Fashion And Technology Can Make A Huge Impact Together

The technology industry has made a tremendous impact on the business world and society as a whole over the past few decades. Technology innovations such as the smartphone and the internet have made life a lot different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. With technology such as the smartphone, millions of people can do a wide variety of things using technology to complete the tasks.


People can now do things with technology that were once thought to be impossible. People can pay bills online, shop online, work online, view concerts online, go to church online, watch movies online, and many other things that have changed the way people live their day-to-day lives.


One of the reasons why technology has been able to make such an impact on the way people live and conduct their lives is because of the technology innovations like the smartphone, WiFi, and the internet. The technology industry pushes new ideas. New and different technology is embraced by the industry and the public. Different is good in the technology industry. People want to see the latest and greatest technology.


The fashion industry is another industry where change and being different is a good thing. The fashion industry is all about change. Every year there is a new trend going on in the fashion industry. Fashion designers are constantly trying to create the next big fashion design. As a result, different fashions are delivered to the fashion world every year. People want to see new and different fashions. There is an anticipation to view something fresh, new, and exciting.


A different way that some fashion designers are bringing different fashion to the public is by using technology with fashion. The use of technology in fashion designs brings a different look to the fashion designs. Many fashion designers have made an impression with technology usage regarding fashion.


Chris Burch is a business professional who understands both the fashion and technology industries. He has a sound understanding of both industries because he has started companies in both industries. The companies started by Chris Burch in the industries were very successful.


A list of successful companies are on the resume of Chris Burch. He is well known in the business world and highly respected for his business experience and knowledge. As he moves forwarding his career, Chris Burch is looking for new challenges to meet both professionally and personally.


Eric Lefkofsky’s  New Book “Acelerated Disruption” Shakes Up Taditional Views

Eric Lefkofsky, a renowned and respected Chicago, Illinois businessman is the author of the book, “Accelerated Disruption.” The book addressed the concept associated with disruptive business and how they are revolutionizing the way business is being done in the 21st Century.

Understanding how acceleration disruption operates is key to realizing the potential associated with new product and service introductions and as redesigned and refurbished marketing and sales plans.

New businesses open every second around the world. There’s much anticipation with the new venture or organization. Much to the delight of the owner, they are bringing something new to the marketplace. It’s priced competitively, offers more service or functions efficiently. Some see this as essential, others see it as disruptive.

While this may be seen as good, in the sense of entrepreneurial spirit or big business competition, it serves as a wake-up call. It’s a reminder for businesses, of all sizes, that contemporary technology changes virtually every day. If businesses don’t pay attention to changes in technology, or simply do not care, they may find themselves out of business. Paying attention to the speed of change means all the difference when it comes to success and failure. An organization may be a leader in its sector, but lurking in the shadows is their competitor waiting to overtake them without notice.

The ideology behind the pace of contemporary technology is known as “Accelerated Disruption.” It’s the framework for business development in conjunction with a contemporary technological introduction. It is critical for businesses of all sizes, to understand and initiate this ideology. Accelerated Disruption is a key element is determining how firms position themselves in their industry or sector.

Accelerated Disruption addresses these critical startup and redesign concepts;

  • Selecting the proper sector to innovate
  • Comprehending what pain and loss is and converting it into gain and profit
  • Using practical wisdom to take a disruptive concept and run with it
  • Maximizing productivity with automation
  • Use client base as a Research and Development team
  • Selling the concept over objection

Investor George Soros Is Not Done Fighting For Democracy

The media have inundated online and print news outlets with stories about Donald Trump. The number of times Donald Trump’s name has appeared in print has to be in the billions by now. Trump has ignited a firestorm of anger and frustration in the United States. The political arena has not seen this sort of blowback in more than 70 years. The truth is, Trump didn’t really win the election. Trump stole the election, according to new reports that indicate Russia played a part in electing Trump. Democratic donors like billionaire George Soros have suspected foul-play for months. George Soros donated more than $8 million to Clinton’s campaign through Super PACs, and he donated another $6 million to elect Democrats for Senate and Congress seats. Soros even donated money to attorney general races in several states. Soros is a big advocate for restructuring the Justice System.

