A Prominent Attorney Who Ventured Into The World Of Finance

Sam Tabar is a prominent attorney and financial strategist based in New York City. He Specializes in Mergers and acquisition, negotiations, and general corporate practice. He started working for Skadden as an Associate for over fourteen years. Sam was also associate for Arps, Slater, and Meagher & Flom LLp. He diversified his career and moved into a different industry where he focused on Business development and capital strategy. He got the enthusiasm of changing career dynamics after Serving as Managing director and President of Business development at SPARX Group Co ./PMA Investment Advisors.

In 2013, Sam Majored in Fund management industry and served as the Principle of Capital Strategy for Merrill lynch which is the Bank of America. He was trusted with the responsibilities of introducing fund managers to institutional investors such as pensions, fund of funds, endowments. His experience enabled him to excel well in his role due to his expertise in legal training that gave him excellent monitoring skills and keen eye in the field of fund management.

Being the head of Asia Pacific Capital introduction, Sam Managed all facets of global market effort. He also served as a consultant on legal operations to build strong front office teams. About.me paints the picture that Sam is a masters graduate from Columbia Law school and holds Bachelors degree of Arts (Honors) from Oxford University.

At Columbia law School, Lawyerist credits Sam with working as an associate editor of the Columbia Business law review being one of the prestigious law firm before joining Skadden. In his role, Sam offered counseling and advised clients especially on fund investment structure, formulated investment management agreements, issued side letters and dealing with employment issues. He also at the same time served in the department of regulatory and compliance issues. His experience as an attorney enabled him to deal wisely with diverse business and corporate needs.

Sam is also a private investor especially at Tribute as well as She Thinx where he invested massively with an agenda to empower women and investors around the globe. In Thinx, Sam is trading as a capital strategist that is directed in aiding women in Africa and the Asian nations.  Sam even went the extra mile to create a GoFundMe campaign, to direct even more charitable funds to Africa.

His extensive experience has placed some in very good position in business representation because of his dynamisms in different languages as a result of working with different nations. Tabar is practically fluent in Japanese and French apart from being an English. Sam enjoys traveling and holding events.  Then in late 2015, he’s heading up FullCycle Energy Fund, where Mr. Tabar was recently named COO.

Live the Kate Hudson Sporty Chic Style in Fabletics Fashion

Kate Hudson is known for her stunning red carpet looks, but she’s also admired for her healthy active lifestyle, and her new Fabletics athleisure pieces reflect this. Comfortable with beautiful colors and fabrics that contour your curves and let you freely move about, perfectly describe the actress’ casual look.

Kate co-founded Fabletics as a unique (The Coupon Lady also confirms that story), subscription online fashion retailer that offers women great-looking work-out gear and accessories at affordable prices. Kate’s keen eye for modern trends in performance wear has made her line popular worldwide. It’s all about sporty chic and taking your active lifestyle wherever you go. Kate’s new athleisure dresses are smart and sassy and not confining to the body. Instead, these dresses work for a variety of places you need to be.

The actress spoke with MarieClaire.com, explaining to the fashion magazine that her Fabletics line offers accessibility for the modern gal, and that you can wear the dresses in the evening. Whether a woman is out on the town, heading for dinner, or meeting on a date, or hanging with one’s friends— these dresses work in any combination, Kate suggested to MarieClaire.

Zero Spanx are needed when putting on a Kate Hudson Fabletics dress. The high quality fabrics are breathable, form-fitting, but with the same flattering fit you would find in her Fabletics yoga pants, tops, leggings and other work-out gear. If you’re trying to get out of a car in Kate’s athleisure dresses, don’t worry, because it’s a breeze in soft, movable clothing.

The genius of the Fabletics system can be found in its special online shopping membership. When you sign up to become a VIP member, you instantly get a great-looking first outfit for just $25 and free shipping. Fabletics also offers its members personalized outfits chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. It makes the online shopping experience that much easier, and every piece has Kate’s signature style stamped on it, so you know you’re getting a beautiful deal every month.

Athleisure has blossomed into a world of its own; Kate Hudson has made it even prettier.

