Makari de Suisse: Modern Day Skin Brightening

21st Century Skincare is upon us and the game seems to be stronger than ever. One of the biggest differences in skincare is one of it’s sector’s known as skin brightening. This field has been void of any real product lines until now. Makari de Suisse is the name and skin brightening is the game. This is a luxurious line of skin brightening products that are developed just for people of color.

Makari defies the negativity that’s associated with this sector and it defies the odds thanks to it’s high quality list of products. These products include:

  • Caviar Face Cream
  • Exclusive Toning Milk
  • Night Treatment Cream
  • Beauty Milk Premium Plus
  • Whitening Exfoliating Soap
  • Day Treatment Cream
  • And many more

Makari naturally removes age spots, blemishes, acne scars, dark under eye circles, dark spots, and other skin defects. The formulas are blended with some of the best proven ingredients on earth such as licorice, caviar, carrot oil, argan oil, citrus, and mulberry root. The skin is hydrated to nearly perfection, which gives the user softer, smoother skin that posses’ a glow. Visit the website,


Anyone In Need Of A Great Phone Plan Should Choose A FreedomPop Plan

Finding a very useful FreedomPop review isn’t as hard as it may seem because just about every one of them have their own set of information that can be used to inform a person about one or more of their great services. From cell phone service to the Internet, FreedomPop has it all is as willing to give these services at outstanding prices or even for free. The service that is available free of charge is the cell phone plan that comes with 200 minutes, 500 MB of data, and unlimited text messages, which is a fantastic offer for anyone.


Not everyone will be able to manage having a cell phone service with such limited resources, but some people can make it work for them, and they save any money that they would have paid for another cell phone service. There are other companies that are willing to give cell phone service for free, but FreedomPop is a much better choice because using the service is not restricted to any type of phone. Many who are using free cell phone service are stuck with older phone or with phones that have very little if any features.


Those with the FreedomPop service plan are welcome to use just about any phone, including the great smartphones that are being used today. It’s nice to know that anyone can use a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone with this free plan, and no payment is required unless it’s something that’s optional. The optional choices are adding extra data and minutes to the plan, but it may be more beneficial to simply upgrade to another plan that costs very little, such as the paid plan for $10.99. With the paid plan, there is no limit to the amount of minutes and data a customer has, but there is still 500 MB of data.


Those who see the data cap as a problem can break free, choose the unlimited everything plan that comes with no data cap and will include 1 GB of 4G LTE data. Streaming music, videos, and using apps will never be an issue with the unlimited everything plan, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99 each month. With the several phone plans from FreedomPop, no customer can say that they don’t have choices because FreedomPop is all about choices, and their choices are very low in price too. Start a FreedomPop phone plan today.

Jeffry Schneider Suggests Alternative Investment Plans that will Grow Your Business Assets

Jeffry Schneider prides himself as a seasoned alternative investment financial expert and a cheerful philanthropist. As the CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, he has managed to grow a large portfolio of prominent clients, generated impressive figures and managed to keep his employees happy. Jeffry also works with several charitable organizations as his way of giving back.

When Mr. Schneider decided to launch Ascendant Capital, he had spotted a unique opportunity within the investment industry. He understood that wealthy individuals and large corporations were looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolio whilst reducing risk. This is how he came up with the idea of providing alternative investment strategies.

Ascendant Capital is based in Austin with over 30 full time employees who are financial and structural professionals. Through Schneider’s leadership, the Ascendant team plays an important role of sourcing, structuring and supporting alternative investment ideas they believe are going to be beneficial to their clientele. Mr. Schneider himself has over 24 years experience as a provider of financial investment solutions, thus his leadership is highly respected at Ascendant Capital.

On business days, behind his CEO desk, Jeffry Schneider is tasked with the role of finding new strategies to raise capital for their established or emerging alternative investment fund sponsors. Jeffry strongly believes teamwork is necessary to push your goals forward, thus he frequently partners with other industry players to push the products to a global scale to both private and public clienteles. On his business network, Schneider partners with family offices, private banks, broker dealers and even fellow registered investment advisors.