When Soros got the news that Trump had more electoral College votes than Clinton, he immediately went into action. He set up a conference through his Democratic Alliance Donor Club. The attendees at the Washington conference discussed the future of the Democratic Party, and steps to hold Trump accountable. The members of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club of George Soros as founder are wealthy Democrats that want to promote a liberal agenda. But the liberal agenda that Clinton was promoting was not in sync with the voter’s concept of liberalism. Soros and other Democrats want to change the Democratic meaning of liberalism over the next four years.

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George Soros rises again

The 86-year-old Soros is up for that challenge. Soros is a Holocaust survivor, so he understands what freedom and Democracy really mean. George left his Hungarian city to escape capture by the Nazis. George was able to change his family name to Soros, thanks to his father’s connections. He arrived in London on his own, and he went to work in a restaurant. George enrolled in the London School of Economics, and he earned two philosophy degrees. He got a job with an investment firm in London, but he accepted a job on Wall Street a year later, thanks to a friend. Wall Street was just getting started, so to speak, and Soros fit right in. He had a knack for investing. By the time he was named “the man that broke the bank of England” in the 1970s, he was a billionaire.

George Soros founded his Open Society Foundation in the 1970s. The Open Society Foundation has donated more than $6 billion to causes around the world that promote Democracy and freedom. Soros is well-versed in global economics. He is an outspoken critic of the European Union and the annexation of Crimea by the Russians. His recent $10 million donation to document hate crimes and his $10 million fund to help migrants start businesses show the true colors of George Soros.

Trump has made a lot of promises over the past 18 months. He has been very vocal about his first 100 days in office and the programs he plans to repeal during that time. But Soros and his wealthy Democratic friends are not going to make those goals easy for Trump.

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Cute On Trend Packaging With EOS

EOS lip balm was born out of the idea that lip balms should not all be in a tube and boring to use. EOS would be a joy to use, it would look good, taste good, and make the lips feel good. Though it would be up against competitors, the balms would be a new and exciting option that customers would prefer.

Three men founded the company but almost all of it’s customers are women. The almost exclusive female customer base responded well to the product because it was them that the product was designed for. The men were sure to ask women exactly what they wanted out of a lip balm product and they responded resoundingly with “a product that doesn’t leave my fingers sticky”, and “something that can be part of my beauty routine”. Being that it was meant to be part of a beauty routine meant that the product had to look and feel beautiful, not like the unisex tubes of chap stick or the pots of balm that left fingers covered in the product.

The spherical EOS lip balm product was a hit because the outer packaging looked very cute. The brightly colored pods looked nice in the hand or on a makeup vanity. They were easy to open, apply, and close multiple times a day. The product was such a hit that the first buyer to bring EOS on board was a woman for Walgreens and starting with selling one million units in their first year they are now selling that amount in just one week. EOS products can now be purchased on Racked or via

The full story on how they were able to do so was detailed out in an article in Fast Company.

How to Fix a National Government

Fixing a national government requires identifying a good model to base your new government on. The American government based its original tripartite constitutional federal republic on ancient Rome. Switzerland, partly based their confederate executive council republic on the American government, with some modifications. Both of these countries are known for being extremely wealthy and prosperous, though this has become less true of America of late.

Identify what type of government your country currently has. The political compass is a powerful tool for doing so, with its four quadrants of left, right, authoritarian, and libertarian. Most governments of today are authoritarian left governments. They believe in enforcing religious toleration and secularism on the national population using deadly force. Their school systems are carefully designed to educate students in socially progressive values.

The major issue with most authoritarian left governments is their large debt, and ongoing political conflicts between the different protected groups. Each one wants a piece of the pie, and the authoritarian left government forcibly makes sure that they all do. The sad truth is that if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Most people in authoritarian left governments report frustrations with debt, stress, and conflict with their neighbors. Examples of authoritarian left (some moderate, some extreme) governments include France, China, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Mexico. All of these countries have mild to large political conflicts, and they have to suppress them using the power of force, as authoritarians.

