Securus Technology – Leading Company in Correctional Facility Innovation

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice solutions. What does that mean? Securus Technologies focuses on the public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring of its customers in real time but implementing Inmate Forms and Grievance applications. Securus Technologies makes it part of their mission to always be updated on the latest technology for their staff and for their customers. That is one reason Securus Technologies came up with the Inmate Forms and Grievance applications via online.

Previously correctional facilities had to waste their time handing out paper forms to inmates for requests. It not only wastes correctional officers time, it wastes paper and ink which all costs money. Now if inmates have an issue it can be easily created and made available to inmates. And if there is a change necessary to the form, Securus Technologies make it simple and quick to edit, and no printing is necessary! Securus Technologies uses a program known as ConnectUs to work with inmates and correctional officers to address issues that may be concerning to either party.


Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas according to Wikipedia. They employee over 1,000 people are were founded in 1986. They are known for keeping up with the changing technologies over the past thirty years, and providing inmates and correctional facilities with the most up to date technology and equipment. Just recently, in July 2016 Securus Technologies announced that they had invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in three years. They understand the importance of the inmates as well as the workability of the correctional facility. This is why Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies in the correctional facility innovation world because they know how to adapt and change when necessary.

What Is Online Reputation Management – Is It Really What We Think It Is?

Since the advent of the Internet and online channels, reputation management in the virtual sphere has become instrumental for businesses. As more consumers get access to the fast Internet, the role of managing online management of the brand will become absolutely critical for businesses of all sizes. Interestingly, online reputation management is still a new subject for many. Therefore, it is most often described as preventing negative publicity on the social media channels or improving public relations. However, online reputation broadly deals with all aspects of brand image on the Internet.
Perhaps, it will be logical to describe online reputation management as something that has to do with preventing the transparency risk. For modern businesses, transparency in the online space means describing their brand honestly without using marketing gimmicks. It also means that companies should also allow consumers to post honest reviews irrespective of the negative tone. In addition, transparency also means asking for feedbacks from customers without enticing them to post a positive review. If the company is transparent about its product, then the management of preventing negative image can be described as effective online reputation management that will not only help consumers seek fair expectations of the service, but also allow the management to get an honest feedback that is closer to reality.

While portraying an honest image of the brand may be difficult, but there are many instances of large-scale failures, which emphasize the importance of letting consumers post honest feedback. For instance, just a few years earlier, consumers bashed Nestle for their environmental practices. Instead of listening to the consumers and answering their concerns, Nestle did nothing to address the problem. Most consumers saw it as a dishonest practices, therefore the public became more aggressive. As a result, Nestle had to close its public relation page. Similarly, Amy Baking Company went a step further by aggressively commenting on a 1-star review left by a consumer. The issue turned into a heated debate forcing the local news channels to market the debate. As such, a 1-star review that should have been left alone automatically turned into viral news that hurt Amy Baking Company’s reputation.

These case studies demonstrate the importance of seeking honest feedback from customers. Perhaps, online reputation management is not the management of brand reputation on the Internet; instead, it is the management of honest feedback from consumers.



NYC Real Estate with TOWN Residential


The NYC real estate market is currently experiencing rapid growth. The real estate needs are increasingly gaining profile, thereby opening the real estate market to greater projects. The NYC real estate market requires the best stakeholders there is to meet all the standards. In June, the NYC real estate saw a formal proposition of the large-scale realty developments the city has ever had. The New York’s real estate industry is expecting the development of massive office projects. These formal propositions, according to the data of the Department of Building in New York, have one of the largest project proposed in the city. The predominant projects are office buildings and hotels.

The realty sector is one of the most crucial areas for development. Hence, the field requires only adept and knowledgeable professionals. TOWN Residential is a leading luxury real estate firm in the New York City. The founder of the company is Andrew Heiberger, who is also the CEO and co-chairperson. Since 2010 after its inception, the firm has set a rock-solid foundation establishing a stable ground in the NYC real estate industry. Joseph Sitt serves as the company’s co-chairperson. TOWN Residential is an inherent part of the NYC real estate market with diverse specializations. The firm primarily specializes in sales and leasing of luxury residential.

TOWN Residential also deals with the marketing, leasing, and selling of NYC luxury property developments. Excellent service, which the firm has established from its inception, is what distinguishes it from other realty companies. The firm has managed to develop and set a new standard of excellence in the NYC real estate industry. The firm has a strong professional culture, which has an adept team of professional at its core. The team at TOWN Residential possess unprecedented knowledge and experience of the real estate industry.

With the firm’s unique culture and winning formula, the company has surpassed the odds and become the top residential real estate firm in New York. The firm takes pride from its unparalleled support. The company utilizes the best real estate representatives, who possess the best skills, knowledge, and experience in the industry. The firm is versatile in its marketing of leasing and sale properties with a reliable online distribution as well as through press, print, industry syndication and events. To learn more about TOWN Residential, visit

Thor Halvorseen’s Life Obstacles

Born in Venezuela March 9, 1976, Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza better known as Thor Halvorseen became a well-known man for many things he had accomplished during his career. Before his career skyrocketed, Mr. Halvorssen attended and completed his concurrent undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History at the University of Pennsylvania. He also became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa and earned the title magna cum laude upon graduating.

