Cute On Trend Packaging With EOS

EOS lip balm was born out of the idea that lip balms should not all be in a tube and boring to use. EOS would be a joy to use, it would look good, taste good, and make the lips feel good. Though it would be up against competitors, the balms would be a new and exciting option that customers would prefer.

Three men founded the company but almost all of it’s customers are women. The almost exclusive female customer base responded well to the product because it was them that the product was designed for. The men were sure to ask women exactly what they wanted out of a lip balm product and they responded resoundingly with “a product that doesn’t leave my fingers sticky”, and “something that can be part of my beauty routine”. Being that it was meant to be part of a beauty routine meant that the product had to look and feel beautiful, not like the unisex tubes of chap stick or the pots of balm that left fingers covered in the product.

The spherical EOS lip balm product was a hit because the outer packaging looked very cute. The brightly colored pods looked nice in the hand or on a makeup vanity. They were easy to open, apply, and close multiple times a day. The product was such a hit that the first buyer to bring EOS on board was a woman for Walgreens and starting with selling one million units in their first year they are now selling that amount in just one week. EOS products can now be purchased on Racked or via

The full story on how they were able to do so was detailed out in an article in Fast Company.

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