The high debt and slow growth that characterizes authoritarian left governments sometimes prompts a reactionary force from the right. This recently happened in the United States, where authoritarian right politicians are going to be coming into power during the Presidency of Donald Trump. Examples of other authoritarian right governments today are Russia and Singapore. Authoritarian right governments believe that one set of values should be forcibly pushed onto all members of society. They often have international wars, and high military spending. They sometimes have less debt than their authoritarian left cousins.

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized expert in government and constitutional law. Choudhry likes to help government officials fix their legal systems to make them more effective in maximizing well-being and prosperity for the population.

Sujit Choudhry has seen a tendency for governments to get over confident, and then lose their power to their opponents, rather than learning from them. This creates an ongoing conflict inside the nation that wastes resources and often leads to people dying.

The Facts About Nationwide Title Clearing

Calls for action have been answered by Nationwide Title Clearing. Property reports were available online when placing an order and this caused title defects. Wrongful foreclosures have been a concern in the market for real estate as well as stagnation occurring in the secondary market.


The executives at Nationwide in the department for property records have the ability to be certain a title is clear and reduce the chances of a buyback or the inability to initiate a foreclosure. As one of the leaders in document processing, Nationwide assists the industry of finance and brings in the property reports. The problem began when an update to the website was launched and these reports became available online.


Usually a title defect is caused by an individual claiming a property already owned by somebody else. Many factors can invalidate a title, including wording issues, a missing signature and past liens on the property.


The property reports that were placed online were meant to be of help for the mortgage field. Nationwide is trying to find the quickest and easier way to secure these reports. They receive their data from numerous sources and this includes both individual verification and automation. This process is why Nationwide is successful when servicing a lot of the biggest lenders in the United States.


The officials at Nationwide believe their process is accurate and states they understand the needs of their clients. Their reports are individually customized for the needs of their clients.


Nationwide has their base in Florida and the company began in 1991. The company has private owners and is a specialized provider for residential mortgages. They work with eight of the residential services for mortgages that are considered the best anywhere in the country. They have a reputation for being accurate in all of their services as well as ensuring the protection of the homeowners.


The contributions made by Nationwide have allowed them to expand within the industry. They rank at number twenty-six of the companies located in Tampa Bay with the fastest growth. On the five-thousand listing, they are at number nineteen-hundred. Nationwide has also brought such a large number of Americans back into the workforce, they have won an award for this service.

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Advisory and Dedication

The Davos Financial Group is a conglomerate of different Financial advisory committees dedicated to providing adequate advisory services to the Latino American Community within the United States. It is this financial advice that often means whether or not a newly arriving Latino American immigrant is able to thrive within his new community. The Financial Group successfully assist these customers and making the correct financial decisions necessary for them to make a difference and to become successful with in whatever trade they decide to pursue. In order to better assist them within their financial areas of need Davos Financial Group has recently announced the launching of a new downloadable application for Android and Apple devices. This application is called Davos CAP calculator, which allows clients of the Financial Group to estimate Returns on real estate. Well this is just one small facet of what the Davos financial group advises a pond, the application allows clients of the conglomerate to successfully build up personal finance skills and in doing so can develop a better sense of what their place is within the marketplace. This is great news for the founder and CEO of the company David Osio, who has made it his personal mission to not only provide adequate Financial advice to his clientele but also to generate a better sense of equality within the United States.


David Osio is a native of Venezuela, where he began his professional career serving members of that particular society as a lawyer. It was here that David Osio developed a sense of who he was as a professional, and that he deeply wanted to assist the Latino American community in whatever ways that he could. Osio eventually decided to move to Miami, Florida where he built the Davis Financial Group from the ground up. Since its creation Davos Financial Group has become the premier advisory conglomerate for the Latino American community.


Osio has identified himself not only as a professional within the financial advisory world but also as a humanitarian agents seeking to better the rights of his people. Through his battle and reaching Financial equality Davis has in a way developed his own culture surrounding his financial advisory. The Latin American community living within Florida and Across the Nation can count on Davos Financial Group to represent them as valuable asset to the community.

