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Watching videos created by the wonderful Wengie, loyal viewers may be surprised to know that she is in her 30s. The sound of jaws dropping can be heard everywhere. Ah, how unfair is it that someone can seem so ageless and beautiful with such little effort? The Rainbow haired wonder has heard your sighs and has appeared to share several of her top secret beauty tips so all can share in her “I just wake up this way” cuteness.


Coffee lovers may need to tote the tea since, according to Wengie, there are a myriad of ways it can help one appear younger and fresher. Green teas, especially, have tons of antioxidants that are beneficial to one’s body and their skin. It is a must have in everyone’s beauty arsenal.


The price beauty is high, quite high in fact. Wastefulness is not an option with the cost of high quality products. Sadly, accidents happen. Quite often, they happen to liquid skin toners that drip between the fingers before reaching the face. Instead of seeing dollar signs dripping down the drain, listen to Wengie’s waste not, want not tip to save every drop of your skin toner.


Removing nail polish can be simple and cost effective. There are removers that can cost upwards to $6 a bottle, however Wengie has a wonderful way to cut costs by making your own remover that lasts longer, is easier to keep and can cost as little as a $1 by repurposing items in your house that otherwise would have been thrown away.


Put your wallet away and learn from Wengie, how to create your own makeup remover pads. Rather than $10 for a pack of seven pads, you can create your own removers for pennies a pad that are just as effective and gentle on the skin as a high quality brand name product.


From saving fake eyelashes that have gone frumpy, to feeding your skin with coconut oil, Wengie has what you need to appear timeless, ageless and fresh with ease of effort, and kindness to pocketbook.


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Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is a skilled strategist who can combine patient with persuasion and grace with grit. These skills have enabled her to be a good lobbyist and a political fundraiser. Andrea McWilliams can use her unique expertise to solve any issue she got involved with, as well as finding time for both public and private sectors. Also, Andrea has also served as a board member of several non-profit organizations such as Texas Lyceum, Arthouse, Pioneer Farms, Heart Gift, and the Austin Children in Crisis. Moreover, McWilliams was recognized as a political strategist and leading fundraiser by media houses such as Newsweek, BBC, CNN, FOX News, and NPR.

When it comes to the political scene of Texas, Andrea Williams is considered to be a political force since her appointment as a Chief of Staff at a tender age of 21. She took advantage of the position and formed an organizational alliance known as McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. As a top lobbyist in Texas, Andrea was able to work with her husband in crafting policies for regulatory and legislative arenas. These policies were beneficial to their clients. Furthermore, the alliance has become respectable at both the state and national level.

In her career life, Andrea McWilliams has received satisfactory awards. The Girl Scouts of Texas recognized McWilliams with a Women of Distinction Award. Some years back, Andrea McWilliams won the Austin Under 40 Award. She was also honored as a member of the Glossy 8 list by Austin American-Statesman. In 2016, Andrea was recognized for her dedication and hard work that she delivered to local non-profit organizations. Therefore, she received the Austin Fashion Week’s Style Setter Award.

Maggie Gill: The Driving Force behind Memorial Health Center’s Success

Maggie is the current CEO and president of Memorial Health Center. She joined the center in 2004 as the V.P. of managed care/finance. In 2005, she was named the COO of the organization. She was later promoted, in 2011, to the position of CEO and President of Memorial Health. Her responsibilities at the company include the provision of leadership to all senior presidents, presidents, and physician leaders. She also works directly with Memorial Health University, the Heart and Vascular Institute, physicians, facilities, trauma services, and many other areas in the medical field.

Before joining Memorial Heath, she worked at Tenet South Health System for five years. She was awarded thrice as the Tenet Outstanding CFO during her time there. While at Tenet, she also worked at Palmetto General Hospital, Coral Gables Hospital, and North Shore Medical Center.

