VTA Publications: Jim Hunt’s Company For New Investors

Whenever You’re looking for new answers to your financial questions, or a better way to invest money, there are always many sources who claim they have the answers, but not too many of them have the right ones. Sometimes the real answer is understanding how you can make things like the stock market work for you, or how you can plan out a retirement or run your own business. That’s what VTA Publications, a UK distance learning company wants to empower you to do. It’s not distance learning in the sense of academia, but instead this company’s materials are for independent-minded folks.


The subjects that VTA Publications covers include retirement principles taken from the bible, a different way of planning and making your retirement happen. They also show you the basics of stock trading by learning how to read stock charts and simplifying all the numbers and data. They also give knowledge about the futures market and little-known options and strategies, and some of the best business seminars have been recorded and can be bought along with these other materials at www.vtapublications.com. The company was started by a man who’s spent a number of years helping the lesser educated investors catch up to the big investors. That man is Jim Hunt, self-made investment guru.


Jim Hunt was once a part of the corporate banking world, but after feeling that most of the bank’s customers were being mistreated and taken advantage of, he started up his own investing business and giving secrets to the average investors. Hunt started up his own YouTube channel where he gives viewers an in-depth look at stock charts and offers many trading tips and number pointers. Hunt believes that stock trading has been made to sound more difficult than it really is, and that a few simple trades could actually yield millions in profits.


Jim Hunt started up two projects to illustrate his point, one being “Wealth Wave” and the other “Making Mum a Millionaire.” As Jim points out on YouTube, “Wealth Wave” is the guide to taking advantage of money that leaves the stock market when a bear market is about to hit. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is Hunt’s demonstration on how just 10 trades could lead to someone becoming a tax-free millionaire.  For more free info about Jim and his programs, check out his Twitter.  Or read Hunt’s words straight from the man himself in his interview on Ideamensch.

This App Is A Must For Real Estate Investors

If you are a real estate enthusiast, or if you are currently seeking to purchase a new home, building complex, or apartment in order to invest in them and get back money by leasing them out to other people, then you really need to read this and check out this new application. The application, called Davos CAP Calculator, was put out by the Davos Real Estate Group, headed by David Osio.

This amazing application will show you and calculate for you the probable return of investment that you will get by investing in a certain piece of real estate. It takes into account the expenses of the property and will give you a pretty clear picture of whether investing in a property will be worth it for you or not. You will be able to find out the gain of each property you want.

This application has been in the making for six months. Gerard Gonzalez, who is the executive director at Davos, has been working all these months with the Tecknolution firm on the amazing design of this application.

This application is available on smartphones and tablets, both on Android powered and iOS powered devices. It is only one of a whole series of applications that Davos will be producing. These applications will not only let you estimate the gains of properties, but you will be able to forward reports to your own personal Davos real estate agent to help you out with your business investments.

One of these applications will focus on allowing people to calculate their mortgage through a Mortgage Calculator, similar to the CAP Calculator.

And now, a little background on David Osio himself. David Osio is the founder of Davos Financial Group. The Davos Real Estate Group is only one of several companies that make up the Davos Financial Group. He has established companies all around the world in many major cities, including New York, Miami, and Panama.

David Osio’s glorious career started back in 1981. He then was managing the coffee export program, as the CEO, of OPED Enterprise. He then moved on to manage marketing programs for LETCO, where he was soon promoted to the highest ranks of the company. In 1984, David went into banking with the law firm MGO of Caracas. He was later offered a position in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International in Miami, and he was soon promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial. He founded the Davos Financial Group in 1993.

Follow him @david_j_osio

Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Group Battle New Hampshire Insurance Company

There has been a recent development in the ongoing feud between the former Atlanta Hawks owners, led by Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, and the former general manager, Daniel Ferry. After reaching a settlement over a wrongful termination suit, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC expected to be covered by its insurance provider, New Hampshire Insurance Company. Instead, New Hampshire Insurance Company refused to cover the expenses of the wrongful termination suit, which has led to an entirely separate lawsuit between the two companies.

