Socialism Explained By Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation founder and respected film producer Thor Halvorssen made an appearance of the Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan” in a bid to explain why socialism can be a bad idea. Halvorssen set out the basic principles of socialism and went on to explain how the term has many different meanings in academic circles and for political groups; Halvorssen went on to detail why he believes some forms of socialism can be used by dictators to seize power and control the people of a country.

Thor Halvorssen has a long history of working with human rights groups after he was affected by problems in his own life through members of his family losing their freedoms in socialist Venezuela. The example of Venezuela played an important part in the appearance of the Human Rights Foundation board member after he revealed liberal leaning governments had caused major issues for the people of the country when socialist ideologies had been seized upon by a series of dictators. The appearance of dictators in Venezuela has resulted in major limitations on open markets as the government sets prices throughout the country, which has resulted in shortages of many products that are coming close to causing a major humanitarian disaster.

Unlike many experts working for the rights of the people of the world Thor Halvorssen has personal experience in terms of the effects of lost rgihts and how this issue has affected his own family. Halvorssen believes the extremes of socialism are a bad idea, but feels the example of Scandinavian countries working socialist ideas into democratic principles can have a positive effect on major western countries. The final points made by Thor Halvorssen in the Fox Business interview explained why he has backed Democrat Bernie Sanders despite the use of the term Democratic socialist to describe his views. Halvorssen believes the backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Republican Donald Trump and the millions of dollars paid to Hilary Clinton by oppressive regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain makes them difficult to back to the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

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