FreedomPop Pushing to New Territory

FreedomPop continues to impress and continues to push into new territories with its mobile service offerings. The company has made a name for itself for not only voiding any kind of mobile phone contract but it has been allowing customers to save money each and every month they use the services. While it first started up in LA, it has expanded throughout the country and it now is raising more money to push its services throughout the international market as well.

Recently, other mobile phone service providers have been hit with a rather major violation and fine, including Verizon Wireless, which had to pay out $1.4 million due to installing a super cookie onto the phones of customers. The cookie collected data of the Internet usage on the phone and set the information back to Verizon in order to let them know how to better create advertisements for the user. Other companies have seen similar fines, yet FreedomPop has avoided this kind of issue. In fact, it is expanding its services with one of the least expensive congrats in the world. In order to do this, FreedomPop has needed to raise money through fundraising tactics and investment practices. It currently us riding VC funds towards expanding its services.

So where is FreedomPop expanding its services to next? It has its eyes not only on Europe but South America and Asia. These different locations would allow the growing network to easily work throughout the world while not charging users a large international roaming fee. All of this might prove especially helpful for customers who want to travel but don’t want to spend large amounts of money staying in connection with their current service providers. All of this is proving to be that much more beneficial for FreedomPop and its customers nation wide.

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Asylum Plan Revealed By George Soros

George Soros has been one of the most famous hedge fund managers in the world for a number of years after seeing his own company grow for more than three decades at a rate of 20 percent anually. Soros has embarked upon a series of philanthropic endeavors like Open Society Foundations in recent years that have brought him into conflict with Russian officials who have tried to bar his own charitable foundation from operating in the country; Soros has been working for the human rights of people since the Apartheid era of South Africa in the 1980s.
The concern for human rights and the protection of refugees has seen George Soros take a keen interest in the problems facing the European Union and the Syrian asylum seekers who are flooding the borders of the continent. Soros explained to Market Watch the plan he feels could rescue as many asylum seekers from problems as possible, and maintain the future of the European Union he feels is threatened by the crisis.

George Soros believes many of the issues facing the European Union and states within the Middle east are driven by economic concerns, which he feels could be removed if the EU embarks upon a period of borrowing against its AAA global credit rating. Providing around $16,000 per refugee to cover the first two years of their time as an asylum seeker would reduce the burden on individual states to provide backing for each individual arriving at their border.

Not only does Forbes billionaire George Soros believe economics play a part in solving Europe’s refugee crisis he feels the coordination of agencies across the continent must play a pivotal role; a continent wide migration agency could make it simple for faster decisions to be made about the future of each asylum seeker. Not only would this agency make it simpler for the individual to enter Europe, but it could coordinate the speedy movement of each asylum seeker to their final destination once their status has been approved.

George Soros said on a interview he fears the slow reaction to the crisis in the European Union by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has threatened the entire future of the EU; the debt crisis in Greece has already threatened the future of the Euro single currency and the refugee crisis has continued to push the economy towards collapse. To ensure the economy of Europe remains buoyant George Soros believes government agencies should start working alongside private groups from both the commercial and not for profit sectors. Engaging with the private sector will not only assist refugees, but also drive the economy towards continued success for the future, which could encourage the U.K. to remain a part of the continent wide community.

Socialism Explained By Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation founder and respected film producer Thor Halvorssen made an appearance of the Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan” in a bid to explain why socialism can be a bad idea. Halvorssen set out the basic principles of socialism and went on to explain how the term has many different meanings in academic circles and for political groups; Halvorssen went on to detail why he believes some forms of socialism can be used by dictators to seize power and control the people of a country.

Thor Halvorssen has a long history of working with human rights groups after he was affected by problems in his own life through members of his family losing their freedoms in socialist Venezuela. The example of Venezuela played an important part in the appearance of the Human Rights Foundation board member after he revealed liberal leaning governments had caused major issues for the people of the country when socialist ideologies had been seized upon by a series of dictators. The appearance of dictators in Venezuela has resulted in major limitations on open markets as the government sets prices throughout the country, which has resulted in shortages of many products that are coming close to causing a major humanitarian disaster.