Maggie Gill has gained a lot of experience working within the healthcare sector. She is an alumnus of Florida State University where she graduated from with top honors. Later, she went to Saint Leo University for her Master’s in Business Administration. She has also enrolled for a management and strategic thinking course at the Wharton School.

Maggie featured in the 2016 list of 135 CEOs in the nonprofit hospital and health system to know. Appearing on this list is a huge honor because it includes some of the most prominent and successful people in leading nonprofit healthcare institutions in America.

Eon Health and MUMC Partnership

This collaboration has opened up a new option for those enrolled in Medicare Advantage in South Carolina and Southeast Georgia. The plan that will be provided because of the collaboration will feature reduced cop-pays and zero-dollar premiums among many other benefits. Maggie Gill said that Eon Health’s preventative care emphasis was a good match for Memorial Health. The collaboration would be focused on ensuring that patients lead healthy lifestyles and that they could access the level of care they needed.

Memorial Health Bags Several Awards in the Georgia Medical Society 16th Annual Health Care Award

The institution bagged seven awards in the awards. The awards recognize people who have dedicated their careers towards the improvement of health and well-being of the community. Organizations and individuals can be nominated in six categories. Memorial Health won in five of those categories; this success can be attributed to Maggie Gill’s strong leadership. Maggie was given the Heroes Award during the ceremony. The award recognizes individuals who have shown outstanding effort in improving the community’s health.


Kate Hudson and Don Ressler: Creating Fabletics for Activewear

Don Ressler and his wife Ginger have always been passionate about fitness. Ressler says that he and his wife were both athletes and they have retained their passion for fitness even at the moment. According to Ressler that they released that there was a gap in the market for the fitness/athlete wear on Yahoo. They were sure that they could find the premium yoga pants and high-quality shirts for men however they were disappointed to find out that their prices were astronomically high and their sense of fashion was not appealing.

Together with his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, Ressler starting figuring out ways in which they could start a business and they recognized that there was a huge potential in the industry. As result of their work people are living every day of their life in comfortable clothes, and they also look good in them. They give good experience and they do not cost a foot and leg to acquire one. Their brand is known as TechStyle.

TechStyle has a portfolio of brands among them is Fabletics. Fabletics has become an international operation with thousands of employee, it also has over one million VIP members on, this has been possible in just three years, and the firm has propelled its journey to success just like a meteorite. The firm is one of the largest contributors of the TechStyle Franchise. Fabletics has been founded by Kate Hudson. She says that she began he entrepreneur journey at because on the premise of making high-quality yoga pants that do not cost as much. As result of their determination, they have made fitness and fashion accessible to everyone who needs it.

According to Ressler, Kates’ approach to health and commitment to the Fabletics community has radically altered the way in which women view about active wear. Ressler points out that she has saved the whole industry. Kate says that she also need the active wear since she is an active person, yet another reason for launching Fabletics active wear. She says that she feels strong both mentally and physically and insist that women should shift their view toward that direction. According to Kate, Fabletics is all about altering individuals’ pattern to being more active in their life for whichever capacity.

Securus Technologies, Inc. Completes Transaction to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies is one of the most innovative technology companies in the country. For more than two decades, it has served the inmate facilities with a solution that is unmatched in this industry. For his reason, it has grown to become one of the most prominent companies in the United States. As a matter of fact, Securus Technologies has sought to acquire Jpay Company based in Dallas, Texas. Jpay is also a company that works to sustain the inmate family through the provision of digitized payments. As a matter of fact, it was voted as one of the most prominent companies working to help the inmates acquire knowledge and entertainment through its numerous applications. For more than one decade, the company has served the inmate family with unparalleled solutions. It has a market share of more than 33 inmate facilities in the United States and other parts of the North America.


Securus Technologies has announced that the company has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Jpay. For this reason, they will integrate the business into their company once they are through with the payment. The company stocks will be incorporated into Securus Technologies’ assets. For the company, nothing thrills them than to acquire much of their market shares through innovation and stability. For this reason, they expect that this acquisition will propel them to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.


