 2007 where she has served roles on their board and committees.

NexBank grew substantially in 2015 when it acquired College Savings Bank. This bank, located in Princeton, New Jersey, specializes in 529 college-savings plans. In a statement about the purchase, John Holt said that College Savings Bank would retain its name, branding, and location. College Savings Bank manages the 529 plans for both Arizona and Indiana.

In order to fund further growth, in August 2016 NexBank raised $24 million through a common equity capital raise. Holt released a statement that said shareholders were positive in their comments about the raise of capital. He went on to say that the money raised would help with continued growth and opportunities.

Reflective of the strong growth of NexBank, it had reported a net income of $38.1 million for the first half of 2016. The company’s return on average equity was 37.6%. The total assets of the company as of June 2016 was $3.5 billion and total deposits that it held was $2.6 billion.

Seattle Genetics Continues Under Clay Siegall Leadership


Clay Siegall is currently the CEO of Seattle Genetics, which is a major researcher and developer of genetic study and technology. As the CEO, he is responsible for the oversight of the company’s long-term plans and acts as a figurehead when it comes to meeting with reporters and investors. While Clay Siegall is heaviliy involved in the business of Seattle Genetics, he also manages his own blog that discusses genetics and other areas of science.

The blog, which he manages on WordPress, has been updated with several interesting science news reports. One of the most recent postings has to do with early humans and neanderthals. While it used to be believed that humans evolved from neanderthals, many now believe that they may have been two different species that were related. The recent study even went on to state that early humans and neanderthals may have lived among each other, and may have even engaged in social behavior.

Another recent story posted on the blog has to do with issues that many humans face when it comes to making decisions. The studies discussed that while many people may initially not like having to make hard decisions, it is ultimately bad if these decisions are made for people. Those that are not able to make these decisions, or do not want to, will not have too much control over their own lives. Furthermore, once someone is able to make a hard choice, it could be very empowering for them. Once the choice is made, people will like the fact that they have been able to choose their own destiny.


Tips On Dressing Well For The Date On Whitney Wolfe’s App

Whitney Wolfe has made a huge difference in the dating world with the Bumble app. However, it is still going to require a bit of work for men to get a response. There are a few things that men can do in order to get the date with the women they want. Fashion and dressing is one of the most important aspects of getting the date. After all, women love men who could dress well. At its most basic, dressing well means wearing clothes that are clean and in good condition. It does not have to mean a business suit.

Since Whitney Wolfe has designed Bumble to make women more assertive in their dating, it is important for men to give women a reason to approach their dating profile. For one thing, men are going to do everything they can to focus on words. Therefore, one of the best ways to get an edge in the dating app designed by Whitney Wolfe is to take the time to make sure that they are dressed well. One of the best ways to do that is by avoiding logos on clothes. Logos take away from the mystery of the man and women tend to gain attraction to a man according to the element of mystery.

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Wardrobe is one of the best ways to give off an element of mystery. If one can dress well and find a style that is unique from others, then he is going to gain the curiosity of many women. As a result, he may get a response. He may even get a response from Whitney Wolfe herself. However, in order for one to have the most success in dating, it is important for him to make sure that he has a lot of self respect in order to move forward.


Adam Goldenberg: A Pioneer in the World of Fashion

The fashion gurus have dominated the industry. Their creativity and imagination have led to the creation of fabulous clothing on However, just like the world needs creative minds it also needs people who have an eye for fashion trends. People, who can take a simple idea and create a successful company; individuals like Adam Goldenberg.

Adam Goldenberg and his partner have created an online based fashion industry that has revolutionized the e-Commerce business. JustFab Inc., established in 2010, has received great success because of the selling mechanism that they use. It is a subscription-based retail company. That means for you to purchase their amazing products, you will have to become a member.

The Company was later renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group to represents all the brands associated with the company at The other companies include Fabletics, FabKids and the ShoeDazzle.