Philanthropist Sanjay Shah gives Advice to New Entrepreneurs

Sanjay Shah is not just your average philanthropist and entrepreneur he is the the CEO of two major companies that he has brought into existence. Solo Shah is the name of his London based brokerage company. This brokerage firm helps investors who want to buy and sell securities. Autism Rocks is his other company and it was founded to help provide funding for autism research. Both companies are very important to Shah and he is glad that he is able to make a living from both his lines of work.

Sanjay Shah’s company Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011. Once the brokerage firm went public it became very successful. In an interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Shah gave some important advice to new entrepreneurs who wanted to get their enterprises off the ground. Shah stated that an entrepreneur should have more than enough funding to get their business up and running. He also told new entrepreneurs that they should not try and do all of the work on their own.

Running a brokerage firm was never in Shah’s plans when he was in school. Instead, he wanted to become a doctor. During the course of his studies he decided not to pursue that interest. Shah went on to work in a brokerage firm. He liked it so much that it became a passion. He eventually started a brokerage firm of his own. Solo Capital went on to become a very successful firm grossing Shah millions of dollars.

Autism Rock was started in 2014 and this company was created in response to his son’s condition. Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 but he realized that there was very little that he could do to help his son. Now, that Autism Rock is in operation, the company raises millions of dollars that goes toward researching this disease.

Sanjay has literally made more than enough money that he has retired from both of his companies. Even though he is retired he still continues enjoying being a part of Autism Rocks since it is a high profile company that showcases the talent of some very big entertainment stars.

All The Popularity Of Wen Conditioning Cleanser

Emily McClure from The Bustle recently did an experiment with WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean. McClure has naturally thin hair, and she wanted to see if all the information about Wen was true. McClure decided that she would use Wen products for seven days and see what the results would be. The very first day that McClure tried Wen, she was happy with the results.
The following six days proved to be interesting as far as the results went. McClure found that the reaction of her hair to the sephora available product varied. There were many days when her hair felt full and healthy, but on other days the product left her hair feeling weighed down and greasy. McClure received compliments from family and facebook friends about her hair while using Wen products, and that inspired her to continue with the product. McClure is not sure if she will continue to use Wen products all the time, but she definitely will keep them in her shower for use when she wants her hair to feel thick and full.

Wen is a product that was created by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is an individual that started off in photography. Dean worked for some companies, and he fell in love with hair. After a short time, Dean decided that he would go to school to be a cosmetologist. Dean was able to start up his own company, and he specialized in cut and coloring. Deam realized some things that many of his products lacked, and he decided that he was going to try to make his own products.

That is how Wen came about. Wen is a product that has no dyes, chemicals or parabens. Wen is a product that washes and conditions hair at the same time. Thousand of men and women all around the world have benefited from Wen’s conditioning cleanser, and that is why it has become so popular. Learn more about Wen: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/p-wen-products

George Soros Remembers What It Was Like In 2008

George Soros has been a billionaire for a long time, and he has spent every day of his professional life watching the world economy. He knows what it does, and he can see when it is not going in the way that people want it to. He also knows that it was fairly wild in 2008 when the world economy fell apart. He is talking to people today about how it looks pretty similar, and he is wondering if anyone is going to wake up to the reality that it is very much like 2008.

George Soros started talking to Bloomberg about the subject it is the largest financial network talking to one of the richest people in the world. He knows that people think that 2008 was a long time ago, but these people are forgetting that financial patterns repeat themselves. Someone in 2008 would have noticed that China was having problems with its currency, and there were problems with debt in Europe.

Those same things are happening today, but the American dollar on http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2016/03/10/billionaire-smackdown-george-soros-funds-effort-to-stop-trump-mobilize-latinos/ is a little higher than it was in 2008. The other similarities are so strong that people cannot possibly miss them, but George Soros thinks that people are just ignoring these similarities because they do not want to face the truth. The issue at hand is that people have to remember what it was like in 2008, or they have to study the markets. George Soros studies the markets, and he makes sure that he knows when he sees patterns emerge from long ago.

The problems in China are something that people are going to notice because China is such a big economy. That also means that these people need to make sure that they are watching the way the yuan is going in China. The Chinese government on https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros is coming up with a brand new way of growing their economy, but it is going to be impossible for these people to know if it will work. That is why so many people are shying away from China.