Unlike many experts working for the rights of the people of the world Thor Halvorssen has personal experience in terms of the effects of lost rgihts and how this issue has affected his own family. Halvorssen believes the extremes of socialism are a bad idea, but feels the example of Scandinavian countries working socialist ideas into democratic principles can have a positive effect on major western countries. The final points made by Thor Halvorssen in the Fox Business interview explained why he has backed Democrat Bernie Sanders despite the use of the term Democratic socialist to describe his views. Halvorssen believes the backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Republican Donald Trump and the millions of dollars paid to Hilary Clinton by oppressive regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain makes them difficult to back to the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

According To George Soros The Current Global Situation And That Of 2008 Are Similar.

The billionaire Hungarian investor, George Soros said that the current global economic situation is similar to the same situation of 2008. George Soros goes on to say that at this time, investors should be careful on the sectors they invest. He says that most markets all over the world are unstable and some my crumble from the economic downturn. As an investor, he says it would be wiser to look for sectors that are more stable and place your investment in them. He warns that those investors who are not careful enough, they may have their investments caught up in the downfall.

George Soros says on Bloomberg that China’s economic shifts generate the current market crisis. As the country, which is the largest world economy tries to shift its economy from being dependent on the manufacturing and production to the service and consumption sector, its economy faces instabilities. Due the instabilities in China’s economy, it’s currency is devaluing. The effect of this is very severe. The shifts have greatly affected the global markets. In Asia, the stock markets were forced to halt trade in Chinese equities for a day during the year’s first week. This was after the Chinese equities all over Asia encountered a $2.5 trillion loss. Asian countries that were directly trading with China are also facing same problems due to the devaluation of the Yuan.

Europe is also caught up in this economic turmoil. The continent is currently facing numerous problems such as the unstable Euro, the unstable Union, the Ukraine crisis, the Greece debt, the Syrian crisis and the British referendum. On top of this, they are facing the global economic crisis. The economic crisis is predicted to continue affecting the Euro and blowing off any chances that the currency will recover soon. The Ukraine crisis and the current global crisis are the far worse threats that the European Union is facing. George Soros advises the union to focus on solving problems with high urgency levels. This means that the union has to fist address the Ukrainian crisis and late solve the other internal problems to successfully fight the global crisis.

Developing countries are also affected by the Chinese shifts in the economy, and the result is rising interest rates. The interest rates for financial institutions are increasing while the value of their currencies is reducing. In the United States, stock markets all over the world are experiencing instabilities with the Chinese equities. Though the effect is not that big now, it is slowly graduating. George Soros was giving this analysis at the Global Economic Forum that was recently held in Sri Lanka. He was invited to attend the forum as an economic analyst and successful business mogul.

What Is Democratic Socialism

The Human Right foundation’s founder and current president Thor Halvorssen recently appeared on the Fox Business Network show “The Intelligence Report” with host Trish Regan to discuss and illustrate precisely what democratic socialism is. It is certainly not what many people think it is. Democratic socialism is, in fact, a political agenda espoused by current presidential candidate Bernie Sanders the Senator from Vermont. The interview originally aired on February 25, 2016. To kick off the interview the program’s host led off with the introduction, “Socialist senator Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country.” and even liberals are blasting his agenda. She goes on to state, “My next guest says socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights foundation joins me now with details.” When Thor takes the mike he goes on to qualify the definition of socialism by stating that socialism is not always a bad thing it’s only bad when countries like Venezuela practice it. Thor Halvorssen then states that when these dictatorships use the mask of socialism to hide their true intentions not to help the citizens of the country but to instead bleed and loot the country dry it becomes clear that these countries are authoritarian dictatorships. They do not embrace any positive political elements only bad ones. Countries that practice good democratic socialism are instead democracies like Denmark, Norway and Sweden who embrace not only the rule of law but they have what can be said to have a hybrid government, one that not only embraces capitalist ideals but also some socialist elements such as Social Security, financial assistance to the poor, the sick and the elderly. It is, in reality, a political blend of the best elements of both.