According to the CEO and President of Securus Technologies will also go into be books of history as the latest development staircase for the company. For Securus Technologies achieve market value through sustainability, this acquisition will open doors for the company to offer anything concerning technology to the inmate industry. The company also announced that they would complete this payment by the end of the year. When New Year sets in, they will be through.

EOS Lip Balms Roll On Perfectly With Premium Ingredients

There’s nothing worse than cracked, dry lips, no matter what season we’re in. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you can avoid the lip balm, either. In fact, if there’s a time when your lips need extra tender loving care, it’s June, July and August when you’re in the hot rays of the sun.

Our lips are very vulnerable, although it might not appear that way. Dermatologists advise never going out in the sun without putting on a layer of good lip balm first, and there’s a smart reason for this.

Our lips have melanin but not enough to shield us from the searing heat. Melanin is the natural skin pigment that filters out the damaging UV rays. Every pair of lips, regardless of how full or large they are, are also thinner in skin structure, sensitive, and lack protective oil glands.

The best lip balms are those that are organically formulated like Evolution of Smooth or EOS, which offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Each amazing balm is made with soothing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Plus, talk about the gorgeous flavors in yummy Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Drop, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, Blackberry Nectar, Coconut Milk and delicious others. Your lips will become obsessed.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are carefully prepared and perfect for even super sensitive lips. In addition, these formulas leave out the nasty stuff like petrolatum & paraben. EOS lip balms are also gluten free and phthalate free.

Loyal fans of Evolution of Smooth lip balms love the unique shape of the balm spheres. The round ball-like balms glide smoothly and completely over any pair of lips. The buttery texture is very appealing, and the taste is beyond comparison. EOS lip balm products are available on Lucky Vitamin, Walmart and Target stores.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are a good beauty thing all year long.

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FreedomPop Review Offers Clients A New Cell Phone Plan That Is Completely Free

Are you paying too much money for your cell phone bill monthly? Did you know that there is a free cell phone provider out there who doesn’t require that you receive monthly benefits from outside sources? The company, FreedomPop is completely free to its users who want a low monthly amount of minutes or who are looking for a plan that offers less for its users, users like your mom and dad who only use the phone when their outside of the home or for your kids, who don’t really need a ton of minutes anyways.


Cell Phone Provider Offering Customers Free Service


FreedomPop users love the ability to use their phone for free. In a recent FreedomPop review, users stated that they loved the ability to be able to use the phone and without it costing them an arm and a leg each month. If you are unfamiliar with FreedomPop, you must find yourself looking into them for cell phone service.


If you are someone who does not like to talk on the phone much and who is not really into searching things on the internet or streaming music on your phone, you must hear about FreedomPop plans. Here is what you can expect to get from a FreedomPop plan:


Unlimited text messages monthly- will use up data however.

200 Minutes monthly to use on voice calls

No Fees associated with cancelling their plan or for switching to another provider

500 MB of Data to be used how you want to use them

Sprint Cell phone towers will support your phone service


If you live in a rural area, you most likely will find that your cell phone provider in FreedomPop is going to be the best choice. Sprint cell towers are widely spread throughout the US and they offer some of the best towers out there when it comes to not dropping your calls. People who were once big users and advocates for other cell phone providers will now rave about how much they love the Sprint towers. Many other providers are not able to handle the amount of people who are using their networks but FreedomPop keeps you in touch with your loved ones when you need to be and not when you need to keep trying a line because your network is busy.


If you are unsure if you will like their service, why not give them a try and see what you think. Worst case scenario, you don’t want to keep the service and will drop them and in the best case scenario, you will get free cell phone usage for the months following.



Sam Tabar: The Expert Business Strategist

Sam Tabar is a renowned New York-based attorney, advisor and business strategist with an excellent track record in the finance and investment industry. He holds law degrees from Oxford and Columbia School of Law. He started out as a legal professional but later branched out into the business world. Although his main focus is now on the corporate world, Mr. Tabar is still a member of the New York State bar.