Follow him @david_j_osio

The Advantages of Being a Client of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar began his career as an attorney advising his clients about all of the things they would need to know in order to legally start a hedge fund. He eventually decided that he wanted to try his hand at something else. He found work overseeing hedge funds for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and PME Investment Advisors. He was also employed by Adanac LLC, BVI. Sam has experienced consistent success wherever he has worked because of his stellar work ethic, his attention to detail and the way that he treats all of his clients. Here are a few of the advantages that you will get if you are a client of Sam Tabar.

First of all, you will get someone who has an outstanding education. This is never a bad thing when the person will be advising you about your financial future. When it comes to educational backgrounds, they do not get much better than Sam Tabar’s. He received a bachelor’s degree from England’s Oxford University. He then pursued a law degree at the Columbia University School of Law. This is considered to be one of the best law schools in the United States. You can have the peace of mind knowing that Sam is a capital strategist who is very bright and well-educated.

As a Sam Tabar client, you will also get the advantage of having someone oversee your portfolio who has been in charge of several hedge funds that were valued at multiple billions of dollars. This means that Sam will be more than capable of taking care of your money and making sure it is invested properly.

Sam also has many very influential contacts that he has gathered during his 15 years of working in the financial world. These contacts can allow him to find out critical information that could help him to find a great investment opportunity for your money. Information is power. This is especially true in the financial world. So it is a big advantage to hire a capital strategist like Sam who has a wealth of info at his disposal that he can use for your benefit.

Bruce Levenson Life

Bruce Levenson is one of the most well-known owners in the history of the NBA. While the owner of the Hawks, he led them through one of the most impressive transformations in the history of the NBA. When he bought the team, the Hawks were one of the worst teams in the league. There are many people who thought that the franchise would eventually move from Atlanta or would be sold. However, Bruce Levenson had a plan and followed it through. He was eventually able to turn things around for the team over the long term. This is a case study that a lot of people have tried to emulate with other teams.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he was young, Bruce Levenson has always wanted to make a big impact on the world. Owning a sports franchise seems like a fun way to do that for a lot of people. If you want to take the next step in life, you have to be willing to take on a risk. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson did just that when he purchased the team. There are a lot of people who thought that he made the biggest mistake of his life in doing so. However, he is now in a great position financially due to his time with the team. Although he has sold off his ownership stake, he is still involved in some of the operations.


Dealing with his time with the Hawks, Bruce Levenson now finds himself in the middle of a lawsuit. He is hoping that everything is resolved quickly so that he can get back to work on other issues that are more pressing. If you want to make a positive impact on your local community, following the example of Bruce Levenson is the way to go.

4 Great Tips Towards More Profitable Investments and Insurance Savings by Flavio Maluf

Certificate of Deposit

The investment serves as a loan made by the investor to a bank that is obligated to issue the paper. The good thing about this investment is that it does not require any management fee even if you have an obligation to pay some income tax. Flavio Maluf says that the paper is protected by a credit guarantee fund (CGF), and in case the bank goes bankrupt this amount should cover the investment. It is advisable therefore not to invest beyond the limit of FGC.

Fixed income funds

What any investor should consider when it comes to investing in fixed income funds is the management fee, and then make a decision whether to invest or not. It is important because some costs involved in the investments might be too high and end up compromising the returns. To invest in such funds, one should ensure that the management fee is not more than 1%.

Private pension

These are amounts allocated to retirement with a possibility of postponing the payment for more returns to build. For such kind of investment, one needs to consider the management fee and taxes involved. There are two alternatives in this investment namely free benefit life and plan free benefit. The latter is more recommended for investors because it enables reduction of contributions made in the declaration, and taxation is made on the entire value of investment during redemption.

Treasury direct

This is an application made in public government bonds by investors through a bank or a broker. The application can be linked to inflation, but the interest rate is set in advance. Flavio Maluf says that investors should concentrate on securities that are equivalent to the period in which the application will be withdrawn to avoid losing money.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian entrepreneur, born in 1961. He graduated from FAAP with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering before joining New York University to further studies and work as well. Mr. Maluf joined Eucatex group in 1987, where he started working in the trade line of the business before working in other areas. In 1997 Flavio Maluf became the president of the Eucatex group, and he serves as the CEO to date. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.