Bruce Levenson, as well as the rest of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, believes that they are owed for coverage of the settlement as a part of their insurance contract. By contrast, New Hampshire Insurance Company is claiming that the settlement with Ferry did not fall under the guidelines as established by their contract. In fact, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group has outlined in its complaint the general behavior of New Hampshire Insurance Company during the entirety of the settlement with Daniel Ferry. New Hampshire Insurance Company did not make any attempts to facilitate the payments or indicate that Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment would be covered for the costs.

Aside from the pending litigation with New Hampshire Insurance Company and the United Communications Group, Bruce Levenson is also known for being a philanthropist in both Atlanta and Washington. In fact, Levenson spent several years as a writer for the Washington Star before he moved on to other ventures. As of today, Levenson can be seen working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Washington, as well as running the Atlanta Spirit organization. His business acumen, combined with his charitable nature, has managed to turn Levenson into a publicly admired figure across the country.

The Journey Sam Tabar Has Taken For His Success


Born Sam Tabar, the New York based lawyer and businessman is one of the most influential leaders in the country. He specializes in capital strategies and has played an instrumental role in the transformation of business practices in the state. Most people just know the larger than life name of the entrepreneur, but only a few know the tough journey he has been through to get to where he is. Below are things you might not know about Sam Tabar.

Early life and education

According to CrunchBase, Sam was born and brought up in Montreal Quebec, Canada. He attended the first years of his elementary school in the country. It was after successfully completing his high school education that he joined the University of Oxford. After graduating Oxford with top honors, he enrolled in the School of law at the University of Columbia and graduated as an attorney in 2001. While at the University, he worked for their paper, The Columbia Business Law Review.

His career path

Sam Tabar worked for the Business Law review paper for a few years before he left again and joined Skadden, Arps, Meagher and Flom LLP. This is one of the most recognized law firms on the globe. His responsibility was to the hedge fund clients and the things they could do to help them invest properly in them. He stayed here until 2004.

He shocked many when he decided he had had it with his legal career and decided to switch gears completely. He approached the world of high finance as a rookie. The first company that took him in was the Sparx Group. He worked here as a counsel and worked all the way up to the post of managing Director. He was managing a hedge fund worth 2 billion dollars. This is the time when he created a strategy that was aimed at people with a great net worth. Before he left the company in 2011, he had helped them raise over 1.2billion dollars.

He joined the Bank of America after leaving the Sparx Group. He got an appointment as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia and Pacific Region. He decided to rejoin the legal world in 2013. He became a senior associate at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Again, he specialized in hedge funds.

His career has been quite illustrious, and his investment portfolio is even more impressive. He is also very philanthropic. One of the courses of action he is passionate about is Thinx Company, which provides sanitary products to women that cannot reach them in third world countries. Sam is fluent in English, French and Japanese. When not working, he travels and hosts events. Sam Tabar is a truly inspirational leader in the world of business.  Recently, Sam became the CFO for Awearable Apparel.  You can read about this in iCrowdNewswire.

Why Brazilian Entrepreneurs Are Confident Of an Upturn in the Market Economy


Brazilian entrepreneurs have suffered constant disappointments despite high confidence in the sector. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, remains upbeat about a turn in form despite the market situation. Despite rising faith in better results, analysts are still uncertain about the spiraling trend in the manufacturing industry.


The increase in business confidence is attributed to a recent report by ICI. The Industrial Confidence Index revealed an increment of 2.1 in the latest figures. Such statistics are a positive indication from the 88.2 points recorded in August. Afterward, the figure rose to 88.8 points which are the highest numbers since July 2014.


The data obtained is based on an analysis of financial activities within the last six months. The Brazilian Institute of Economics conducted the research of the Manufacturing Industry. By September, the Institute had collected 1,120 opinions from business leaders. In addition, results from the survey indicated an improvement in 12 of the 19 sections analyzed. Furthermore, such results were also extrapolated for the next six months.


Entrepreneurs also hailed the increase in stock turnover during the research period. Even though previous figures had dropped from 14.1% to 12%, there is a silver lining in the horizon. Population wise, Maluf reports in Terra that 7.1% of businesspersons thought that stocks were insufficient. Such a percentage is expected to rise in recent months if the situation is not solved.


Analysts are of the opinion that market recovery will pick up speed, despite the sluggish growth experienced. Aloisio Campelo, a public statistics superintendent, advocates for adequate domestic market attention to improving the economy. Furthermore, an increase of 13 points in September is expected to boost the recovery process.