Adam did not wake up one day and decided he will launch JustFab. He had to build his entrepreneurial skills by engaging in different projects; some were successful and other disastrous. The first Company that Goldenberg founded was the Gamer’s Alliance, Inc. in 1997. He served as the Chief Executive Officer until 1999 when Intermix Media Acquired the Company. He ended up joining Intermix as its Chief Operating Officer thus becoming the youngest COO of a publicly traded Company.

Adam Goldenberg later left the Company in 2005 and in 2006 he launched the Intelligent Beauty in partnership with Don Ressler. The Company was involved in producing beauty related products. Adam operated as the Co-C.E.O of the Company. While working for Intelligent Beauty, the duo released an untapped market. At that time, there weren’t many e-Commerce Fashion Companies. That is what inspired the idea for JustFab. They wanted to combine both social interaction and the fashion. One year after the launch of JustFab, Kimora Lee Simons joined the Company as the President and the Creative Director. Kimora is a force to reckon with in the fashion world and, her involvement with the Company has generated high revenues. They have also partnered with Kate Hudson to launch the Fabletics activewear fashion Brand. Read more on

Since 2009, Adam has been serving as the Director of the The Company is an e-retailer of beauty products.

Adam didn’t complete High School. He dropped out soon after launching the Gamer’s Alliance to pursue his business dreams. He may not have completed his studies, but his skills, passion, and creativity helped him establish TechStyle.

A New Way to a New You

Everyday new and exciting hair care products enter the market hoping to make an impact, or at least enough of an impression that consumers will continue to buy it. Some turn out to be really good, while others end up like split-end hairs. One of the more exciting products of late is Wen by Chaz Dean, .

In a recent article found on Emily McClure took up the challenge to test Wen by Chaz and find out how well it really works. The results were found to be very similar to what Wen promises in their 5-in-1 cleansing system.

Wen cleansing conditioner helps get rid of many of the unnecessary products that you might have laying around your bathroom. The 5-in-1 cleansing system has shampoo, condition, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. Because it offers so many options in one easy to use product, it frees you up so you spend less time managing your hair.

The Wen by Chaz also helps with your financial hair care budget. Instead of spending lots of money on all those different shampoos and conditioners, Wen’s 5-in-1 allows you to only need one easy to use hair care system for a lot less money. Most Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner can be found for around $40, available online on and other retail stores.

As Emily McClure found, that results were immediate. She found that Wen had an effect on her hair and made it fuller, and shinier. On the second day, her hair was a little greasy, and she ended up taking a shower later in the day. by the end of the week, Emily found that she had to adjust a little for her hair genetics to get the results she was hoping for with the Wen by Chaz system. It provided the results she had been looking for.

For more hair care tips, visit the Wen Facebook page.


Tony Petrello Takes Nabors In The Right Direction:

Tony Petrello provides leadership to Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is undoubtedly one of the biggest oil well digging companies in the industry. It not only manufactures and provides onshore and off-shore services; it has an extensive inventory. Its oil and gas services and equipment remain second-to-none.

Overseeing such an impressive operation and assuring that the requirements of the customers are met: would be a challenge for many leaders. However, as humble as he remains, Petrello “easily steps up to the plate,” meeting, successfully, any challenge that comes along in life. It his true acumen as to being a leader: that, frankly, has a good many individuals “eating humble pie.” He simply just knows how to take care of matters–and he gets things accomplished: great things.

Petrello, too, comes with a terrific past history. He is blessed with a capacity to easily solve math problems. He attained two degrees. One is a B.S. degree and the other an M.S degree from the highly eminent college of Yale University. Tony easily matriculated to Harvard Law School, wherein, he earned his J.D.

He went to work for the influential law firm of Baker & McKenzie (now Baker McKenzie). He eventually became the firm’s Managing Partner. A Managing Partner is basically, the same as a CEO, within a corporation: in way responsibilities. The term, is, used, most readily, in accounting firms and in legal firms. However, a law firm, as a model, is a great deal different than that of a oil servicing and manufacturing operation. Providing leadership, inside of a law firm, and then transitioning to an entirely different kind of industry, still in a leadership capacity, is something for the uniquely talented leader. Tony Petrello, not surprising, made the transition, effortlessly.