George Soros wants people to have more faith in the economy because he wants them to look out there and see that they have a lot of possibilities if they would just take a chance on the things that they know will pay off for them. There are issues in China that can be resolved, and there are debt problems in Europe that can be fixed if people are willing to help refugees.

There are a lot of problems in the world today that George Soros has called attention to, and he wants people to take action. Mr. Soros wants other people to step to help the world economy get better, and he does not want 2008 to repeat itself. He lost a lot of his own value that day, and he does not want people to repeat that just because they did not see that 2008 was so much like today. Repeating financial history can be avoided with wisdom.

Bounce and Shine with Wen by Chaz

A lot of women take pride in their hair. It is often a large part of their beauty. The only thing is that there is a need to make sure their hair is well maintained. There needs to be a bounce and shine to it for them to feel good about themselves. This often results in them putting all kinds of different formulas in their hair in order to achieve the desired results. Often times, they damage their hair in the process. Fortunately, there is a 5 in one product from Wen by Chaz Dean which makes it easier on women.

The product line of Wen has actually been tried out by a woman who has reported the results of her 7 day trial on an article published on Bustle. There are immediate effects that come from the use of this product. One of the immediate effects is that the hair is given extra shine and bounce. This has helped the woman feel more confident about her hair. Other people have complimented her on how well her hair appears. WEN has surely proven that it could carry out what it says it could carry out.

WEN has actually been made with the purpose improving the hair condition while reducing the chemicals put into the persons hair. This is so that any damages done to the hair are minimized. Another thing that makes his hair care products stand out is that they are sourced from natural elements. This makes the products a lot safer to use on the hair. It also leaves the hair looking and feeling a lot healthier than before using the product.



The World Of Workout Gear

Fabletics along with Kate Hudson and entrepreneur fitness brand, is about to introduce their swimwear line. The company says that they also have plans to begin a line of dresses that will flatter any woman. Kate Hudson told Elite Daily that she loves the summer and is very elated about what is about to happen at Fabletics. She added that the designers are working hard to make sexy, stylish comfortable swimwear, that will compliment any body type.

Their model for the swimwear is a take off of the beautiful tropics, ocean theme and tribal patterns. All of their beach wear are made from recycled materials, which makes it very good for the environment. The swimwear will deflect the sun rays away from the wearer. The prices are very reasonable also. Bikini sets start from a little under forty dollars. Anyone can find something at Fabletics because the sizes starts from XXS and goes all the way up to XXL.

The company began it’s operation in October 2013 by Adam Goldberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Their plan was to give companies like Lululemon and Nike some stiff competition.

They are a division of JustFab. These companies are online merchants that offer subscriptions. Fabletics also has men’s active wear that is run by Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson. September 2015 saw their first retail stores when they open in Malls all across America.

The cost of a memebrship is about $49.95 for the month but, members can choose to forego a month. It will not be deducted from their credit card. First, one would have to fill out a short survey, telling Fabletics about their workout routine and their fashion taste.

The outfits will be chosen for the month, based on their options. Marie Claire Magazine has reported that within the next fours years we should expect to see another seventy five to one hundred more stores in mall near us.

More facts about her can be seen on the Youtube video @ https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

Martin Lustgarten and Investment Banking In The Corporate World

Investment banking is a well known banking area in the banking industry. The focus of investment banking is generally different than most other banking areas. Investment banking is typically utilized more in business and corporate arenas where the focus is on financial transactions that are complex and involve large sums of money. Investment banking is a good source for financial transactions of this nature because the structure of investment banking is designed to handle financial transactions.


Overall investment banking has three areas that makeup the structure of investment banking. These three areas are asset management, sales and training, and investment banking division. Each area has a central focus and provides specific services that are very helpful to clients who need these particular types of services. While any investment bank can utilize all three primary areas, usually only larger investment banks employ more than one area in daily operations.