Background of Flavio Maluf & Eucatex Group


Mr. Maluf has served as the CEO of Eucatex Group since April 2005, as per LinkedIn. In addition, he also owns Golden and Premier Pet, which are brands of feed. Before working for Eucatex, Flavio Maluf worked for numerous companies such as Sistema and Citibank.


Eucatex is a leading provider of insulating materials and ceiling from eucalyptus fiber. The company is an advocate of green production techniques to conserve the environment. Based in Salto, the enterprise focuses on the production of MDP Boards and wood panels. The firm holds 41% of the market share, and is the second largest provider of wood fiber panels.

The Culture And Environment Of Shared Office Spaces


One thing that is attracting people to shared office spaces in New York is the culture. For one thing, the culture of the area is a lot different from the typical culture of regular workplaces. Ina traditional workplace, there tends to be a lot of pressure put on the workers. Often times, people are doing what seems to be the work of two workers each. At the same time, a lot of these people are not exactly enjoying their jobs. Many people would say that they would not work the job that they are working if they had a choice.


In any coworking space NYC has, the culture is a lot different. Given the flexibility of the space, a lot of people that are attending the shared office space are there because they choose to be there. There are a lot of advantages that come with working at a shared office space as opposed to a traditional workplace. One of the advantages is that people are more likely to believe in the type of work they are doing. People at work see the purpose of their job. As a result, they are more passionate about the work they are doing.


One of the most important aspects of a shared office space is how much productivity it inspires in people. One coworking space in an NYC facility that brings out a lot of productivity is WorkvilleNYC. Workville inspires people to work on their jobs. For one thing, people can be distracted from even the job they enjoy. However, Workville makes sure that the focus is strong, and the place has a lot of fuel that will help people focus on the type of work they are doing. Workville offers coffee and other refreshments that will help them do what they need to do in order to succeed.

Understanding The Real Estate Market in NYC


New York Luxury real estate group of companies which include Macklowe’s Properties, Simon Baron, Sorgente Group of America, and O’Connor Capital Partners, are the most active real estate developers in Long Island City and NYC. These firms oversee construction activities, and they believe in quality projects that are economical and affordable. Town Residential states the main aim is to unite both worlds and create homes that appeal to a wide range of buyers’ worldwide that are seeking apartments for rent in New York.

The real estate group latest projects are projects based in Manhattan and 200 East 62nd Street. Manhattan has little or no new luxuries projects while 200 East 62nd Street stands out in the real estate industry as it blends uptown and downtown sensibilities. At Manhattan NYC Luxury real estate, the basis is on property management whereby the constructors will be in a position to offer properties at affordable prices as compared to the other projects.

Their next big projects are in Long Island City, Green point, and Upper East Side partly because these three areas have a lot of room for growth. The real estate group also wants to establish areas such as Upper West Side, where entering barriers are high due to landmarks. The other project is a conversion of Rosario Candela building opposite Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side in the 80s. These buildings interiors have historical designs, and the architects use modern sensibilities to construct the houses.

In the recent years, foreign currency has fueled the growth of luxury real estate, making it global thus easy for everyone to access it. Given the ups and downs in the global financial markets, one of the safest investments in the market is the bricks. With political instability and economic fluctuations worldwide, the United States foreign opinion of real estate market remains a substantial investment which keeps the demand high.

While doing their projects, they make sure that the streets not only preserve historical events, but they also have a layer of sustainability that takes the buildings to a whole new level. With a neighborhood with a lot of activities such as new restaurants coming up, better retail markets and an overall great value, it will only be a matter of time before the real estate market in NYC sprouts out completely.

Cone Marshall Leadership

Cone Marshall is law firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has a reputation for dealing with some of the most complicated cases in the globe. Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey, an expert in trust and tax laws. The law firm serves customers on an international scale, and it is respected for its achievements in solving domestic and international tax and trust cases.


At the moment, Cone Marshall is led by two experienced principals. These two leaders have worked in the legal industry for decades, and they have a reputation of serving of consumers. Since it was started, Cone Marshall is known for being an advocate of transparency and justice, especially for problems that involve different states and taxes. Cone Marshall currently has an online portfolio indicating its great dedication to serving high net worth individuals, organizations and different countries from around the globe. The law firm has a built its reputation internationally because of this portfolio.