He provides strategy to Nabors Industries Ltd. He is characteristically a visionary; and his visions are reasonable and practical. Tony sees opportunity where there are “blind spots.” He creates opportunities where there are empty vessels.

After his tenure at Baker McKenzie: Tony moved on to assume a leadership role at Nabors Industries, Ltd. He eventually and easily stepped into his roles of CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

Tony Petrello is in constant movement, whether it is community-based, or working as Nabors Industries CEO and strategist. In example, one area where Nabors Industries is highly focused is the area which follows. (It is necessary to understand that Nabors Industries, Ltd., plays many roles, within the oil and gas market, and the following extensive description, in way of one of its customer-centric operations is a small section of what the corporation provides its clients–and Tony oversees it all:


Nabors currently runs the largest land drilling fleet, on a global basis. There are around five-hundred rigs supplied, in more than twenty-five nations; as well as in nearly each and every important gas and oil basin.

The company has the highest sum of specific rigs. There are more than two-hundred fifteen new AC rigs. The company has added over one-hundred fifty, recently, refurbished SCR rigs to its impressive inventory. The rigs are designed, for the most part, to meet the challenges of specific drilling applications. One example is that of service required in the coldest regions of the world—such as the Arctic. Other rigs are used to address the challenges of a desert environment.

Some of the company’s rigs are considered the most technologically sound and advanced—the world over. One is specific to multi-well drilling: which is the current innovation. In explanation—this application saves money. Pad drilling, when used in practice, allows the operators to drill multiple wellbores from that of a single surface area. Prior to this type of technology, the operator would drill one well, and disassemble the drilling rig. He then moved about to a different location—repeating the same process, over-and-over. When pad drilling is used four, ten, twenty and more wells are drilled from one singular location. The process saves the consumer, as well as the operator, a great deal of money and time. The time spent, previously, packing and moving the rig; and preparing the new drill site is eliminated. The use of the preceding application does not impact the environment—to the same effect of the older application.

As is witnessed, the preceding operational section, is just one small facet of the Nabors Industries Ltd., operation. Suffice it to say, Anthony Petrello, as leader of the eminent corporation, has much on his plate: however, he easily assumes his roles with intelligence and, again, looks at challenges as opportunities to improve upon operations—with the objective to offer superior services and technologies. In the end, Tony Petrello, always makes the best profitable decision, available.


Bob Reina Releases New Piece For MarTech Advisors

Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has released his second guest article published with MarTech Advisor’s in a year. The article, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017”, highlights the fastest and newest styles for video communications for 2016 and how they pertain to the marketing for 2017. Reina is an ideal candidate for this information, his company is an award winning video communications company that spans the globe.

Reina saw a lack of ability to email videos and decided to make a change. That moment was the drive for his creation of Talk Fusion. The company is far more than simply emailing videos though, their products include video email, a mobile app, video newsletters, auto video responders, e-subscriptions, video blogging, video sharing, a Fusion Wall to share and rate videos with other users, and a place to connect and hold things like webinars. Talk Fusion is also a wonder job opportunity. Associates are hired around the world to help grow Talk Fusion’s customer base and are offered amazing employment opportunities that for some, can simply change their lives.

In his newest article, Reina focuses on the ways video is more than simply a useful medium for communications, but instead is more of a valuable asset to help spread necessary messages and information. He quickly realized the uncapped potential of video email way back in 2004 when he realized the market was lacking this particular medium, and his vision was real because video is a hot marketing tool over the last few years for companies in all locations and of all sizes. His return article for MarTech Advisor shares some important tips for using video effective and why everyone should be using this tool in order to capitalize on this popular trend this year.

Reina also contributes to The Huffington Post, but he made his debut in MarTech Advisor in May of 2016. His first piece was titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits” and was one of the most popular articles for the site in 2016. His newest piece is titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” and will be shared with MarTech Advisors massive audience.