As we all know that numbers don’t lie, Ascendant capital has grown quite an impressive performance record over the past 5 years. Jeffry Schneider together with his ingenious team of professional financial experts have managed to raise almost $1 billion in funding to alternative asset funding sponsors. Ascendant’s business network has grown to over 50 brokers and 250 private investment advisory companies whom they closely work with.

With the raised funds, Ascendant Capital has succeeded in making lucrative investments in real estate, auto dealerships and technology on behalf of his clients. This is just a tip of the ice berg according to the team at Ascendant Capital as they are looking forward to surpass the $1 billion funding mark and create fresh investment strategies.

About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, a team of financial experts experienced in providing alternative investment packages to a prominent clientele. Prior to launching Ascendant Capital, Jeffry was an employee at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. He has also worked at Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney where he gathered his extensive knowledge in financial and investment strategies.

Jeffry Schneider is also a philanthropist and is passionately involved in a number of charitable projects. He partners with organizations like Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Home for Children.


Getting High Quality Business And Investing Training From VTA Publications

Are you an investor struggling to find success in the stock trading arena? Seeking a fabulous way to amass a fortune in your business enterprises? Perhaps you are aware that Jim Hunt has expert guides and courses that assist ambitious individuals reach their goals.

If you are not already aware, Jim Hunt VTA Publications has been educating, mentoring and also coaching enthusiastic individuals for a very long time and he understands exactly what novices need in order to make it in the business world. Jim has actually designed training programs and also courses with the beginner in mind and also has assured to deliver the very best quality products to customers, clients and all those that are interesting in gaining the knowledge they need to succeed.

Stock trading at is a wonderful way to make money and a lot of individuals are without a doubt attracted to the stock trading field because of the hug success it promises to those who are serious about achieving financial success. It is also important to mention that fortunes have are actually being made by individuals, both newbies and experienced investors, who take the time to learn what what works and apply the secrets and strategies.

New investors should take appropriate steps towards researching the stock trading market and knowing how the industry works and there are a huge number of quality information products to help you, such as those provided VTA Publications on

Countless investors who have been looking for profitable opportunities to meet their goals, have finally began to reap tremendous results after utilizing the easy-to-follow steps outlined in the courses and books available from VTA Publications on YouTube.

When it comes to choosing the right course or information products to help you succeed, no matter your investment or business field, it is imperative to get your hands on a program or course that is proven to work.

VTA Publication is truly a credible provider of business and finance publications, books, guides and courses dealing with a wide variety of wealth-building and investment topics on Huffington Post. Check out VTA Publications if you’re really serious about attaining great success in your own business or as an investor.

Brad Reifler Provides Excellent Leadership For Forefront Capital

In the financial industry, there are a variety of positions that business professionals can obtain. However, there are very few positions that demand as much as the CEO position. Recognized throughout the business world as a glamour position that demands respect and attention, the CEO position is the position that many people spend their entire professional career trying to obtain.

There are many reasons why business professionals want to become the CEO of an organization. While many of the reasons can be seen as personal and benefiting the individual, there are some reasons that go beyond the person. Becoming a CEO is great accomplishment. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to become a CEO. In addition, to become a CEO people must produce results. One of the main qualities of a CEO is leading an organization successfully. A CEO must produce great results.

In the financial industry, results are not only desired, results are demanded. The competition in the financial industry is real and very competitive. Also, as an industry, the financial industry has numbers that tell the truth about a company’s performance. It is not hard to determine if a CEO is doing a good job because looking at the company’s financial numbers will tell a viewer almost all that needs to be known.

In the financial industry, one of the CEOs who has made a name for himself is Brad Reifler. The current CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler is known throughout the financial industry. A smart businessman with a keen ability to recognize great investment opportunities, Brad Reifler has accomplished a lot during his professional career. Brad Reifler has helped to make Forefront Capital a major player in the investment sector of the financial industry.

What does it take to become a great CEO? There is not one specific answer to this question. Every CEO is different. The way each CEO manages is different. The management style of each CEO is different. As a result, there is no set way to be a successful CEO. The success of a CEO is an individual situation that is ultimately determined by how well the individual performs as a CEO.

How Did Bruce Levenson Become One Of The Finest Owners In The NBA?

Bruce Levenson began as a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and the ownership group dissolved leaving him as the principal. He took the reins of the team with quite a lot of confidence, and he ensured the team was built in the image of other great teams in the league. This article ( explains how he emulated the San Antonio Spurs in building his franchise, and there is a look at how influential he was in small markets.