The reason why larger investment banks tend to be the only banks that utilize multiple areas is because the larger investment banks have the human and financial resources available to support multiple areas. Smaller investment banks typically have less human and financial resources because of the banks smaller size. Therefore, smaller investment banks focus on one primary area. The area that many smaller investment banks focus on is the investment banking division.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has climbed the ladder of success in the investment banking world. He is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin. The company is an investment firm that Martin Lustgarten started several years ago.
Martin Lustgarten manages the daily operations for his investment firm. He provides a variety of services such as recommendations regarding mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions. Also, Martin Lustgarten has been and continues to be successful at building his client list. His client list includes notable small and large corporations. Find him on Facebook for more news and information.


Sanjay Adds New Team To Autism Rocks In Effort To Develop Autism Support Services

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, has expanded his board membership team by adding two colleagues. The two brothers named Pete and Will have joined the team to help in Autism Rocks Foundation especially to support children with autism through the development of autism and autism support services. The support services are meant to help autistic children continue with their normal life and promote early diagnosis of the neurological disorder. From a release in the PR News Wire Sanjay Shah added Will and Pete to change the thinking in the autism rocks board team and also participate in full decision making about the strategies to achieve long term and short term goals of the foundation.

Pete best has 21 years’ experience in the financial industry while Will has been in the press media and is now working with as a television presenter and hosting music artists a trait that Sanjay looks forward to using in the future music concerts for autism rocks fundraisings. Sanjay Shah was the director of Solo Capital Limited since 2009, but he retired from the company in January 2016 to focus more on his foundation. Solo Capital Limited was his first company in 2009 after he decided to pursue brokerage when he was laid off his job as an accountant due to the then European market economic crisis. After Solo Holdings Sanjay founded other companies that are majorly operational in United Kingdom, Dubai, and the Cayman Islands among other areas.

Shah retired from Solo Capital at the age of 43 years, and he is among the youngest entrepreneurs who have been ranked among the Europe millionaire investors. Solo Capital works under Solo Group Holdings that are under the full management of Aesa S.a.r.l. The limited private capital provides financial services and advice through consultancy, advising on foreign exchange market, and also conducts proprietary trading ventures. Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011 as a private limited capital same year that it merged with Old Park Lane Capital a firm specializing in trading with natural resources. Solo Capital Limited helped Old Park Lane Capital from sinking in continued losses; the two firms now perform business together I trading of oil and gas among other natural resources. Find Shah on Facebook for more information.

According To Founder Of Human Rights Foundation, Most Presidential Candidates Support Dictators

Something troubling came up in a Fox News interview with Thor Halvorssen recently. It seems that the majority of presidential candidates this primary season are in favor of brutal dictatorships. Nearly 75% of the candidates, on both sides of the aisle, support authoritarian dictators and their human rights violations. The only candidate that does not, according to Thor Halvorssen, is Bernie Sanders. But Fox News tried to tie the Vermont Senator to human rights violations in the interview. It backfires. Big time.


Thor Halvorssen is this young, charismatic man that is a rising star in the human rights world. He is a film producer and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and has dedicated his life to stopping the authoritarian abuse of dictators around the planet. He recently gained fame for an open letter to Nikki Minaj urging her to cancel a personal concert for the dictator of Angola. And now he’s in this 3-minute interview that has turned into a smash hit viral video.


So this guy knows his stuff. He tells the Fox News anchor that candidates like Hillary Clinton have received millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundation from brutal dictators. This shows her implicit support of their dictatorships and their human rights violations. It’s unconscionable that she could use this money to fund her campaign and that is why Thor Halvorssen cannot support her. But the Republicans don’t fare much better.


He goes on to explain that the Republican front-runner candidates have publicly lambasted president Barack Obama, saying they wish that he acted more like Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia. This explicit support of dictators and human rights violations is thoroughly condemned by Thor Halvorssen.


He then announces his support for Bernie Sanders, shocking the hostess. It’s funny because the interview was originally meant to tarnish Mr. Sanders’s Democratic Socialist agenda. Thor Halvorssen endured reductive questions like, “Why does socialism violate basic human rights?” He valiantly tries to explain that dictators are the problem, not Democratic Socialism. But after the Fox News anchor badgers him, he exclaims that he is in support of Bernie Sanders and his democratic socialist stance. The backfiring makes the interview a must-see viral video.