How Doe Deere Launched A Cosmetics Craze With Lime Crime

Doe Deere, known for her pastel-colored hair, whimsical fashion style and bright makeup, has learned a thing or two about running a business since she launched Lime Crime back in 2008. Lime Crime, a cosmetics brand sold exclusively online, has captured the imaginations of millions of millennials with its unconventional approach to makeup.

As a Russian-born girl raised in New York City, Deere can recall playing with her mother’s makeup and gravitating toward wild and funky clothes as a little girl. She believes that she was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for ways to encourage others to express themselves visually.

In 2004, Deere launched an eBay store to sell her DIY fashion line. For product photos, Deere modeled her clothes herself and completed the looks with bold, bright and unconventional makeup. Soon enough, customers adored her makeup style just as much as they did the clothes that she was selling. That’s why, just four years later, Lime Crime was born.

When Deere decided to launch her cosmetics brand in 2008, her goal was to fill a gap in the market. Deere had always chosen wild and whimsical makeup when it came to expressing herself. She believes that makeup should be less about concealing imperfections and more about making strong and fearless statements. However, many makeup trends at the time played it safe, sticking to a more minimalist approach.

From the beginning, Lime Crime’s product line has been synonymous with bright colors, iridescent glitter, shiny metallic textures and bold packaging. The products are known for their intense pigmentation, ensuring that any person wearing Lime Crime makeup gets noticed. For instance, Deere’s Diamond Crushers lipstick toppers give lips a glittery finish so sparkly that lips can be spotted from across the room.

Deere’s unique brand attracted a loyal fan base right away. Today, Deere’s Instagram account boasts millions of followers. However, Deere has experienced her fair share of hiccups along the way. For instance, a couple of years back, a security breach threatened the future of the company. Deere had to work tirelessly to earn back the loyalty of her customers.

Needless to say, Deere came out of the situation stronger. Today, her company is known for its unparalleled customer service and security. Deere constantly communicates with her customers through mailing lists, giving them insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

By simply being herself, Deere has launched a craze of unapologetic self-expression in the world of cosmetics. Thanks to Deere’s vision, millions of millennials can be seen wearing glittery and fearlessly bold makeup.

The Future of Technology and Fashion with Chris Burch

Chris Burch


The CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, has been involved with the rise of more than fifty companies. He chooses companies that have a directly positive impact on their clients’ lives. These companies are given support both financial and in marketing and development.


Chris Burch began his career by investing in his brother’s apparel business. They grew it to $165 million before selling. Since then he continually looks for new opportunities. Chris wrote an article about fashion and technology, which could lead to the next success.


Technology and Fashion is the Future


Throughout the years, technology has evolved to become more portable, from the boom box of 70s, moving through the Walkmans of the 90s, to the iPods of today. The portability of technology means most people are carrying some kind of technology with them every day. As a result fashion is being affected.


Some technologies give fashion designers new creative options to enhance their designs. Anouk Wipprecht is a designer who​ takes full advantage of what technology has to offer. She is known for the drink making dress, called Dare Droid. Wipprecht is also known for herself painting dress, called Pseudomorphs.


Other technologies are making you safer with the clothing you wear. Wearable safety devices are being created by merging new technologies and fashion. One example is the wearable airbag that is meant to be worn around the neck to protect bicyclist. It is meant to replace a helmet. When it is worn around the neck, it lays flat until it is needed. It gives the wearer the protection of a helmet with out and of the draw backs.


Still other technologies are being merged with fashion to make people more effective at their jobs. Gloves have been developed for firefighters that allow them to communicate with each more easily. With simple hand gestures, firefighters can let the rest of the team know valuable information such as it is safe or to get out of the building. Fashion that helps improve communication in difficult and damage situations is a technological lifesaver.


Kinetic energy technology is transforming fashion into a source of power. Running shoes are being developed that would allow the wearer to charge a cell phone or another electronic device.


Technology and fashion is helping to remove negative stigmas. Wearing glasses has had a negative stigma. Google Glasses are making it fashionable to wear glasses.


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