Thor goes on to explain and recount his personal experiences with the socialist dictatorship government of Venezuela and why that it and all governments of this type are bad. He also points out and explains in very clear language why and how many of the United States government’s policies and programs are indeed of a socialist nature and how and why we are in many respects already embracing socialism. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter to keep up with news and other information.

Kevin Seawright and Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Launch Summer Programs released an announcement about a new summer employment and financial education program for the youth of Newark. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) partnered with NewarkWorks and other organizations to help Newark youth get employment for summer 2016. The CFO of CEDC, Kevin Seawright, gave details to

The Summer Youth Employment Plan sets out to provide paid work to students living in Newark from July 5th to August 16th. The summer plan will include on-the-job training. All employers participating will pay their student employees minimum wage.

One of the goals for the 2016 program is to increase the number of job opportunities for students from of 3,000 jobs in 2015 to 3,500 jobs. In turn, Seawright hopes that increased employment will raise college graduation rates in the Newark community. The program will include training on different fronts. They include training on-the-job, financial literacy education, and training students to get ready for college work.

In an interview Seawright told that they partnered with TD Bank and Santander Bank for the financial literacy plan. Seawright explained to WorldClassMagazines that the program will teach participants to open checking and savings bank accounts. He hoped that knowledge will help participants when they graduate and enter the workforce.

The college readiness programs may be a good fit with six colleges and universities in Newark. They include a school of law, school of medicine and dentistry, university campuses, and a two-year community college.

One thing the corporation changed this year is that program applicants are required to apply online. Seawright seemed pleased with the results. An application process that took six weeks in 2015 took 30 minutes in 2016.

Seawright said that he is proud that Newark CEDC is proud of their work and hope that it will improve the future of Newark.

The push to increase youth employment seems a good fit for the original mission of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. “Our number one goal is to help small businesses throughout the community. Not just downtown, but also moving uptown. We target small businesses, whether it’s markets, clothing stores. We’ve also even got into the jewelry business.” One of the corporation’s stipuations is that new businesses be situated in Newark. A similar focus seems to be toward the teenagers and young adults of Newark. Young workers hungry for experience and small businesses starting out seem like a great match for a hopeful future for Newark.

Seawright listens to music when he works or relaxes, with tastes ranging from piano compositions, alt-rock, and electronic chill music.

George Soros Gives Generously To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

George Soros is a democratic supporter who has given millions over the years to support democratic candidates in America, and a recent article in Politico shows that George has gone all-in helping Hillary get elected. This article briefly lays out why George is giving so much money to democratic candidates, and it will cover why George believes strong liberal leadership is needed in America.
#1: George Believes Liberals Help In Times Of Crisis

George has many political beliefs, but his strongest belief is that a liberal politician is more likely to perform well in a financial crisis. George has many concerns about the global economy, and he wants to see Hillary Clinton elected to help the world economy improve. Anyone who is planning on voting for Hillary will likely get well-acquainted with the name of Forbes billionaire George Soros, and it would be wise to learn about his economic views.

#2: George Is Concerned That History Will Be Repeated

George thinks that history is being repeated by people who are ignoring global financial problems. The Chinese are having trouble with the yuan, and the migrant crisis in Europe is taking hold of Europe’s economy. The issue for George is regulation, and he wants to see tighter regulation so that countries and large companies will make proper decisions. George is the sort of man who does not want to hear promises. George wants to see change in action at once.

#3: George Is Something Of A Kingmaker

George is widely regarded in the democratic world as a kingmaker. He is seen as the person who gives the extra money that is needed to win an election, and many democrats actually take George’s endorsement a sign to endorse the same candidate. Many democrats will rally in the corner of Hillary Clinton because George believes in her, and the Politico article shows that his $8 million gift is his largest show of confidence in quite some time.

#4: Can A US President Change The Economic Future?

A US President cannot change the economic future on their own, but a US President is more than capable of crafting policies that will help ensure global stability. George prefers stability over rampant growth, and he wants to see someone in office who will help prevent China, Germany and the whole of the EU to go under. Losses in China will be felt everywhere, and the migrant crisis in the EU will spread quickly.

George Soros chose to give $8 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to ensure she will win the presidency, and he believes that Hillary will help stabilize a world economy that is teetering on the brink of falling over the edge of yet another recession cliff.