During the course of spending time helping others and finding what interests him most about his career, Havlorssen built a specialty around specific matters regarding dictatorships, human trafficking, slavery and threats to democracy. He also took the time to set up and attend lectures that mainly covered human rights at multiple Universities including Harvard Law and other places such as New York City Junto as well as the United Nations Association in New York.

According to The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen began advocating for human rights part time in 1989 during his adolescent years. After the imprisonment of his father in Venezuela, Mr. Havlorssen got more involved in the promotion of due process and individual rights full-time. Shortly after his mother was shot during a political protest in 2004, Thor founded the New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Thor Halvorssen’s business was built to be committed to free political prisoners while promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. The company has a strong staff of 12 that is highly educated and is covering many areas of the world. The staff of 12 is known for not taking their time when it comes to taking on tasks involving democracies and so forth. Since founding HRF or Human Rights Foundation, the business succeeds at getting seven prisoners released while providing evidence to Truth Commission, submitted brief and even got two books published about individual rights and responsibilities of the state.

As HRF’s success began taking off, Thor Halvorssen started another business known as the Olso Freedom Forum which is a global gathering that takes place once a year. As of today, is Thor is the President and CEO of the Olso Freedom Forum and this company is highly successful as well.

George Soros in 2016

George Soros, the billionaire investor who traditionally contributes to presidential campaigns is back in 2016. George first made major contributions in the 2004 campaign where he gave an unprecedented $27 million dollars to the Democratic nominee. He quickly became hated among conservatives for repeatedly investing large sums of money to defeat their picks and nominees.

George Soros is back in the 2016 election by donating more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton, her peers, and causes supported by the Democratic party. That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what he is estimated to donate. His net worth is estimated to be about $25 billion and he intends to use as much as necessary in order to promote the Democratic party.

George Soros has a 25 year relationship with Hillary Clinton and intended to watch her receive the official nomination on Thursday. However, because of his return to active trading, he was unable to attend the Democratic Convention.

His busy lifestyle, however, has still left time for him to vocalize his concerns on the direction of American politics. His donations to the Democratic party are fueled by his fear of a Donald Trump presidency. Soros is noted saying that Clintons rival is “doing the work of ISIS” by encouraging fear and hate in the United States population.

Read more: George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

While George Soros has traditionally and consistently donated to the Democratic party, his recent surge in charity has been a result of what he perceives as the high stakes of the election this year. Even before Trump was the official nominee, the leading candidates of the Republican party stood against what Soros believes. The candidates all set plans for immigration reform and criminal justice reform that George Soros despised. In addition, while Soros often heralds religious tolerance, he felt that a running theme in the Republic party was religious intolerance.

George Soros does not only give, because in addition to donating, he advertises Clinton among his circle of powerful friends. He is seen throughout the Democratic party as one of the most persuasive and influential donators as a result of his ability to sway other activists into giving. While other liberal donors have given large checks, such as Don Sussman, none are able to provide the waterfall effect of Soros.

Overall, the Democratic party finds that donors like Soros are huge advantages against Donald Trump. The donors on of the Republican party are wary at best of donating large sums of money to his campaign.

Soros has a long and colorful history of adamantly supporting the Democratic party. Starting with his passionate cries against George W. Bush in 2008 up until now, Soros has been an active participant in the politics he donates to. Source:

Wen: New Age Hair Care

When it comes to your hair, it is likely that you only want the best products, with the best reviews and testimonials. A product that is reliable, sought after and easy to get your hands on. A product that will give you your best hair results and be perfectly compatible with your hair type. Though, chances are you’ll need several hair products to achieve your perfect hair style. Not with Wen products. Wen is a line of hair care that was invented to save money, time and to be the best hair care possible, no matter what the hairtype.

WEN is a line of hair products that was designed by the ever popular hairstylist Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean has been a hair professional for over thirty years, being no stranger to he Hollywood scene. He works with tons of A-List actors and actresses to help them achieve that celebrity hair that we all are so envious of. His three-in-one cleansing conditioner is the most buzzed about hair care item in his line, and even in general. The Wen cleansing conditioner isn’t just any old conditioner. It contains shampoo, conditioner and a treatment that helps to style your hair better and easier. This sought after item is talked about worldwide and has many fans.Wen is available on Amazon and on the Sephora cosmetics market. Also check

One young lady decided to give this cleansing conditioner a chance. For one week, she used the product and recorded any changes in her hair that she found. She started out with thin and hard to manage tresses and ended up with such a vast improvement. Wen truly transformed her hair into bouncy, soft and shiny hair. All it took was one week of a fantastic product like Wen to give this woman a total hair makeover. It’s clear that Wen is the go-to for any hair transformation! Visit,