The leadership in Cone Marshall is one of the reasons why the law firm has done well and beat most of its competitors. The principles of the company have past career that speaks volume about their achievements and values. One of these principles is Karen Marshall.


Karen Marshall worked in London before joining work in Cone Marshall. She worked in London for ten years before relocating to New Zealand. In 2005, she joined the company as a lawyer and worked hard to gain the principal position in the year 2006. Karen has always specialized in in commercial litigation matters in her career.


Geoffrey Cone is another principal at Cone Marshall. Geoffrey is an expert in tax and trust laws, and he has worked as an attorney for a very long time. Geoffrey Cone is one of the most influential lawyers in the trust and tax matters in New Zealand. Cone has also done a lot for the law firm, making it an internationally recognized institution that specializes in tax planning and trust issues. The successful lawyer has all the knowledge needed for the position, and he ensures that people who visit the company get the type of services they need.


Geoffrey Cone is currently one of the most successful attorneys in the world, and he motivates other lawyers in the globe to work hard and achieve the best. In the modern times, cases concerning international trusts have increased, putting Geoffrey Cone and his law firm in the limelight.






Talk Fusion: Life Is Better Than Ever

In it is now nine years that Talk Fusion has been in business thanks to Bob Reina. He is a true visionary and is someone that is able to see things ahead of time and be aware of what the trends are out there. That is what keeps Talk Fusion so popular and why it keeps growing by leaps and bounds. People are looking for a change in their life, and they are realizing that not all change is bad. There is good change out there. So often, they were programmed to think a certain way, feel a certain way, and behave a certain way. Learn more about Talk Fusion at PR News Wire.


Now, they are breaking free from that line of thinking and realizing that there are unconventional ways to make a living. People simply don’t have to work at a regular job. It does not mean they are lazy or want things for free. It simply means they feel as though they have more to offer the world than what is put in front of them and they want to achieve that. People in the business are seeing what Talk Fusion is doing and how they are consistently trying to make the product bigger and better for their clients, which is why they are a two-time award winner in 2016.


This award is for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award and it comes from Technology Marketing Corporation. They see a ton of products and it takes a lot to impress them. One of the major upgrades that Talk Fusion has done is their video chat. They have made it to where now people can use it with an Android or iPhone and chat with people, even if they have different carriers. People have also been very high on the look and feel of the product. That is big.


Talk Fusion also offers video newsletters, video conferences, and video emails. They can do it all and they are making life better than ever for people out there. They have the world at their fingertips and they are loving each and every day they rise in the morning.

Securus Technologies’ Commitment to Excellence Earns Them Internationally Recognized Certification

The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) has awarded eleven of Securus Technologies’ field specialists with the BICSI Installer 1 Certification. This award is an international certification given for undergoing training in information and communication technology (ICT) related services.


Securus Technologies is already a well-known provider of criminal and civil justice technology. They specialize in public safety, investigation, monitoring, and corrections. According to Danny de Hoyos, the company’s Senior VP of Operations, BICSI is the perfect institution to handle their training needs because it is the leading association that highly supports the ICT industry.


The scope of ICT covers the services and programs related to voice, data, electronic safety and security, audio and video technologies, and project management. Those affiliated with BICSI or hold certifications from the esteemed association are qualified to design, manage, install, and maintain various ICT projects. Most ICT projects require a high level of expertise since these projects usually involve pathways, copper-based and fiber-optic distribution systems, spaces, and wireless-based infrastructure and systems.


BICSI is an important association that supports more than 20,000 ICT professionals. They aid the growth and expertise of these individuals by holding various training sessions, publications, and conferences worldwide. This achievement for Securus Technologies shows the company’s continuous efforts to provide the highest level of reliable service to their clients.


Most of Securus Technologies’ certified specialists have been working with the company for at least 15 years. The company puts a high priority on certifications as the work performance and expertise of their specialists greatly affect the performance of the company as a whole. Having the certification from BICSI adds another level of prestige to the company.


Securus Technologies is located in Texas and is currently providing services to more than 3000 corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. They also provide services to more than a million inmates all over the United States. The company is dedicated to providing the necessary services to make the world a more livable and safer place. Their specific services include emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, incident management, inmate self-service, and many others.