Mr. Tabar’s Flourishing Career

Sam has an inclination towards business startups as seen from his recent appointment as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Awearable Apparel, a startup headquartered in New York. Awearable Apparel provides children’s clothing embedded with safety devices that alert parents or caregivers if their children wander too far. In this new role, Mr. Tabar is responsible for business strategy and raising capital for the expansion of the business. He has vast experience in this field as he worked as managing director at Sparx Group where he successfully handled a wide range of marketing and investor relations.

Mr. Tabar is also Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund, which was established in 2013 to finance the provision of environmentally friendly and lower cost energy. In this role, he is responsible for managing and developing strategies for company funds. Mr. Tabar has worked as a business strategist for the most part of his career, overseeing and developing budget strategies in the various positions he occupied. His expertise and experience in this sphere make him fit for these demanding positions that he now occupies.

Mr. Tabar has always had a passion for investment and financial marketing. Therefore, he advises clients on how to create and manage their hedge funds and on regulatory issues related to hedge funds. Thanks to all the experience he has amassed while at this, he is now a financial and legal contributor to the Huffington Post, one of the most widely read news blogs in the world. He offers much needed expert advice on investment and personal finance.


Mr. Sam Tabar is a true embodiment of excellence in the world of finance. Holding two high-profile positions and still having time on the side to offer commentary on the Huffington Post is no easy feat. It requires a high degree of discipline and commitment. He has set the bar high for other professionals in his niche.

The Economic Expert with Significant Contributions at BMG – Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is one of the most highly regarded entrepreneurs of Brazil. His business acumen and expertise revolve around the economic sector. He is the Executive Vice-President of BMG, a high-profile bank in Brazil. Alaor’s childhood began in Santo Antônio popularly known as the mining town of Brazil.



Marco Alaor’s Significant Role at BMG


Marcio Alaor is an eminent leader of the renowned bank, BMG. BMG is a national leader in allocating payroll deductible loans and loans for personal usage. The BMG banking service is part of the BMG Group that is known to be one of the major sponsors of Brazilian football. 2012 marks a significant year for the major advancement of the BMG bank. This is because it was the year when BMG formed an important partnership with Banco Itaú leading to the emergence of a new $1 billion worth bank. The news of the partnership was exceptional and surprising for the corporate world of Brazil. Alaor had announced the three-day success of the partnership negotiation to have transformed into a bank named Banco Itaú BMG Consignado SA. Being born in the famous mining town of Brazil, Alaor described the deal to be similar to the silent work of a miner who completes his mining task brilliantly without advertising the work. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado SA was developed with the primary focus of providing payroll deductible loans.



The Economic View of Australia by Marcio Alaor


In the December of 2015, an article published by Dino on conveyed Marcio Alaor’s expert economic view on Australia’s exceptionally good condition even within the global crisis. The economic instability since 2008 had resulted in unfavorable conditions for every other country in the world besides Australia. He mentioned that this incredible nation successfully adjusts its inflation rates and normalizes interest rates even during the global economic crisis, turning its conditions completely opposite to the entire world with its growing economic system. Even during the worldly market instabilities and crises, the economy of Australia grew by approximately 2.5% in 2015’s third quarter, attaining the final position of the year as a nation successfully defeating the recession consecutively for the 25th time.



According to Alaor, the main reasons for Australia’s victory in the failing global economic condition are dependent majorly on the export of all-encompassing commodities that are heavily in demand by international markets. Some of these products are agricultural supplies and mineral supplies. Australia focused on controlling the fiscal stimulus during the 2008 crisis. They awarded subsidies to enterprises within the construction sector and excused small businesses from being charged with taxes. The Australian administrators realized that their economy could be boosted with large generations of employment from the construction sector. Thus, Alaor suggested all nations, particularly Brazil to implement similar measures.


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