#1: The Spurs’ Winning Legacy

Mike Budenholzer and Danny Ferry were brought over from the Spurs to ensure the Hawks could be built from the ground up, and he was quite influential in copying the styles of the best teams in the league. Small market teams are following his lead as they attempt to remain competitive in a league with quite a lot of talent.

#2: Bruce Built Up Philips Arena

The stadium for the Hawks is known as Philips Arena, and according to it was updated several times over the years while Bruce was owner. He gave the fans an experience that was far above any other, and he ensured the customers who watched the games felt as though they received value. He built a brand in the city of Atlanta, and he ensured the city was aware of the lovely time that was to be had at a Hawks game.

#3: How Did The Hawks Become Great?

Bruce was patient in his growth of the team, and he waited while the roster was built to win 60 games in a season. They have never been better, and they will continue to grow given the infrastructure that has been put in place.

Time Magazine says the leadership of Bruce Levenson has been powerful in the life of the Atlanta Hawks. The team has never been better give its current makeup.


Vijay Eswaran Successful Career

Watch Vijay’s video about Shaping East Asia – Dato’Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam – YouTube

Vijay Eswaran is a respected businessman in the world. He is currently the president and chief executive officer of the well-known QI Group of Companies. These companies have grown significantly under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran, registering huge profits over the years. As the chief executive officer of the QI Group, Vijay has several responsibilities. He is responsible for the financial services, multi-business conglomerate, hospitality, retail, education and direct selling. QI Group has a subsidiary known as QNET. QNET was started in 1998, and at the moment, it is recognized as a global organization with offices and branches in over one hundred nations around the globe. The Malaysian businessman has been instrumental in the growth of QNET, merging the old methods of marketing and modern technology.

Check Eswaran’s Linkedin

Since childhood, Vijay Eswaran wanted to come up with a company that was going to combine the people’s power and the modern technology. This great vision has served as his foundation, and it has made him prosper in the harsh economic climate. While starting all his companies, the Malaysian investor used the tried and tested methods and e-commerce, and these resulted to a very powerful emperor.

Vijay has done so well with the help of several partners. The businessmen sat down and discussed the products and services that would sell and be accepted in the modern market. The team wanted products that would set them apart from the rest of their competitors. They chose to sell precious metal in the European market. Fortunately, they managed to secure the legal rights to deal with the commemorative coins, and this served as a good foundation for their company. Under the leadership of Vijay, the company did well, and in 2000, it was recognized as one of the businesses that had the highest sales.

The Malaysian investor had a tough time when starting his career. He lacked powerful connections, capital, and a supportive family. The lack of funds was the greatest challenge, and the financial crisis made things worse. However, his partners helped him succeed in his plans. Eswaran did not want to spend all his life making money for other people, and this motivated him to work hard.

Securus Corrects the inaccurate information presented by GTL

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal technology in the prison industry. The company has strived to foster public safety, monitoring, and investigations in correction facilities. As a leading technology firm, Securus Technologies has lots of competitors. Competitors like GTL seek to gain an unfair advantage by releasing misleading information against Securus Technologies. Securus has since come out correcting and highlight wrong information made by GTL. According to Securus, GTL’s misleading press release was based on malice. The whole information was highly inaccurate. Securus made a press release to correct GTL in most of its claims.


One claim alleged by GTL was that the company was only a few months from going back to court. GTL would then finally prove how Securus Technologies infringes its patents. The company added that Securus Technologies had challenged other patents that were PTAB validated. Securus refuted these claims stating that GTL’s claim that they were only a few months from going to court were wrong. The jury may not hear any evidence from any side anytime soon. GTL has not yet had any evidence as the PTAB had no right to determine whether innovations were patentable.


Securus Technologies is a firm that has committed itself to service and communication. The company provides services such as information management, investigation, emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis and public information. The company has always dedicated itself to making the world a better place. It provides innovative and comprehensive technical solutions applicable in correction facilities.


Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company delivers its services to millions of inmates across North America region. Securus Technologies has always shown a commitment to serve. The company has improved its services immeasurably. It recently received an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. The rating is based solely on customer satisfaction and experience.